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...::: What People Are Saying :::...

"Ever played an RPGMaker 2003 game where you almost forgot you were playing an RPGMaker 2003 game? Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl accomplishes just that!" - acknowledge101

"Notice how I'm saying unique a lot? That's probably because Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl isn't like any RPGMaker 2003 game I've ever played. It takes a lot of chances with most of the custom systems and the emphasis on gameplay (and minigames!) over story, but I feel that the game fairs pretty well." - Xanedil

"It has it's own unique play style that is very well thought out and balanced and great in a survival/sandbox/exploration kind of way." - Orphansmith

...::: Storyline and Setting :::...

"We thought that they had everything under control in "Central Ferusia". That a slum stuffed with all the nation's criminals couldn't ever be a problem because our all-powerful military was there to pen them in. That the riots caused by the rebel Free Radicals would soon be put down, and that future generations would laugh at the effort they had put into their treacherous ploy. We believed everything that the Government told us about their control over the riots, and sat happily in our houses as the curfews and blockades dragged on and on, because we didn't think for a moment that the Government could possibly be wrong. After all, we had the most powerful military in the world protecting us, so the very idea of a rebellion sounded like a tasteless joke.

The joke was on us.

As rebel-led mutiny spread-wide and the military spread-thin, those condemned to "Central Ferusia", criminal bastards that they are, spilled out of their captivity in a tidal wave of violence and vitriol the ferocity of which our generation had never experienced before. The violence spread quicker and further than anyone had ever imagined it could, and now I am trapped in an apartment full of gadgets that I cannot eat, paid for by credits that I cannot drink, and with a panoramic view of the violence unfolding on the streets below me.

I have to get out. I do not care what the television says about military victories anymore; I cannot keep sitting next to this knife in wait of another criminal trying to break down my barricaded doors. I already have too much blood on my hands!"

~ Diary of Cheska Frederick, Ferusian Citizen.

...::: Gameplay, Features and Comments :::...

Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl is a highly experimental game where nearly everything you do involves some kind of minigame; from searching areas for items to lockpicking doors; from hotwiring electrical equipment to dodging rioters; from arguing with NPCs to hacking into computer systems; from breaking through barriers to sneaking around enemies. Why? Because I wanted to make an RPG where character abilities aren't reliant on a lifeless table of stats, and are instead reliant on the skill of the player. Hopefully my excessive use of minigame sequences is going to achieve just that.

Battles are also going to be more interactive than in a standard RPG. In Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl you'll be able to knock weapons out of your opponent's hands, kick bookcases over onto people, throw your enemies into electric fences, and use human shields to stop enemies from being able to attack you; you'll basically be able to use multiple elements of the battle environment to get your own way. Why settle for just the weapon in your hand? Use everything to your advantage!

Additionally, most of the graphics will be custom-made for the project in a purposefully high-contrast manner that will give the game a drastically different look. The game will also feature a modern soundtrack comprised of tracks by Brand New, Be Your Own Pet, The Postal Service, The Sleeping and more. As such, there will be a strong, stylistic element to this game that may well end up being divisive, but I believe it will also lead to a very unique gameplay experience!

Latest Blog

The Chaotic Design of Level Four

I've been saying for a very long time that level 4, which will essentially be the final level of the game, is planned out and ready to go. This is more or less true, I have most of the stage designs down on paper and I have more than 3/4 of the backgrounds sprited. The problem is that I've gone about working on this level in a completely different way to how I've worked on the other levels, and it's really throwing me through a loop.

When I was working on levels 1-3, I would do everything for a given stage at the same time. I would draw out the stage, get the stage into the maker, add all the events needed for that particular stage, test that it was working as desired, and then move onto the next stage. Doing it this way, it would only take approx. two nights of free-time to complete one stage, and the procedural nature of the work made it easy to do without thinking too hard about what I was doing. It also meant that I was constantly working on different things (different image-types, different events, different minigame systems), which helped me stay familiar with everything I needed to get a given stage finished.

However, after taking a break from developing this game to work on my PhD thesis, I found it really hard to get back into the swing of things and start work on level 4. Because of this, I decided that I should make progress by working on the easiest thing to work on. I found that the easiest thing for me to work on was the spriting, as that didn't require me to open RPGMaker and look at event coding that I was no longer familiar with. After doing that, I started to get overlays working for each stage, started to link stages together using the required teleport events, and then added the "search" events to each level (the search events are by far the easiest of the minigames to understand in terms of event coding). At this moment in time, I'm adding things like enemies and other minigames to each level, so things are definitely getting closer to being done.

The problem with doing it this way is that things are no longer procedural; I am no longer working in a way that allows me to work on auto-pilot and that is a big problem for me given how draining my job sometimes is. I'm coming across minigame systems etc. that I haven't worked with for a long time and, despite the fact that I've annotated my event code pretty well, I find it difficult to work on the game for long periods of time. I guess this should serve as a cautionary tale; my punishment for taking the path of least resistance when I came back to working on the game is really backfiring now!

