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A fragment in a purely metaphorical - and huge - multiverse.

Old description (2009?)
My first game, and as of so, It's just for sort of testing purposes. But I'm attempting a full-fledged game here. So... A story Overview: (Still in development)

You are a girl, Rose. You are in your first day of school, and this school is really different from previous schools you already studied at. People start to go nuts, a strange porphet sometimes speech random things wich - sometimes - happen, and there seems to be something really weird going on there. Rose, Misery and a (still in development) cast of variated characters from different ethnics, ideals, sexuality, etc (Yes, I want to scream a huge message within this game. Wait'n see...)and, of course, skills.

Overview of the two main characters:

Weapons: Whips, Some swords, Guns and most wands/rods. (She's not very good at any of these in the beginning, tough)
Starsign: Libra/Pisces (Ascendant)
Element: Wind
Beggining magic : Heal
Beginning Skill : First Aid

Personality: Silent, generally sad, tough sometimes gets a weird endorphin boost and becomes all-happy. Huge creativity, easily interested in things other people consider "old". Also, highly attatched to the past.

Weapons: Most swords, some both-handed swords, Guns and some rods. (Again,She's not very good at any of these in the beginning.)
Element: Fire/Earth
Starsign: Leo/Leo (Ascendant)
Beggining magic : Blind
Beginning Skill : Cheer Power

Personality: Sadistical, extroverted and somewhat sad-feeling, tough is extremely happy-go-lucky in the inside. Hates squirrels.

Latest Blog

Project ROSE Gaiden

To heat up I started working in ProjectROSE again... But what came was something... Well, the mood was completely different, so I warped the storyline completely, and now it's a gaiden sort of thing, to introduce the character's personalities and a little about my multiverse system. (As such, the game's setting is somewhere very... Very important.)

A cutscene:

Also, I'll add a few screenshots as well. <3 ^^


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I like your color scheme :3
I really like the look of this. Good luck!
I like the looks of it. Is this game story-focused? Are you brazilian?
☆♥❤ WE R PERFUME ❤♥☆
I'm brazillian, It is story focused, yes, and thanks for the good comments, people ^^
I believe I'll post a system sketch in a week or two. (Less than an alpha :x)
Because I want as much critiques and ideas as I can afford to read ^^'

Really, thanks for taking the time to look at this =D
Ima be a dick and point out that it's not "Sadistical" but just "Sadistic" :D

The art looks very refreshing.
This hasn't been updated in a while, but I was wondering why didn't you just write this in your primary language and have it translated into English?
When the going gets tough, go fuck yourself.
hiatus waiii
☆♥❤ WE R PERFUME ❤♥☆
Because english makes me more creative. :D
And I'm not too fond of the brazillian maker community, fith the exception of a very small and lovely forum called Hacred Sall, wich sadly has only posts on moronic stuff or in community related games. :C

This'll be in hiatus for a long time, still. xD
I scrapped all I had made. Now all that is left is on my mind. :3
Because I can do things far better, now, my computer has been formatted 1923791287987123 times... Yet, I'm planning on releasing a short visual novel telling the story that's made Rose. (Wich originally was physically identical to CT's Lucca LOL)

Since I don't feel making another gamepage for that, I might just post it here and stuff, as a bonus download or something.. C:
I don't understand... this project is in English. :P


Because I can do things far better, now

☆♥❤ WE R PERFUME ❤♥☆
And what's the problem with fangames? There are awesome fangames out there! D:
And what I mean by far better is, in fact, I can sprite, draw and code better. xD
It's too bad, I actually liked this.
☆♥❤ WE R PERFUME ❤♥☆
Not dead! I just want to make it with all my effort, time and resources (not as in RPGmaker resources, of course), so I want to wait 'till I get better! You know, I've never made a game. So I want to start with something simple, and Project ROSE is kinda like very complex. xD

Your and Ocean are a big inspiration to me, especially in this game, so I feel happy hearing this. Other inspirations are FFVIII, Valkyrie Profile and (!?!?!?!?!?!?!?) Tottaly Spies!. xD
Of course, there are more of wich I forgot to mention. My memory is too lazy to cooperate, I must get it to work somehow.

...Anyways, back to the topic, I'll delay this a lot. I might even switch platforms if I need to (I really don't want to), because it'd be too time costly, and I'd end up with something not good enough to make me happy. I will, however, release little games before that. I'm thinking on a small minigame package with item / skill /battle codes after you finish them. (So you could write down and use that code on the game, on a special vendor, and he'd give you the bonus stuff. )

...I talk too much! ~ dies
Aww that's too bad. This looked like it was shaping up
This is so purdy. It's been around since 2010 and it only has 16 subscribers? D: wtf
☆♥❤ WE R PERFUME ❤♥☆
It used to have a bit more... And I think I made the profile in 2009, but you know, 3~4 years without updates, it is to be expected, haha.
And I never advertised it to begin with. Not to mention I'm pretty poor at socializing. xD
Well anyways, thanks for noticing aye guess ><
should at least mark it as canceled tho :(
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