Featured Game: Super Talking Time Bros 1+2+2.5
A super compilation of super games from the guys at Talking Time! This collection of Super Mario levels are great. Also be sure to check out the excellent STTB 2.5 Last Levels
Befuddle Quest VII: Advent Children
Welcome to the seventh installment of the beloved community puzzle game! Participants will make a puzzle on a single map and kentona will link them together into a game. Go forth children and create!
Kickstarter: Black and Ethnic Facesets
The Playsanctuary Games team is trying to promote racial and gender diversity by providing game art of black and ethnic heroes and heroines, free-of-charge, to the world, for use in commercial projects.
Official Release: RPG Maker 2003
It actually happened! :D Degica has now, by order of KADOKAWA GAMES/Enterbrain and in cooperation with Cherry, finally released an official English version of RPG Maker 2003 on Steam. At this point I would like to give a big thanks to Archeia!
Spotlight: Development
The Cerebral Symphony is a sci-fi fantasy
Spotlight: Community
April 2015 Podcast: RM2k3 Officially in English!
Hidden Gem:Tantibus
Do we dream in neon, or is that for nightmares only?
Hidden Gem: Textshmup
A text-based shoot-em-up. Yes. A text based shmup.
Face your stats in this dangerous new world, where danger, death and madness lurk around every corner. Nothing too exceptional to report on stats this month, but we are over 100 commercial game profiles.
04/03/2015 01:23 PM
The results are in for the Mischief List Maker poll, and the winner is Craze with his 'All Aboard the SS Drama' playlist! Congratulations Craze, and thank you to all the participants.
04/01/2015 08:08 PM
This was a Playlist creation event. Contestants were to make a good, creative play list of at least 4 games and post a link to that list in this topic. I have checked them out, select the top 10 (in my opinion) and put them in a poll.

We will now vote for the best one, and the winner will get a gifted copy of Mischief (worth $25) a cool art program, courtesy of RMN!
03/27/2015 07:28 PM
A casual introduction to the Unity engine, with lots of helpful hints on how to approach it!

Hi! I'm Slash and I'm here to teach you about Unity3D. It's incredibly popular lately and there's already a number of designers on this site that use it (like me!) but there's no tutorials at all! Since it's my favorite game engine and since Kentona has been bugging me for it for a while, I figured I could write something up. Hopefully it helps~
04/20/2015 12:56 AM
Grimoire of Worlds
Told ya the Alpha was powerful.