Featured Game: It'll Look Great On Your Résumé
Maximum fun you can have grabbing balls. You will find enclosed 20 levels of tricky enclosure-style platforming, office socializing, and crisis management. References available upon request.
Event: Summoner of Sounds
The third challenge of Summoner of Sounds music event has been issued: Chapter III: Dark Ages. Summoner of Sounds is a series of community events where video game music will be celebrated.
Event: So Jelly! Reviews
Review games this month for your chance to win a selection of games! For the next five Thursdays (starting July 9th going until August 6th), kentona will be randomly selecting someone who submitted an accepted review to RMN during the last week to win!
Event: Battleborn
The Deathlock Championship is a 16-person tournament where you create a character and take part. You will be given a series of choices to help you create your character, then battles will occur until a final champion is called.
Spotlight: Development
Fighting Robots - a quest from another time...
Spotlight: Community
Join the weekly speed painting series
Gem: Queen Mary's Script
An elegant & atmospheric adventure game
Verses: Direvil Darkfort
Establish who is the best game designer in the universe!
Chapter III: The Dark Ages

You are a journeyman, a Disciple of Sound and you have been tasked to solve a series of mysterious disappearances of Sound in the Realms of Melodies by the Regal Musicians Network.

Your journey has brought you to another new Realm where the Sound has disappeared. You grab your instrument and begin to summon the Sounds...
07/03/2015 02:46 PM
The theme for week 1 has been revealed: Apple Jelly. Review a game this week to win an Apple Jelly achievement worth 15 makerscore. The deadline is July 6th.

So Jelly! is a weekly review event running through July
06/30/2015 04:36 PM
Here is a recap of the entries submitted for the event series' first chapter: Light of Heart.

Songs composed by Kunsel, Calicer & Lucent_Aurora, Ylmir, @anoraxofficialmusic, Merlandese and Trihan. Host voice: Liberty. Production manager: Happy.
06/23/2015 08:00 PM
Welp, since I've only ever made one, I thought I'd put together another little blog post to talk about what I've been working on.

As you know, I was nearly finished with the demo when I decided to give the game a graphical overhaul. Although it's coming along slowly, I feel it was very much worth it. I am so much more satisfied with the aesthetic of the game, and therefore more motivated than ever to work on it. I feel like it's all finally coming together.

07/02/2015 10:59 AM