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Progress Report

I'm not dead, it's just..... taking a while...

I started this project technically in 2011, then decided to develop it completely as an indie game. That was when I was about 18-19 years old. Since then I am trying to clean up my past messups, various resources have been used, so I decided to start from a cleaner slate. Also I have friends, mainly one I know in rl, who wants me to play these other games, which I do. I'm also looking for a job so development of this game has been veeeeeeeery slow. I also wanted to try out any new RPG makers (VX Ace and now MV) during the time the game was in development. I also want to draw and possibly make actual character designs for each character, as well as add a few other things (mainly because of the fighting game project which has been in hiatus for a while now). Anyway, because of circumstances, nothing since my last post in this site has been done, but I will try to pick up the pace somewhere between after Christmas and later because I currently have lost some entusiasm, which I will get that back soon. SO right now, I'm currently trying out RPG Maker MV, which had just came out, and seeing what features can be used. If I get a job and have enough money to buy RPG Maker MV, then I may convert the project from XP to MV. Anyway, I'm going to end the long note here. See you next post.

Progress Report

Bigger Resolution = more space for a more bigger view of the game world

I found, and added a script which can change the default resolution (640x480) to a bigger resolution, with the strain of manually stretching every single thing in the game. This will take a while because not only the maps need to be upped in map size, due to the resolution now being 1024x768, but I will have to manually alter the main scripts, and some pictures while trying to not stretch them, to match the resolution of the game by hand. However, not all scripts I'm going to use are in the game yet, so all the scripts are unaltered, for now. However, I will attempt to keep some features from the game intact as well as add a battle system script, again. I decided to use the same Side view script as before, but moving it to function similar to the default system, no more ATB. However, the ATB Icons, mainly the characters, will be used for bio cards, or whatever I'm going to call the items, so a lot of things have shifted to the new start. After the maps, the pictures, which was in 640x480, will be upped in canvas size, thanks Paint.net for having that feature. Well, that's all I can type for now. I'll keep you all posted on progress, and results.

Progress Report

Did some changes....

Although I have not copied/pasted the good maps into the fresh project, there is something I did change for the new version...

--Equipment Sets--
Before, I added necessary Items, and eventually made new equipment during progress. This made things out of order in the Items Menu. Now, I have decided to order them. This change also allowed me to make Equipment Sets for some odd reason. I am currently doing the Dagger Type weapons for each set, excluding first equipment as these are equipped when started. Accessories are excluded from this. These equipment sets may have matching weapons/armor. I haven't decided yet.

--Completed Daggers--
Durami (obviously)
Industrial (plus element versions)
Endless Dream (plus element versions)

*Names may change

--Characters will breathe--
I added a new script from a site which allows the characters to breathe, without more sprite images. This will definitely be a keeper.

--Where are the pets in the game?--
I have not moved the pet system into the new start yet and am still currently moving things over. Please be patient for that....

--Started on graphic importing--
Starting with the windowskin, I imported a few graphics from the previous version of Memorie (the late 2014 Demo). I'm still importing the recommended graphics and then will move to map copying from the Late 2014 Demo to the new start.

I will attempt to bring out a Late 2015 Demo, just because I want to show you the changes by letting you play the game, of course this will have a readme file of some sort as well. That's pretty much it for a progress report. I'll keep you posted.


Attempting to draw better, and Sprite editing yet again..... (revised 07/01/2015 2:23 A.M. EST)

Well, I haven't done much with this lately, but I am going to learn how to draw better than I can, that means when I do draw the characters, The first thing I'm going to do is draw the face images of almost each character. Also I'm going to edit the charsets, once again along with the sudden start fresh-ish. However, most of the maps will be copied and pasted, but I will have to get new scripts. The story has been slightly altered again, probably the final time. Oh well, that's pretty much it. See you.


Map refresh, script refresh, etc.

Scratch the ABS script, this game is going back to the old ATB battle, excluding Overdrives.... for now.

I forgot, I am confirming that most of the maps, the good looking maps (Akiko's Apartment, now going to be in an apartment building, Hunter's base, etc.), are going to be the same as I will be copying the good maps from the old build to the new build. Some sprites may be fixed, and currently, Alternate Outfits, for Akiko and (eventually) Kita, won't be implemented yet. The PHS is out of the game, and I am going from ATB to ABS, with at most two allies. As I'm looking for the easiest ABS script, I will then add it in the game, replacing the old build's battle system. Not sure which one yet. Some charsets, especially the ones that didn't look right much, are going to be edited a small bit. The color of the characters should stay afterward. That's all for tnow. Check back later.

