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Final Fantasy: Discovery is an RGSS3 learning project aiming to mimic popular Final Fantasy series mechanics and blend them into a single game. Those of you who enjoyed playing UPRC's Final Fantasy: Blackmoon Prophecy should feel right at home with this project.

While most of the development thus far has been to clone systems and battle algorithms, some form of a plot will be coming together as well. More information on that will be given at a later date.

Thanks to Galv, Craze, Ninjamida and UPRC for helping out with some scripts and testing!

Latest Blog

Artist Blog 05 - News Galore

Hello folks!

Long time no see. Our last blog post was back in 2014, so, as always, thank you for being so patient with us! As many of you have noticed, #JanuaryGoal has come and gone. William and I are extremely sorry that we were not able to get out a new build for all of you subscribers. #JanuaryGoal was always just a simple motivational objective and was never a hard deadline of any sort. In a way, William and I made some pretty good progress, but not enough to warrant a whole new build release.

With that being said, I'm writing this to you now in order to give you a more concrete idea of what William and I have in store for 2015. Our next "goal" will be the end of summer. I'm hesitant to make promises simply because... well, a myriad of different things can happen during the development process that could effectively hasten or slow down our work. The end of summer allows us extra (and ample vacation time) to square up a lot of new features that we've begun adding into the game during the last few months of 2014 (as well new features still being designed but we have yet to implement fully). I'm very sorry if some of you were disappointed that we were not able to release something last month. Please be patient with us and I promise you that we, the FFD development team will do our very best to have something very special for you by August!

Naturally, this extension comes with a few tidbits. Originally, our proposed #JanuaryGoal build was a test build that primarily focused on the implementation of new features (in comparison to the last RSW demo, which was removed a few months ago). These features included an increased resolution, revamped GUI, new music tracks, a plethora of new artwork as well as a new Travel system. Story advancement was quite minimal however and this is what we're going to focus on for the EoS 2015 build (End of Summer). I've always had a specific stopping point in mind for the definitive FFD demo and this is what we're going to try and aim for. Ideally, the next release after the EoS build would be the final game (and no, I don't have any ballpark estimates about when that would be!).

Here are the *tentative* game statistics for the EoS build:

-Every location from the previous RSW demo (all will be revamped to various degrees)
-Giza Plains
-Fovoham Windflats
-Figaro Castle
-South Figaro
-Tycoon Castle*
-Vallis Media
-Macalania Woods
-Matoya's Villa
-Sanubia Sandway
-Free Port of Jahara
-Ogir-Yensa Sandsea
-Ronka Base Camp
-Antlion's Den
-Gold Saucer
-Mist Cave
-Lodestone Cavern

*Limited access

Playable Characters:
-Cid Margrace
-Reeve Highwind
-Vicks Farron
-Wedge Farron
-Lyra Tycoon
-Dajh Klaus
-Parker Gabbiani
-Beclem Yun Fang
-Ellie Baldesion

*The "Cloud", "Squall" and "Locke" impostors are no more!
**This character was chosen based on FFD subscriber input

Number of UNPCs (Unique NPCs with portraits): 100+

Misc Features:

-Travel Menu system
-Custom Animated Battlers (here's a WIP sample)

-Limit Break cut-ins
-Parallax Maps up the wazoo
-Enhanced GUI
-Save anywhere*
-Intro Movie

As you can see, this is quite a bit of game material to cover. The amount of content that we have planned for the EoS build is roughly 20% of the full game's length. To help facilitate this colossal development process, we've enlisted the exceptional talents of one of RMN's best pixel artists: Avee!

Avee will be working with William and I to help create original sprites for the insane figure of UNPCs and original characters in the game. His preliminary work has been phenomenal so far and we're extremely excited to see the rest of his work. We're lucky to have his incredible services working at our behest to help bring our creative vision to fruition.

While nothing has been fully cemented yet, William is also negotiating with a talented musical composer to create original FFD remixes of popular (or even obscure) Final Fantasy tunes! Let's cross our fingers and hope the talks go well!