Anyway, have a screenshot :3


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It's the atmosphere.
puking up frothing vitriolic sarcastic spittle
I constantly worry that people are going to be incredibly underwhelmed when they realise this isn't all that different from most RPG games...
You have a unique product and this is coming from someone that never really looks forward to playing RPG Maker games.

Ahahahaha yeah. I think it's because of the punk girl theme that's barely present in most mediums other than like Tank Girl maybe and music of course. But it's an interesting departure from post apoc and modern in which it's not quite either of those.
Some progress is better than no progress!

Even if it's a large to-do list, that's alright, as long as you don't let it die. You have a unique product and this is coming from someone that never really looks forward to playing RPG Maker games.
You the practice of self-promotion
I'm glad to hear there's some progress in getting this game to completion. It would be a shame if it didn't see the light of day someday ...
puking up frothing vitriolic sarcastic spittle
It's almost done.

... but when I say "almost done", what I mean is that I'm almost done making the last level. After that all I need to do is test all the balancing, do some bug-fixing, re-do some of the earlier spriting (mostly just some level one backdrops, nothing major) so that it matches how much better the spriting is later on in the game, tone down the melodramatic story-arc introduced in level two because it's stupid, replace that story-arc with something more sensical, add more interactive objects into existing battles, add more battles, add more lock-picking, add more convo-battles, and either i) pay someone to draw storyboard-style cutscenes for me or ii) learn how to draw so that I can do them myself.

Once upon a time, this game was done, I played it, and it was awesome.
puking up frothing vitriolic sarcastic spittle
Awesome! I played the first Sore Losers when you first posted it to charas. Glad to see there is a somewhat sequel here. Downloading....

I don't even remember posting Sore Losers on Charas-Project... but I guess I must have done.
Awesome! I played the first Sore Losers when you first posted it to charas. Glad to see there is a somewhat sequel here. Downloading....
I finished the demo at once i want more this game is addictive too much for me (!) Music/amtosphere/GAMEPLAY/graphics kick ass it contain much of own style. I want more. GOOD LUCK. Fuse puzzle and dialog selections and skills and battles with interact and so many puzzels and options and skills and jokes oh man it's too much gimmie mooo (!)
So are you done with that PHD nonsense yet?
For more than one reason, this song reminds me of this game:

puking up frothing vitriolic sarcastic spittle
What do you mean? I have every faith that Mog will finish his game.

trollface.jpg (?)
Just when I forget about this awesome game, you remind me of it and how it will never be finished.

puking up frothing vitriolic sarcastic spittle
I wouldn't get your hopes up about it being finished any time soon. I'd almost go as far as to predict that Chronology of the Last Era will be finished before this game is.
Leaving this comment here so that whenever you log in again you know that people still want to see this game finished.
Hey! I've started to play the game. It seems a very good game! The setting is the one that I prefer, I always prefere futuristic RPGs rather than the classical medieval ones.
I'm deveolping a game with RPG Maker 2003 which is set in a fantasy-futuristic world. I found some resources in the chipset and charset game folders which I didn't find anywhere else and I think I'll need them for my game. Can I use some? I will edit them and then I will credit you.
I don't know if I can finish your game, I've gt too many games to play and a game to make!
Thanks in advace andcongratulations for your game!

EDIT: Sorry! I've posted in the wrong topic!!!!! I meant to post in the other Sore Losers game, the one for rpg maker 2000!!! Now I'll rewrite my post on it!
puking up frothing vitriolic sarcastic spittle
No, there is a logical way of doing it. It does come down to trial and error, though, which some people appear not to like. I'm toning down their presence in later levels based on current feedback.

To be honest, I've been meaning to post videos about each minigame in order to explain them (or maybe a compilation video), but since I changed computers and I don't have filming software on my new computer, I haven't gotten around to it. Sometime soon, perhaps.

Btw, is the hotwiring supposed to be a guessing game? I accidentally skipped the tutorial.
puking up frothing vitriolic sarcastic spittle
I am 99% sure that is the escape option as you cannot escape from any of the battles in this game, which explains why it doesn't do anything. Unfortunately, I can't remove the escape command from the battle-system, so it'll just have to sit there being all mysterious and stuff. Just ignore it.

EDIT: Also, you'll want to download the font-patch for RM2003 so the font looks better. It'll make reading the text a lot easier. The FAQ should tell you were to get it.

And thanks for playing!

I was wrong. It's actually the "row" command, which may or may not have an affect on your damage output/damage taken if you use it. It's not possible to remove it from the battle-command list, so I'm just gonna have to leave it blank and hope nobody chooses to use it (or that if they do, they realise it does nothing and don't touch it again). The perils of using an old maker.
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