Featured Game: April was a Fool
Meet May, a young girl who wants nothing more than to become an adventurer. She's working her first job as a Barmaid when five of her customers are Legendary World-Class Heroes!
Event: Summoner of Sounds
RMN's Biggest Video Game Music series to the date is here! Will you be able to take on the challenge? Summoner of Sounds is a series of community events where video game music will be celebrated.
Released: Remnants of Isolation
Remnants of Isolation comes out on steam today! (with a 20% discount too!) This game is the Grand Prize Winner of the 2014 Indie Game Maker contest.
Event: A Golden Week of RM2k3
We're having a Golden Week of RPG Maker 2003 and everybody's invited! Veterans, dust off your copy of RM2k3 and reach into the depths of forgotten memories and show you still have your skills. Newbies to RM2k3, try out a new RPG Maker engine!
Spotlight: Development
Explore parallel universes in Parallels
Spotlight: Store
So Manga Maker is a thing, and I put it 10% off
Overlooked: Noise Busters
Score-Attack arcade game RPG based on TWEWY
Hidden Gem: ovnogesl v3
You start looking around the place you're in.
Checking interest...

OK, so I've been saying there was going to be another McBacon Jam and I'd like to make that so. Of course, potential entrant feedback is needed, so, I'll lay down the basics I had in mind and We can all bounce ideas back and forth.
05/19/2015 08:43 PM
May's stats are finally up. Enjoy. Nothing much in the way of milestones. We have 80 million combined game views now, and over 2000 playlists made.
05/12/2015 07:49 PM
I have renamed the Game Development forum to What's Happening in Game Make & RMN, and incorporated site announcements into that forum. Game Design & Theory is now Game Design & Development, and is intended for all game design, development and discussion talk.
05/12/2015 07:43 PM
Dule is the A Golden Week of RPG Maker 2003 event inspired straight RPG story centering around a contract taken up by two travelling guides, who must help a mysterious sorceress reach a secluded tower for an unknown purpose. Pizza (Minutes to Midnight, Peeking at Stars, Carpan), used to making short atmospheric games far less than half an hour in length, plays against type to develop a straightforward cliche-driven RPG, differing from the short parable genre he had been typecast for.
05/13/2015 08:33 PM
Robots Fighting by Avee
Early screen cap of a quadrant under attack