Apply blending modes to your pictures

A new Plugin has appeared!
This time it's a plugin which is able to add additive and subtractive blending modes to your pictures. This is simply done by adding .add, .sub, .mul or .ml2 before .png in the filenames of your pictures.

Some examples:

No blend mode, 50% transparency (for comparison)

Additive Blend Mode

Subtractive Blend Mode (+ additive ghost)

Multiplicative Blend mode

2x Multiplicative Blend mode

.add gives additive blending
.sub gives subtractive blending
.mul gives multiplicative blending
.ml2 gives 2x multiplicative blending

note that magnifying, wave, rotate and colour manipulation will not affect the pictures which have been applied a blend mode.


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I'm having some strange effects with this plugin.

It seems to refuse to leave transparency alone. Is that supposed to happen?

This image has a second .mul file the size of the screen to simulate darkness. At first I thought it was because I was using 2 blending modes at the same time, but even if I use the .add spotlight picture by itself, the transparency is visible.

The image definitely has the transparency right. The problem occurs when I add the .add to the file name. Because without the .add the transparency works, as seen below.

I made a copy of the working spotlight and added the .add to it. This is my first time testing it out, so I could be doing something wrong. I hope I can get this to work, it would be so rad :3

Then there's the error message that sometimes pops up when I run a certain line of events. All that's happening is an event is parallel process with standard show picture commands(non .mode files).

It goes - Show pic, wait .2 (repeats to show animation).

Access violation in module "DynBlending.dll" in with address 663020BD and offset 02844000 of type Read occurred.

Sometimes it shows all the pictures just fine. But sometimes it stops on the third or forth one with the error. I can sometimes hit ok on it and start the events again and there is no error.

I'm getting this error even though I'm not using any .mode pictures. I'll have to remove the plugin from the folder :/

I'm using Ultimate 2009(to use up to 2000 pics, these are in the 400 and 600 range), I have pretty much all the other plugins in the folder but they are not in use during this test..well, the one for keyboard cause I press Ctrl to activate the animation. If you want the project to debug, let me know.
If I understood you correctly, you're having trouble removing the "transparent colour" you typically choose in the editor. The blend modes don't work like that.
Too make something transparent using .add, you make it entirely black.
Additive adds colour and black is lack of colour, hence nothing gets added.

This means you might need to adjust the palette of your png if it doesn't have a pure black colour.

Transparent stuff using multiplicative blends are done by using gray (that is rgb = 128,128,128... or 127, dont recall right now).

As for the error message which keeps popping up... I suspect its a timing issue of sorts, but I just don't have time to sort it out at the moment. From the looks of it, the bug will stay for a while =/
ah, perhaps that should be in the readme heh but with that bug still existing it doesn't look I can use this the way I want to.

you say it's timing. is there a way to regulate the "timing"(whatever that means) on my end, with my code, to prevent the error from happening?
I don't remember in detail the conclusions from when the bug was first brought up (by gadex I think), but I think it could prove tricky to maneuver around. MIGHT be possible with some pic pointing, but I'd have to take a look at the code again and refresh some thoughts about it before suggesting a potential work around. So for now... its kind of too broken probably.. I'm afraid
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Oh my, it allows for so many possibilities! I'm so excited with this!
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I've tried it out, it's great for lightning effects, but... Is there any chance that it can futurely extend its effect to battle animations, charsets, etc.?
Especially battle animations
All those cool Final Fantasy Tactics esque spells that look horrible would look incredible in .add
And I mean incredible
Could prove tricky, as there's no easy way to do it right off the bat given the how the SDK is at the moment. It lacks a callback for when battle animations are being drawn, as well as data on the actual battle animations themselves, and locating this data is not a trivial issue.

So... you probably won't see blending for battle animations in near future
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Mhmm, I understand... Well, pictures already are awesome, and if you're going CBS you can use them instead of battle animations for some things, so--
Thank you!
a bug was ironed out, which would make regular pictures not work properly under certain circumstances. Also, transparency is now also supported for the blend pictures
RM2K3 needs more like this!
I still love RM2K3, but little things like this made me move on.
I'd love more stuff like this added.
Kinda surprised no one has come up with a means to make the games more wide screen as well.
I might end up using 2K3 again.. simply cause i prefer the low rez pixel art anyhow.
Is it possible to expand this plugin to support additive(etc.) charsets? I know this was asked already, but I'm not sure if I understood your post correctly - Guess charsets are plagued by the same issues as battle animations, right?

Additive charsets would be a little easier to use as lights in a day/night system, sometimes you just don't want to bother with pictures. ;)

But now that I think of it, to make them usable as additive effects, they'd have to ignore the tint screen adjustment which could be another hurdle.
Was it asked before?
Anyway, charsets do not have the same problem as battle animations, meaning that this would actually be possible. Implementing it would require doing several things quite different though, since charsets can animate.
And yes, if the event layer should be respected (i.e. lower or same level as hero), then making the effect ignore tint screen adjustment could prove rather tricky (not so much, if the only allowed state is above hero layer though).

Either way, I don't have time to do this right now, but I'll try to keep it in mind

I noticed a bug ingame with this plugin, which displays a error message like 'Access violation in module RPG_RT.exe in with address 00468C53 and offset 00000000 of type Read occured'. It happens when you want to modify the zoom with Move picture. Everything else is okay with Move Picture command, but when you modify the zoom attribute (100% to 150% or 50% to 100%), boom error ! :)

Edit : After some tries, the error occurs even in 'Display picture' commande. Zoom can't be used with blended images.
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