Featured Game: Last Word
In a society where the last word is the final word; where shutting down your foes with your ability to leave them speechless is the ultimate power; you must wrangle your way through an evening of polite chit-chat in order to defeat a devious foe.
Event: Release Something! Day XIII
It is not about prepping a major release, or making something in a fury to have something new to show for the event. It is about showing your works-in-progress, getting feedback, and checking out what other people are working on.
Battledome: Completed!
The RESULTS are in! We've finally woke up that lazy bum in the voting booth to tally the votes. Here they are!
Misaos: Nomination Reminder
We are a quarter into the year. Have you nominated your first round of games yet? Remember, you can change your nominations at any time.
Spotlight: Development
A child, a bear, and scary things - Qui Domi
Spotlight: Contest
Vote for your favorite playlist
Gem: Sunken Spire
Strategic battle meets clandestine humor
Gem: Razed are the Powerful
Collect your fave RTP characters to fight alongside you
This was a Playlist creation event. Contestants were to make a good, creative play list of at least 4 games and post a link to that list in this topic. I have checked them out, select the top 10 (in my opinion) and put them in a poll.

We will now vote for the best one, and the winner will get a gifted copy of Mischief (worth $25) a cool art program, courtesy of RMN!
03/27/2015 07:28 PM
The RESULTS are in! We've finally woke up that lazy bum in the voting booth to tally the votes. Here they are!
03/27/2015 07:26 PM
Release Something! Day XIII Feedback Thread is live and ready for...well, feedback! The submissions and their links are all listed in the first post for your quick perusal. Happy commenting!
03/16/2015 09:47 PM
When it comes to a good SciFi RPG, it would seem that RPG Maker games have always been in the minority. Even amongst more popular titles such as Lost Land Ruin, Alter A.I.L.A. and Iron Gaia, this is a genre that gets drowned out by mainly fantasy and survival horror games. And then along came Celianna’s Futuristic Tileset and Matseb’s growing use of these resources, and we’re slowly starting to see an upward trend of these kind of games.

03/24/2015 01:56 PM