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The RPG that kickstarted the JRPG genre is back and better than ever! As Dragon Quest III got the SNES upgrade so will 1+2. Dragon Quest 1+2 are as of now only updated in this form on Japanese mobile phones. I hope to be able to provide that kind of quality for an RPG Marker platform with this specific title.

EDIT: Dragon Quest 2 is simply out of the question.

As a little background info: Yuji Horii, the series creator and my inspiration, got a job at Enix(Now known as Square Enix) when he developed "Love Match Tennis" for the NEC Computer System. After several more games and a visit to the U.S. he took interest in American RPGs such as Wizardry, Ultima, and Black Onyx. He found the games fun but very complicated. So he simplified the formula so that anybody can play. So as many criticized the NES/Famicom for not being able to handle RPGs he pushed himself to create one.

The game known as "Dragon Quest/Warrior"(1986/89) would go on to sell 1.5Million copies in Japan alone and instantly became Enix's flagship series. Dragon Quest/Warrior has influenced many JRPGs including it's more popular rival "Final Fantasy" by creating the basic template for all future JRPGs. This is that game that started a trend, a legacy, a phenomenon.

100 years after the events of Dragon Quest III, This game takes place. The world was once at peace until the Dragon King stole the Ball of Light and the lovely princess of Ludatorm. He threatens to plunge the world into darkness...that is until YOU, the hero and Loto's blood line, rises up to the challenge to eradicate him. Will you successfully complete this Dragon Quest and prove yourself as the true heir to the Dragon Warrior?

This is Ljink signing off:)

Latest Blog

Well, I guess I have to.

So...I kinda thought it would be a good idea to put Dragon Quest + on hiatus...that obviously wasn't a good idea. The mail can stop now...please... no more mail. Actually, on the subject of mail, I won't point out names, but I know I cancelled my first game and work has slowed down on this one. Actually, I wasn't even going to finish the game after Dragon Quest 1 arrived on Smartphones. But I have promises to keep including a French translation for Dragon Quest Fan.

Thus, I guess I have to finish this strong. However, keep in mind that most Dragon Quest fan games are made on more advanced programs like XP, XV and the sort. Those engines, as we all know, handle scripts easier and allow so much more funtionality than that of 2K3. Dragon Quest games aren't really something you do on 2k3 but at the time, I didn't know that. But I'm doing the best I can do and that's all that matters...right?

When the game releases in December, that'll be the end of that. I'll be able to move on and make more stuff for the site and hopefully, actually finish that "more stuff". Thanks to all the loyal fans that have stayed with me since 2012, I feel like I don't deserve your loyalty but hey, thanks and I promise I'll make the best DQ on 2k3...(like there are any other ones out there XD).

Mark my words, I will finish a game! I even had a backlog of screenshots that I didn't upload because I was that close to closing the development. I'll be uploading some more soon.


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I can defiantly see where you’re coming from
Oh I am liking the sound of this. I wonder if it will be as hard as the original.

By the way, can I as how you’re handling the translation?
It will be just as hard as the original but the extra content upps the challenge quite a bit. As for the text it will be ye olden middle-ages speech.
Lol sweet, I love Dragon Quest, so I hope this goes well! *Subbed* ^o^
Good, I liked the ye olden middle-ages speech. I wasn't keen on the DQ4 remake for the DS, because it was hard to understand what people were trying to say.
Hi, can you, in the future, makes a version with the current Dragon Quest name of Spell, like Frizz and etc, and japanese name of locations, items, and etc ? :)
That'd be really appreciate... ^^
Maybe in the future when I have nothing else to do. It might be in the final release but now way am I going back to change every Edrick to Roto as of now. Thanks for asking.
Wow:D This looks phenomenal! I've always loved a good Dragon Quest! Just one thing, don't you think that a menu like DQ has would be better?
Yeah, I can't quote you because I'm using a 3DS but
Yeah, i'm not that good with custom systems. Especially with 2k3. I'm planning one but i'd have to rework alot of events.
I just hope that the game lives up to its fans and the actual game.
Resident dissident...
The map graphics look really good! Are they rips? From Dragon Quest VI? Or did you draw them yourself?

Thanks and yes, most of the graphics are from Dragon Quest III and VI for the Super Nintendo. Some are edited and some are even drawn on microsoft paint. Thank goodness for Infarview.
Any clue when this will be done? I see target date, but perhaps a demo?

I wanted this game to be special when completed. Like an actual commercial game sort of. As of now the testers are the only ones who have gotten their hands on the 1.1b demo.

I really don't know if I'll make a demo for it. Hmmm... if I do it will be a random portion of the game though. I'll see what I can do.:D the third quarter of 2014 is a long wait huh?
the third quarter of 2014 is a long wait huh?

Uuuuhh, Bro's fists of steel cut to the bone! :(

Whaddaya mean by ^
I just want to know, it's not you, it's me and my lack of jargon deciphering skills.
Sorry, FF7 quote xD Basically means the "Q3/2014 release" was like a devastating punch xD

That explains it. I've only played bits and pieces of FF7. I think I'll put together a little demo for y'all but the game itself on the demo will most likely be different than the 2014 release.
Yo, Ljink! If ya need any Dragon Quest info or help ya can always contact moi.

Oh, hey Jessica, I'd really appreciate your help.
Resident dissident...
Thanks and yes, most of the graphics are from Dragon Quest III and VI for the Super Nintendo. Some are edited and some are even drawn on microsoft paint. Thank goodness for Infarview.

If you use paint then you should try iDraw3, it's really useful for pixel edit and better then paint on some aspects.

The game is looking good, good luck!

I've used iDraw3 for a short time and it was okay but for this game I mostly use the GameMaker 8 sprite editor. Thank you for supporting=D
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