Well, the new years have been here fore 26 days, as this is posted. Well, I'm going to refresh EVERYTHING. Mainly because of glitches, switches, and variables. There's a few glitches that need to be dealt with, there's too many switches, leftover from prologue, other switches from past changes, and there are too many unused variable, so I think this may work. Maps are also going to be refreshed as well as re-importing graphics/sounds/music. This should shorten the filesize greatly. That and I have a plan for the beginning that couldn't work with the glitches in the game.


Operation: Game Cleanup

Lately, due to adding some new content and changing some things, I am now going to slim this game to lower the total size. During this, I am going to remove all old charsets, SFX, Music, Window Skins, etc. that are imported in the game, and deleting them from the project for good, lowering the game's size and possibly having a lower sized setup for future demos/Full games.

Progress Report

What's been going on these past few months...?

Ehh... A bit of a time hassle, but pretty much been going around a few parts of Part 1, I've also changed a bit of the part. Here's what I mean.

The Hunter Exams that WERE going to be in Part 1 has been moved to a later part, mainly because I want to finish this part as quick and thorough as possible.

Kita's role has been altered a little bit. She, as a character, has been out of the sidelines during progression. However, her role has a little difference than what it was before the change.. However, I can't spoil her new role.... yet.

The few Suri maps are also being remade as soon as this Part is released. Mainly because the maps aren't as accurate as what I thought they would be. I also have a different tileset planned for these maps.

The new Ability grid was recently shown since April 17th. This part of the game is experimental, and so far by my point of view, it probably will get better as time goes on.
Here's the current size of the Ability grid as of April 17th.

Character Sprite Design of Kita has changed, even though only a part of the old sprite was shown in an earlier Part 1 Demo.

The bar has been edited to show a lack of customers a bit.

Lastly, I'm using a Menu and Title Screen Script to change the way the game will be. Mainly because that the default Menu screen has that big blank when I removed the 4th slot. The title screen's command list is a bit hard to..... well..... move to the right place.

The game has no dateline, mainly because of the lack of attempts to fully work on developing, and editing. However, i am taking some time to work on this.

Progress Report

Back in business..... sort of... [not an april fools joke]

My dad let me use a charger for my laptop... literally. I started typing this 5 minutes before April Fool's day's end. I copied over the project data, what I got from it at least, over to another PC, making it work out. I will be backing up the data, as usual, to my Laptop when I get a charger for it. Till then, keep on waiting, and playing the Late 2013 demo, unless you already beat it.


2014 plans and other game things

As the develop of Memorie stopped due to the Laptop dying, along with its spin off, The game hasn't seen any further updates since the Late 2013 Demo... Last I checked. It's going to be a few months before I can start developing Memorie again, in the meantime, the game Project: Side Clash has turned into something different and is now on its planning stages... again.

In 2014, the development of Memorie will continue, and will attempt to get ALL of Part 1 done, along with some new developed practice. That's the current goal for now. For the spin off, I'm going to see if I can continue the project without having it to be a time waster.

Progress Report

Character cuts, Part 1 with side story rebuilding, and some more updates

Can't say that I was going to but I decided to cut two characters from the game. Rai Unknown's Ron Koda and Hiro Sasumara's Sasuya Tasubiki. These characters are my brothers, and I don't know what they were planning with them. But there are traces of them in the game. Rai Unknown and Hiro Sasumara, as he's calling himself currently, are not rmn users, but are in fact my brothers.

Part 1 is getting a rebuild. The idea had no aspect to it, but the story stays the same. during map building and such, I decided to change how the exams work, but there will still be traces of the demo, for example the yellow ghost with the red eyes, inside the right places. The Dating game element is still going to be added, just for fun.

The Character Bio and guide image layouts are going to be changed. I'll make a note that the current layout will be in a different game.

The side story I shown an item for is also going to be rebuilt. I will reveal all that next time I'm online and not so busy.

The character shown in the "see you next time" image in the demo is going to be revealed as a mystery character in Part 1. This character only Akiko can see for now.

The PC that you can access in the game is also probably going to have a different windowskin. The windowskin will probably resemble the Windows Classic look, a look that was taken off of Windows 8. The bar on the bottom, however, will still stay the way it is.

I'm also changing the color of the cursor in the accessible PCs. Red and orange were good, but I don't think people will be able to see it in the wallpaper.

That's pretty much it for now. See ya next time!