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World's Dawn ...
"The best of Harvest Moon coupled with better writing" -

Inspired by slow-paced games like those in the Harvest Moon series, World's Dawn allows players to experience life in a sleepy farming village off the beaten path. If the town of Sugar Blossom is to ever rediscover the spirited essence it once held, its newest resident must make it so... That's you!

After moving into an old farmhouse, you're free to explore and participate in a number of activities from day to day. These include growing crops, raising livestock, building relationships with townsfolk, fishing in rivers and ponds, shopping, cooking, foraging, trading goods, playing sports, attending markets and festivals, flirting and marrying, and many more. Even after playing through an entire game year (which will offer 30+ hours of content) you'll find there is still plenty to surprise and entertain you in the friendly farming village.

Currently, the complete SPRING and SUMMER seasons are available for download, with autumn and winter under development and planned for release within the next few months.

Thanks so much for your interest! Don't forget to leave a comment!

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Summer season ready to play!

It's taken a little longer than I predicted to release, but I'm happy to say the full summer season is finally ready to play!

In this compact 83 MB download you'll find both the spring and summer seasons of the game. If you're new to World's Dawn or would like to start from the beginning, you can simply begin a new file and play continuously through both seasons. If you have save progress from the spring that you would like to carry over, copy all of the Entry files from inside the old Diary folder and into the new one. If you have any trouble with the transfer process, let me know!

Many hours of gameplay are available in this download (approximately 15+ on an average playthrough), and it's still not a finished product! The autumn and winter seasons are on the way, so expect updates on those in the coming months.

I would like to thank everyone for your support and your feedback, which has truly helped in pushing the development process along and creating a much more polished game. I've worked extremely hard on the project over many years, and any help you can offer in return is greatly appreciated. There's even a PayPal link on the project website if you feel like donating a few bucks towards development!

Thanks again, all! Enjoy the summer season and let me know what you think!

EDIT: If you downloaded the file on the very first day, there might be 1 or 2 small bugs that are now fixed in the latest version. Sorry for the trouble and please leave a comment if you find any other issues!
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Hmmm, I may write one for this, so long as you work on Prophecy. :D
(Just kidding about the Prophecy thing.)
I can't wait for more of this game! It looks and sounds like it'd be up my alley.
Thanks! I hope to hear from you after you've played the demo.
I saw this on one of Creation's "Pass or Fail" and just thought it looked wonderful! I'm playing the demo right now. Can't wait for a full release!
woah, this flew totally under my radar...eagerly downloading now.
I wish I could say that I could write a review after I play it. but at the very least I will leave some nice feedback c:
I'm sure one of RMN's critic-connoisseurs will take you up on your review request...
Thanks guys! Now that World's Dawn has a review I feel like it's a real game (or a real demo at least). More updates to come in the near future...
ooh, this looks cool. subbed.
I tried the first part but what I didn't like was that running eats EN (it was just annoying that I had to walk the entire time since losing EN means losing a day because of running...) and that the intro was far too long for my liking. I'll keep playing though =v=)/
^ based on feedback I actually increased the amount of EN you start with at the beginning of the game. In addition, there are ways to increase your maximum energy in-game, as well as a horse you can buy to move at sprinting speed without EN. I'm looking into condensing the intro as well...

Thanks for the feedback!
wow. this game could possibly be my favorite rpg maker game ever if it's released! And so I'll be waiting patiently for a new release. :)
This is cool, but when i went toward the fisher creek i got game.exe blah blah, and it closed on me. I didnt save either, oh boy.
Sorry for the lack of updates of late! If you haven't noticed, I uploaded a new trailer for the game and plan to launch the spring season very shortly.

If you're having issues with the demo, I would advise waiting until the next release and playing through it instead.

Thanks for your support!
So what this game completed or wut?
Good to hear its still alive and be released quite soon
I'm happy people are still looking forward to playing! Yes, it should be very soon... This Saturday, April 12 for those who missed the blog post!