Featured Game: Desert Nightmare
Traveling in California, Sandra Richmont was seemingly abandoned by her parents after an argument and a bathroom stop. She heads towards the nearest city, Dusty Creek, but after meeting two others who are stranded, she realizes that they are trapped...
Event: Summoner of Sounds
You are a journeyman, a Disciple of Sound and you have been tasked to solve a series of mysterious disappearances of Sound in the Realms of Melodies by the Regal Musicians Network. You look around and find yourself seated in a flying aircraft.
Event: Non-RPG Maker Event
October arrives and with it all things scary. What's scarier than having to make a new game... WITHOUT RPG MAKER? Don't worry, though. There's plenty more engines in the sea~
Engine: RPG Maker MV pre-order
SIMPLE. POWERFUL. VERSATILE. RPG Maker MV has been improved from top to bottom to be the greatest RPG Maker ever released. You can build your games from any Windows and MacOSX PC, then deploy them to platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and HTML5.
Spotlight: Development:
Can we take a peek under the veil? Please?
Spotlight: Community
Advanced RPG Maker e-Zine #4 & #5
Horror: Blank Dream
Find the mirrors in this world, and break them.
Gem: The Amber Throne
"Destroy the Amber Throne, Arra."
As some of you (most of you) may know, last/this week saw us fending off a bot invasion of ... well, quite a large scale actually. The invasion went on for a few days, with quite a few topics posted in the forums (well over 600 by my last count). After some quick and fast patching we (anky~ ^.^) finally got it figured out and we've yet to see the bastards return. Yay for anky! Yay for sticky-tape!
10/01/2015 04:50 PM
Ok, so a lot has happened and McBacon Jam 2 has ended. Successfully? I suppose that depends on the metric it's being measured by. If by number of turned in entries, then its been a flop more or less. By the experiences people have had? That sounds far more acceptable of a metric to go by. The thing is though, some things need to change, and must change for this to do anyone any good.
09/21/2015 03:21 PM
So recently we've come across a lot of adverts in members' avatars, and even on gameprofiles. The common theme? The image is being hosted on ImageShack. My guess is that ImageShack is replacing "old" images with advertising behind the scenes. Stop using ImageShack.
08/27/2015 05:31 PM
Good day, ladies and gentlederps. The name is Professor Know-It-All. And I’m here today to teach you all about the secret art of game making and general game design. You can just call me “The Professor” for short, considering that’s what most people call me around here. For the next ten minutes, or however long it takes you to read all of this, I will be sharing my wisdom of many years of game making experience with you all.10/05/2015 07:59 PM
10/05/2015 07:59 PM
Let's sing a song of all things sweet!
A battle screen. Backdrops, characters and enemies are mine, the system graphics are mods of FFT from PSX I found in Charasproject. If there's a "problem" with them, I will just do them again, that's not a problem.