A plugin which will generate minimaps for your maps

This plugin will allow you to generate and configure your own minimap with a few comment commands. It also shows the hero position, and you're free to put any other "target" on the minimap as you like, and link these to specific coordinates, value of specified variables or even the coordinates of an event of choice.

More detailed instructions can be found in the readme in the download


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Wow, hot dang! This thing just solved my problems with making in-game dungeon maps! Thanks:D
How the hell does this work? I made a 3x4 empty square in one of the wall tiles and it noticed it. Is it something to do with passability?
Yep. It's reads the mapfile and chipset details to return the passability directions of all the tiles on the map, and generates an image based on this
Very cool indeed!

Would it be possible to further expand this plugin to display the squares on minimap with colors dependent on the terrain type associations in the tileset tab?

I'm thinking about a mini-world map, with separate colors for: passable terrain, impassable (mountains, etc) and water, for example.
Yes, it's possible. It would even be possible to read the tileset itself, and take an average of the colors of each tile, and then output this to the minimap.
Unfortunatly, I don't have time to implement either at the moment though, so you'll be waiting a minimum of a month before this could be implemented

(feel free to drop me a pm after a month though, as to remind me of this)
Has there been any reported bugs or anything since you've put this out? I think this is a very cool utility, just would like to know if there's any risks associated with it.
To my knowledge, there is no risks of bugs related to this plugin as of yet, but there are some with the DynRPG patch which you need to apply to be able to use this plugin. The worst bug probably being that it messes a bit with the transparency of events. I think there were a few other things as well, but I cannot recall them (apart from transparency, nothing dire I think).
The transparency issue should be fixed whenever the next version of the DynRPG patch is released, but it's very hard to tell when that will be.
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