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Genre : RPG , A-RPG, Mini Game
Style : Modern,
Estimated Play Time : 2 hours~.
Creator : Dastrem
Special Thanks : Joe Monsters & Zim

Features :

● The scenarist basis of the IParadise series.
● A World Map like Super Mario Bros 3.
● Several different gameplay in one game.
● The chance to predict the future and beat the destiny!


It all begins in Quebec, in September 2003.The young Gabriel and his brother Jonathan will find their friend Carl in a park in their neighborhood.Shortly comes Trembay, a child of their age, inherently bad, and looking for a fight.
The incident just ended two hooded men appeared: in front of our heroes, they seized Tremblay and carry away in a truck.Listening only to their courage, Gabriel, Jonathan and Carl decide to start immediately in pursuit of the kidnappers.It will not take long for the following events at least improbable, the three friends find themselves in France ...


The gameplay of this game is pretty special, since in fact there are several.
While some people prefer to learn by themselves during the game, I will detail in a spoiler tag.

In top view, for real-time battles akin to those of Zelda or Secret of Mana.
In side view, which is reminiscent of Castlevania.
The character may rise in levels by killing enough enemies.

-Classical RPG
The famous Active Time Battle of Final Fantasy.

-Click & Point Like
The principle is still different than a Day of the Tentacle or Monkey Island : the hero is directed freely on the horizontal axis, that is to say towards the left or right; but if it turns up, he will walk automatically to the object in front of him, be described or interact with him, before returning along the horizontal axis ...

In some parts of the game, you must answer some questions people ask us...
Sometimes you can die, so be careful!
A tip, put yourself in the shoes of the character! (This may help.)

-Research phase
In these phases there, we progress by finding keys, talking to some people, to find clues about the main quest.
The ambiance is often ... very "calm".



Gabriel is the brother of Jonathan, he is 15.
He has a friend named Carl.
He does not talk much.


Jonathan is the brother of Gabriel, he is 14.
He has a friend named Carl.
It's a bit macho.


Carl is a friend of Gabriel and Jonathan, he is 15.
It is likely simple.


Tremblay is the enemy of Gabriel, Jonathan and Carl.
He was 14.
He has no friends and it is likely bad.

Credit :

Little Shop of Horror
The Dead Zone
Final Fantasy VI


NOTICE : If you see a lot of things that look like games or other works, it's normal, it's because I put almost everything I liked in this game. :)

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I never got why people post a plot summary and character bios in the description when that's what we're playing the stinkin' game for.
Plot summary or outline makes sense, as game pages are there to advertise a game and 50% people are looking for a story they'd like. Characters go hand and hand with the story, so...

I'm not surprised at all.
When will you stop asking that on almost every gameprofile's page? It hasn't even been in production very long!
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Something about the story seems.....very wrong
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
I don't remember which nor how many of the IParasise I played, but they were really excellent!
Can someone tell me which answers must i give in court? I tried everything and verdict is guilty
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
ok, so you have to say successively :

"I stole sugar"
"52 years old"
"Maybe (followed by curse words)!"
"Birds are cool"
"Yes, I ate some."
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