Featured Game: The Book of True Will
Let me ask you a question: Does life have some sort of purpose? Do you have the answer to life? If you do, then please tell me, because I have no idea. I'm not looking for guesses. I want the truth. Can you tell me the truth?
Event: Summoner of Sounds
Previously your journey had brought you to a modern day Realm, but as you now feel that you've already seen enough of it you decide to boot up a video game. As you turn the power on something strange happens and you find yourself being sucked inside!
Event: Non-RPG Maker Event
October is over and it's time to check out what came of the No-RM event! Play the games, then next week have your say on who wins!
Event: MVLypics
Get ready. Get set. Go! It's time for the MVLympics, coming this weekend.Teams are assigned and it's time to get ready to rumble!
Spotlight: Development
Tallest-Reed, an Elder Scrolls fan-game
Spotlight: Community
Frogge's Maps Workshop
IGMC: Resonate ~coma~
Nurture the sapling (and your friendship) as it grows.
IGMC: Red Syndrome
Beat back the red mist and save your sister!
On the 7th and 8th of November we will be holding the MVLypics! Using the new RPG Maker MV engine, we will be holding a series of events.

All of the events will be small scale, so don't worry that you might not have enough time - even joining in by doing one event is fine! And it'll be fun, too! There will be something for everyone, no matter your talents!

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11/02/2015 05:29 PM
The October edition of stats are finally up. New stat this week: tracking the number of games in the different statuses. 3spooky5me
10/11/2015 08:04 PM
As some of you (most of you) may know, last/this week saw us fending off a bot invasion of ... well, quite a large scale actually. The invasion went on for a few days, with quite a few topics posted in the forums (well over 600 by my last count). After some quick and fast patching we (anky~ ^.^) finally got it figured out and we've yet to see the bastards return. Yay for anky! Yay for sticky-tape!
10/01/2015 04:50 PM
So I've been thinking about a comment I read on a forum somewhere that said (I paraphrase):

"RPG Maker games are less scary because you can see what's behind you"

While I don't think this is a universal, golden rule, it did get me thinking about ways to handle darkness...

11/27/2015 08:28 A
11/27/2015 08:28 AM