So... that's about all I have to report for now. Work has been crazy for William and I. William had blizzards to combat while Benchmark Testing is rolling around the corner for elementary schools. While updates may be slow and sporadic, rest assured, development is always ongoing! :D

Anyhoo, I'll leave you all with a final look at one of the revised scenes from the original RSW demo (with sprites courtesy of Avee). Hopefully some of you still remember it.



Oh, the project looks great! As a hardcore fan of the Final Fantasy series, I will follow the project.
Why did I think this was linked to FFXIII for some reason? Lol. Looks good (so far)!
This looks pretty good so far~ *Subbed* B3
Why did I think this was linked to FFXIII for some reason? Lol. Looks good (so far)!

Maybe because one of the character is called Dajh? :P
Why did I think this was linked to FFXIII for some reason? Lol. Looks good (so far)!
Maybe because one of the character is called Dajh? :P

Heh, some of the playable characters are named the same as other Final Fantasy characters, and some aren't. No relation to any of them, of course.
Actually, it was because of the game being called "Pulse" Project, with "Pulse" being the name of the lower world below Cocoon in FFXIII. =B
Oh, that's not why it's codenamed Pulse. Coincidence, that's all.

Basically, since a lot of Final Fantasy games name their main characters with weather terminology, and I hadn't chosen a name for this game's main character yet, I simply dubbed it the "Pulse" project, since it's also the name of an extreme weather event.
Basically, since a lot of Final Fantasy games name their main characters with weather terminology...

Later this afternoon, there'll be some Butz with scattered Frionel happening as the sun sets. Tomorrow's forecast involves Terras and Lockes with high expectation of... Clouds..... Back to you, Fighter.
Thanks, Onion Knight. In other news, southwest Indianapolis was hit hard by a wild Cecil today, and...
...I'd better get ready for all that Butz this afternoon... if you know what I mean.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Are the areas merely going to be the actual one from previous games, or merely share their names with them? I feel the second would work better than the first, unless you're going for a Dissidia-like mix. An it appears you and Celes may well be going head-to-head in the fangames department, though on competely different tracks...
They'll just share names for nostalgia purposes. Although, some areas may resemble their original namesakes (i.e. Narshe may be cold and snowy, etc.)
weren't you working on that bof remake
weren't you working on that bof remake

Still am. There's multiple people involved in that project, my responsibilities on it aren't as wide as they once were. I did all of my hard work first. =P
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
hmm, crossover?
Instant sub! Dub-C, as soon as I saw you as the developer, I figured that this project will have some seriously good qualities. The anticipation is killing me.
Well thank you. If you want to help me test things out as I re-create them, it could only speed things up. Let me know.
This looks amazing, I love those graphic rips! I searched all over for rips from those games but couldnt find any! Im definitly keeping an eye on this
I'm looking into how the few rips that do exist were ripped in the first place, so I can do them myself. I used to do a LOT of sprite ripping on various platforms. I've said it here a few times before that when I do get all the rips together, I'll add them to a file for all of RMN to enjoy.
The Z is for Znderson; RMN's resident antagonator
Why would you intentionally use the FF battle algorithms, argh. Defense in FF games is so dumb.

It's a minor detail, I'm totally stoked by the idea of a non-sucky FF fangame.
1) Because Final Fantasy VI was the first of the series to use complex damage formulas, in great abundance.
2) The formulas for the games following Final Fantasy VI relied on too many statistics.
3) The defense was dumb in Final Fantasy VI because ANYTHING that wasn't a normal attack or magic spell ignored defense. Plus, enemies had pretty crappy defense and magic defense stats, even at endgame. I have control over that here, so it won't suck as much as you might assume. You have my word.

Also, I PROMISE that I will finally finish pcoding Fork Tower, except it'll be in this game. =)

P.S. In fact, one skill is entirely inspired from UOSS.