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A fragment in a purely metaphorical - and huge - multiverse.

Old description (2009?)
My first game, and as of so, It's just for sort of testing purposes. But I'm attempting a full-fledged game here. So... A story Overview: (Still in development)

You are a girl, Rose. You are in your first day of school, and this school is really different from previous schools you already studied at. People start to go nuts, a strange porphet sometimes speech random things wich - sometimes - happen, and there seems to be something really weird going on there. Rose, Misery and a (still in development) cast of variated characters from different ethnics, ideals, sexuality, etc (Yes, I want to scream a huge message within this game. Wait'n see...)and, of course, skills.

Overview of the two main characters:

Weapons: Whips, Some swords, Guns and most wands/rods. (She's not very good at any of these in the beginning, tough)
Starsign: Libra/Pisces (Ascendant)
Element: Wind
Beggining magic : Heal
Beginning Skill : First Aid

Personality: Silent, generally sad, tough sometimes gets a weird endorphin boost and becomes all-happy. Huge creativity, easily interested in things other people consider "old". Also, highly attatched to the past.

Weapons: Most swords, some both-handed swords, Guns and some rods. (Again,She's not very good at any of these in the beginning.)
Element: Fire/Earth
Starsign: Leo/Leo (Ascendant)
Beggining magic : Blind
Beginning Skill : Cheer Power

Personality: Sadistical, extroverted and somewhat sad-feeling, tough is extremely happy-go-lucky in the inside. Hates squirrels.

Latest Blog

Project ROSE Gaiden

To heat up I started working in ProjectROSE again... But what came was something... Well, the mood was completely different, so I warped the storyline completely, and now it's a gaiden sort of thing, to introduce the character's personalities and a little about my multiverse system. (As such, the game's setting is somewhere very... Very important.)

A cutscene:

Also, I'll add a few screenshots as well. <3 ^^


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I like your color scheme :3
I really like the look of this. Good luck!
I like the looks of it. Is this game story-focused? Are you brazilian?
atasi wa cloud stife desu
I'm brazillian, It is story focused, yes, and thanks for the good comments, people ^^
I believe I'll post a system sketch in a week or two. (Less than an alpha :x)
Because I want as much critiques and ideas as I can afford to read ^^'

Really, thanks for taking the time to look at this =D
Ima be a dick and point out that it's not "Sadistical" but just "Sadistic" :D

The art looks very refreshing.
This hasn't been updated in a while, but I was wondering why didn't you just write this in your primary language and have it translated into English?
When the going gets tough, go fuck yourself.
hiatus waiii
atasi wa cloud stife desu
Because english makes me more creative. :D
And I'm not too fond of the brazillian maker community, fith the exception of a very small and lovely forum called Hacred Sall, wich sadly has only posts on moronic stuff or in community related games. :C

This'll be in hiatus for a long time, still. xD
I scrapped all I had made. Now all that is left is on my mind. :3
Because I can do things far better, now, my computer has been formatted 1923791287987123 times... Yet, I'm planning on releasing a short visual novel telling the story that's made Rose. (Wich originally was physically identical to CT's Lucca LOL)

Since I don't feel making another gamepage for that, I might just post it here and stuff, as a bonus download or something.. C:
I don't understand... this project is in English. :P


Because I can do things far better, now

atasi wa cloud stife desu
And what's the problem with fangames? There are awesome fangames out there! D:
And what I mean by far better is, in fact, I can sprite, draw and code better. xD
It's too bad, I actually liked this.
atasi wa cloud stife desu
Not dead! I just want to make it with all my effort, time and resources (not as in RPGmaker resources, of course), so I want to wait 'till I get better! You know, I've never made a game. So I want to start with something simple, and Project ROSE is kinda like very complex. xD

Your and Ocean are a big inspiration to me, especially in this game, so I feel happy hearing this. Other inspirations are FFVIII, Valkyrie Profile and (!?!?!?!?!?!?!?) Tottaly Spies!. xD
Of course, there are more of wich I forgot to mention. My memory is too lazy to cooperate, I must get it to work somehow.

...Anyways, back to the topic, I'll delay this a lot. I might even switch platforms if I need to (I really don't want to), because it'd be too time costly, and I'd end up with something not good enough to make me happy. I will, however, release little games before that. I'm thinking on a small minigame package with item / skill /battle codes after you finish them. (So you could write down and use that code on the game, on a special vendor, and he'd give you the bonus stuff. )

...I talk too much! ~ dies
Aww that's too bad. This looked like it was shaping up
This is so purdy. It's been around since 2010 and it only has 16 subscribers? D: wtf
atasi wa cloud stife desu
It used to have a bit more... And I think I made the profile in 2009, but you know, 3~4 years without updates, it is to be expected, haha.
And I never advertised it to begin with. Not to mention I'm pretty poor at socializing. xD
Well anyways, thanks for noticing aye guess ><
should at least mark it as canceled tho :(
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