Write text on the screen, perfect for custom systems!

This is a plugin which allows you to write text anywhere onto the screen. You have full control of what you want to write, where you want to place the text and at what picture layer it should be drawn.

This plugin supports a range of comment commands, as well as some commands within the text strings themselves. This includes stuff like the familiar \v to retrieve a variable, and \n for hero names. it's also possible to nest these commands to do stuff like \v[\v] to perform pointer operations.

This is perfect for creating custom menu systems, menu based custom battles as well as for ABS systems, where you might want numbers representing damage pop up over the enemies head (and of the hero as well).

The download includes a readme which explains the comment and text commands more in detail as well as a demonstration project to help you see how this Plugin can be used.


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Any chance of this causing errors/problems to existing games?

Also, I'm loving this. Finally a simple solution for putting names over NPC's heads!
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Looks neat, I must say!
Any chance of this causing errors/problems to existing games?

Yes, but probably not game breaking.

To use this plugin you have to patch RPG_RT.exe with DynRPG. This means that some other patches will not be compatible.

DynRPG itself will add some functionality(like using up to 2000 picture IDs) but there are some known problems. I think there is something with transparency. I found a small bug when you choose a lower volume for a bgm and teleport to that map. Feld said his custom glyphs don't work, for some reason.

The plugins can have their own set of bugs, but most of them work as intended.

I'd say try it out and as always make a backup copy. Make sure you test everything. Don't test a few maps and assume everything is normal as there could be a small problem somewhere. DynRPG is best used for new games, but I added it to my old game and it seems to work.
I'm not sure if it's this plugin or the pathfinder plugin that's having the problem - but here goes:

Plugins used:
text plugin

The premise:
I'm using the lineofsight and pathfinder plugins to make an encounter system - where a parallel process event checks if an enemy can see the hero. If that check succeeds, the enemy chases the hero to the spot where he detected him at, then does a second check to see if he can still see the hero. if so he keeps chasing him, etc. On touch, battle starts.

If he can't see the hero anymore at any point during the chase, a timer starts, waits a few seconds, and then resets all the encounter stuff, making the enemy basically give up and return to what he was doing.

Up to this point, this works fine, however, what I want the text plugin to do is write text above the enemy's head to show that he's given up. (like "Huh?") or something. Doing this works as well, and has tested fine, however after this text displays, the pathfinder plugin will no longer function. As in, if I walk back into his line of sight the sound effect plays, he jumps up and down like normal, but he no longer chases you. If I remove the text call, it works fine. If I turn on a switch to make the text call from another event, or a common event, the problem still happens.

It's like the text plugin and the pathfinder plugin will not work together as they're sharing a variable or something. I know next to nothing about how the inner workings of this plugin thing are going, but neither plugin has any configurable options as far as I'm aware, so any insight you can provide would be great, thanks.

Hmm, sounds a bit weird. The pathfinder plugin is not mine, so I don't know all the inns and outs of it, but I've taken a look at its source code a while back, and I don't recall anything which would cause a conflict.
There are no shared variables involved, so it could be a bug with DynRPG itself, appearing when multiple plugins are involved. I'm not entirely sure I would look at that as the most plausible cause yet though.

It would be nice to get a look at the relevant event code to see if I can find something causing trouble this way. It would be easier to retrace the problem that way, and maybe figure out if there is some kind of conflict going on.
I will attempt to duplicate the problem in a test project and upload the result for you to review.
Welp, I attempted to recreate the problem, but I ended up using a call common event instead of a parallel process event, and it was working fine in the test project with the same rpg_RT and plugins as my project (I literally copy-pasted them). When it worked in the test project, I reverse engineered it back into my real project and now it works fine.

I dunno what happened, but I guess it was a false alarm.
Is this possible: @write_text "Sample", \v(1), \v(2), "Sample"
1 = Hero X
2 = Hero Y
I tried it and no matter what I do it shows the text at 0,0 even though when I put it into the text to show its 160,120. Is it just not possible or am I doing something wrong?

Edit: I use brackets not the ()
\v is a command which can only be used in a text, and you only use text when the parameter for the command is also expecting a text.
For parameters which expect a number (coordinates, color, etc.) you will have to use V1 and V2 to call on variables.

Change your command to

@write_text "Sample", V1, V2, "Sample"

and the text should position itself correctly
OMG, thanks it works! Awesome plugin by the way, it so useful.
I put this in my plugins dir of my project, fired up my game, and nothing would load. This happened with one other plugin too. So far I'm using 2 plugins with no issues, but if I add this one, my game is a no-go.

Any idea why this happens? I would LOVE to have the features of this plugin, and I'm very disappointed I can't use it right now.

(I mean, as in, once I try to load a save game with the plugin, even F12 stops working. The game hangs completely, gotta terminate the process. If I take the plugin out...it's fine again. Did DynRPG get updated or something? Is it some new version of DynRPG and this is too old to be compatible anymore? Damn...)

Edit: Oh yeah, here's the versions of what I'm using. I started this all up in mid-November 2014. RPG Maker 2003 1.08, DynRPG v0.14a, and RPG Maker 2009 Ultimate v.015 Alpha. To my knowledge these are the latest versions at the time of this post.
Take a look if there's any .dyn save files in the folder. If there are, delete them and try to load it again. Alternatively, try making a fresh project and see if the plugin will load by itself.
Take a look if there's any .dyn save files in the folder. If there are, delete them and try to load it again. Alternatively, try making a fresh project and see if the plugin will load by itself.

Thank you Kazesui..

I didn't realize that save games affected plugin state as well. Clearing out the save games and making new save games once the plugin was running works just fine.

However, a simple test by copying event script from the little boy in your demonstration game into a dog in my game yielded no results. The text does not appear. The map size is just about the same as your demonstration, so it's not off screen. There is nothing that would be hiding it I imagine. So I think the text simply isn't appearing.
Is the picture with the chosen id being shown though?
Remember, you need to show a picture of the correct id (it being visible or not), for the text to be showing as well
Is the picture with the chosen id being shown though?
Remember, you need to show a picture of the correct id (it being visible or not), for the text to be showing as well

Oh, wow. I totally misunderstood the ReadMe.txt file when I first read it. I'm sorry. :P

You make some pretty great plugins, man.

I had almost given up hope of getting this text plugin working so I made a score/winnings counter using pictures instead. Ugh :P but I'll have a million other uses for DynText...
In need of help!!
I use this to display the location of every map on rpg maker 2003. before I go any further, I have the mini map plug-in as well. when a text pops on the screen, my mini map is black, is there a certain way that I need to set up my texting or mini-map to ensure that my mini map doesn't go black? and also when I transition from one map that displays the text and the mini map to another, my mini map still goes black. could you help me with a command that's doesn't screws up my plug-ins
Try going into dyn.ini and changing text plugin picture number.
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