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Trying something new.

  • Jude
  • 04/26/2011 06:10 PM
I downloaded the trial version of Fl Studio along with some NES soundfonts. It took me pretty much all day of pushing buttons and watching tutorials on YouTube, but I managed to get a basic beat I had wanted to use for a battle theme. I was never able to come up with a good melody for it so I gave up around 1am last night. Apparently the trial version can't save soundfont channels so I lost my progress, but if inspiration strikes me I can recreate what I had pretty easily now. Excuse the loud volume, since I hadn't really messed around with that setting, but here's what I had last night:

Anyway, I just made a new song this morning that I'm pretty happy with. It's supposed to go with the bridge/moat type area I'm wrapping up this week. I'd make the song longer, but then I'd have to think of how to vary it up which hurts my brain a lot.

So, I may or may not purchase the full version of FL Studio if I make a few more songs I like. It's a tad on the pricey side for something I'm experimenting with. Fortunately I can keep them simple enough that I don't really need to save them.


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Both are nicely done.
The first sounds like something that would go into a pivotal or almost-climactic area. Not quite the stairway to Dracula, but not just "Area 3" either.
While I'm not too keen on the first 7 seconds or so of the second song, it takes off afterwards.
I think they both sound hot. Nice job.
my experience with FL studio: *clicks randomly a whole bunch* wowzers!!!! that sure made sounds!

needless to say this is a quite a bit better than the messes of boopbeeps i made
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