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Mina just wants to sleep!

I played this game after posting in the Review just one Game topic. (A long time ago, gulp!).
Ocean says this is a short game, made in 5 days of production and 5 days of testing, etc.
Let's see how I fared with Lihtan.

Graphics/Mapping: 3.5/5
Mapping is very good. No huge empty spaces and no repetitive towns with cloned houses. I can't say for sure what actual tilesets were used, but they look like Mack&Blue with some others here and there. Some of the dungeon sceneries were very vibrant and interesting.


There are lots of icons as well for the various items found in the game.
I like the enemy battlers too. Very funny in their own distinctive style. They remind me of something, but maybe that's just me.

Music: 3/5
Nice, catchy tunes. Nothing ever felt out of place.
I didn't recognize most of the songs from other games, but maybe it was just because I was too focused on getting to the end of the dungeons.
That said, there wasn't any theme that stuck to my head either.
So, all good in this department.

"Gameplay": 2.5/5
Ok. Here comes the meaty part.
The game uses random battles in dungeons, so that can be bothersome for some people. The frequency was not too annoying. Your party is comprised of 3 female heroes:
Mina, the fast and physically strong fighter.
Tonia, the "tank", but she also has interesting offensive magic.
Dylena, the group healer and calm thinker.

As I see it, there seems to be an intention here to move away from the really classic RPG battle archetypes.

The side-view battle system. (A bug? I can move my cursor where there are no skills!)

Numerous skills exist, and you have to buy them from their respective trainers.
Consumables abound as well, with various of them having similar effects. (Carrots FTW!)
There were only a couple of dungeons, and I have to admit that the random encounters bothered me a lot, but thankfully they were mostly quick affairs. You don't actually gain much from leveling up, nor gain new skills that way. So after obtaining some gold from a few side quests, I purchased the mass heal spell and a revive, which made the battles much more manageable.
Later in the game, the "Plague" spell (inflicts several negative status on one enemy) came in handy too.
So, I didn't have too much trouble, once I reached a certain level of power and equipment, it was attack spamming time. :)
The most challenging boss was probably the Ice Dragon, because he was resistant to most of the elements I was packing.
I didn't find an "Identify/Scan" type of spell, but I probably wasn't looking too well. I definitely missed it at times: this game makes no little use of elemental resistances and weaknesses.

As for puzzles, I believe there weren't actually none worth mentioning. Rocks block places around the world, and can only be removed with a special item obtained later on.
In a few occasions a "press the keys in the correct order" puzzle popped up, but they were nothing too difficult.
I strongly believe that more environment puzzles (even something as mundane as boulder push or lever switch puzzles) would have greatly improved the experience in the dungeons. Nothing too hard, of course.

Though it may not be entirely accurate, at parts I felt this like a "mini-diablo" kind of RPG. The most satisfying parts were coming back to town to sell the vendor trash I collected and with a bunch of gold to buy new skills and weapons.
The elemental weapons were cool, BTW.

I didn't really check the stores in town thoroughly, but an item that prevents random encounters for X steps would be useful, especially for those times when you missed something in a dungeon and have to go through it all over again. It's those times when random encounters are most annoying.

It's funny. Most of the games I reviewed so far have random encounters. I don't know why I've grown so tired of them, seeing as they were once the norm in RPGs.
I think the author mentioned somewhere that they are only used in this game because of time constraints, so I'm trying not to take too much score off because of them.

In the end, though, Lihtan plays like nothing new. It's fun, but for the most veteran players it can get boring (I'm not saying that it will: your mileage may vary).
But the fact that it is a short game plays to it favor.

Story: 3/5
Our party of heroines is escorting the mayor of the nearby town of Lihtan as he heads to a rendezvous with his troops.
Unfortunately, they are ambushed by bandits and the mayor is taken captive.
It falls upon our party to obtain the ransom money the bandits demand to free the mayor.
The only way they know of raising such a steep sum is to find 4 ancient relics for the local library, and complete various quests for the local citizens.

A short and sweet story that, while it won't win many awards, is pretty satisfactory for a quick RPG fun.

Bonus points for the witty and funny banter the party has at some points during the dungeons.

Some tropes found in the game:
Magic Knight: Tonia.
Vendor Trash: Most of it sells very cheaply.
Random Encounters: Yep.

I finished the game in 1:58 hours.
My final party level was 15.

Lihtan won't revolutionize the RPG Maker scene, but it's nonetheless a fun quick game if you want to burn a couple of hours.
It looks like an quick exercise in open-ended gameplay.
You're left to progress at your own pace, and in a small area. No epic journeys around the globe here.

And that's ok! Sometimes it's all we need.
It's an average game with a nice graphical style.
I can't actively recommend it, but if you're looking for quick, light hearted and standard RPG fun, by all means play it! :)

Final Score: 3/5


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Resident foodmonster
Thanks for the review!

Yeah I agree with it, sorry about the random encounters thing, I hate them too but working so quickly it was sort of a necessary evil. More just looking at my old notes and seeing if I could do anything with it in that time frame. I didn't have the time to do a Scan spell, I should have thought of that but I guess it didn't come to mind.

The Ice Dragon? It's a Water Dragon, but Fire and Thunder both work. It's weaker to thunder so the Thunder Spear for Mina might do fine there. I think.

Oh the graphics are Celiannas stuff. They're normally used with panorama mapping but I made them into tilesets instead.
amusing tassadar, your taste in companionship grows ever more inexplicable
Haha sorry about the slip.
It was that blue dragon. I ended up beating it with the Thunder Spear and lots of fire as you mentioned.

The tilesets are very nice! The mapping was definitely one of the strong points.
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