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Liked Castle Oblivion 3? Check out the Remake of the original Castle Oblivion! http://rpgmaker.net/games/7548/

New to the series? For all of you who are new to Castle Oblivion Series, I highly recommend you to check the "History of Castle Oblivion" section!

A scientist known as Evan has his own hobby of exploring places around the world. Rumor has been told that a treasure is hidden somewhere on a very rare island that is said to be hidden deep within a fog so thick that not even the eye of a deaf captain could see it. As the young scientist prepares to sail out in the sea in hope to find the hidden island, a greater evil awaits them that neither Evan or his companion are aware of. Will this treasure hunt turn out as it was expected, or will a drastic wave change the course of this adventure?

The story takes place on the ancient island of Strombidge. This island isn't the normal paradise you'd travel to on your vacations, this is the island that's so well hidden that no one's ever found it. The story also takes action in a place beyond reality. Is it a dreamworld, or is it a paradise? Is it even real? You'll have to find out about that yourself!

Gameplay and Mood:
The gameplay takes place in 2 different worlds! On the mystic island, Strombidge and inside the floors of The Castle. The game is meant to be fun to play, exciting, emotional, scary and challenging. CO3 will deliver an epic mix of both reality AND imagination. So if you're the fan of games based on true reality or the fan of the games that are surprisingly imaginable, stay on, this game might do the trick for both of you.

- A mysterious castle filled with over 9 different worlds to explore!
- Exciting and climactic story with twists!
- Fun gameplay with a good mix of exploration, battles, puzzles, scenes and more!
- Well mapped areas with beautiful, creepy, mysterious and unique atmospheres.
- Minimap system that displays in your upper left corner which you can turn on/off at almost any point!
- Secrets! Hidden arrows, items, skills, bosses, rooms, side quests and all kinds of goodies! Gives the game a good replay value.
- A challenging difficulty. The game requires thinking, rather than repetitive
button mashing.
- Two endings! A good and a bad one.

Estimated game length: 30-40 hours.



RPG Maker Vx Resource Planet
André Fernandes

Edits by Luiishu535 & Kelarly


Mr. Bubble
Mr. Anonymous
Yanfly Engine RD

Rayman I & 2 OST
Grandia Series OSTs
Final Fantasy X & VII Advent Children & XII
Kingdom Hearts Series OSTs
Devil May Cry Series OSTs
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess OST
Various VGM
"I Am The Wind"
By Cynthia Harrel

Special Thanks


A completed RPG Maker VX Game. There are might be some bonus content left which I will might release in the future.
Just released the secret bosses and currently working on a new game!

Latest Blog

Castle Oblivion: Remake Announcement and Truths Revealed!

That's right, I'm not dead! More importantly: this series isn't dead!

Some of you may be very excited for this and some of you may be a tad disappointed. Why? Well, since I'm making a Castle Oblivion game again.

"What's wrong with you, luiishu!? You already gave us one of these, heck, you even completed the trilogy! Just give us something new, something fresh, something that's originally yours! Whatever happened to Legend of Mango or that other game you were teasing us with?

Gargh! I'm so mad you, game designer! I mean, get it together for realsies!"

Let's address these questions/assumptions:

1. What's wrong with you?

Nothing, really. Actually, life feels pretty good now when you talk about it!...

2. You already gave us one of these, heck, you even completed the trilogy!...

Yes and no. I originally started working on CO3 just because I thought the concept was easy. Pretty straight forward plot, Floor/level progressing, simplicity (or kelarly made it look very simple from CO1 & II. Not all of these points were true.

The game suffered from a serious lack of planning, up to the point that I basically just knew that the 8th Floor was going to be in outer space. A lack of planning can cause various problems, like: plot-holes, style inconsistency and sometimes unnecessary adding to the game (or filler, as it is called in some occasions). I did not see all the extra hard work I made as filler. The Castle Oblivion series IS (intended or not) a dungeon crawler at its heart. The length and scope of the game added to that experience IMO.

It doesn't cut though that CO3 was only meant to be my first game and not my first EPIC. I simply made it because I wanted to fulfill my big dream: to finally finish a single game of my own. I did fulfill it and it still to this day feels great to have it accomplished.

In short: CO3 was never meant to take so long to develop, but in the end I finally made it. If you've been waiting for me to just finish the game, so that I can start a new one immediately, I'm sorry to keep you waiting all these years. That was the plan at first though (I'll go into detail more a bit later.)

I did sort of "end" the trilogy, in a way at least. A complete remake of the two original COs has been in both me and some fans mind for quite a long time.

The reason why I'm remaking the games though? Why now?

This is because of a man known as the13thsecret. He contacted me a couple of months ago and told me that he enjoyed CO3 and would like to do something with the series with me. I told him about the plans I had for the CO remakes and as he is a writer, he gladly offered himself to write the main script and plot for the remakes. This is a pretty big thing for me, especially after experiencing how much time and effort it takes to make a full game by yourself.

Had it not been for the13thsecret, I would not have been working on the remakes this early, or any games seriously before, after CO3s release (mainly since I was on a vacation/recovery from my gam mak adventures and more focused on finishing my studies and getting a job).

As you probably can tell from reading this, it relieves quite a ton to be working with an actual writer. Some of you may know that my first language isn't actually English, but Swedish.

Since I released CO3, working on games in teams have crossed my mind quite often, since it lets the members of the team focus on their own individual strengths.

3. Whatever happened to Legend of Mango or that other game you were teasing us with?

On hold and definitely not forgotten. None of my previous game are officially canceled and they never were.

There are many old and new games/ideas/concepts that I'd like to try out in the future. As it seems now, I am trying to walk the path of teamwork, so that I can use my time to work on my strengths instead of trying to be do it like Jack (-of all trades, in case someone reading this is called Jack or feels offended somehow).

This is what I've got for now. To put a smile on this blog post (and hopefully on your face as well), I'll top this off with some nifty screenies from my truly awesome and new project!

Want more eye candy? Here you go: https://luiishu535.wordpress.com/screenshots/castle-oblivion-remake/
(Or just check out the screenshots on the actual gamepage.)

Check out the gamepage!

Try out the DEMO!

Visit my official blog for extra goodies!

I hope you'll be able to enjoy this remake even more than CO3! I'm working very hard each and every day on it to make it of as much quality as possible. Take care one and all!


First post! Anyone's tried out the demo? I'd love to hear what you though of it!
so far looking good, I tried demo, I was enjoying it. Thanks for great start.
and I think its a best from all 2 of them. Question though, our main hero will be alone through whole game or he'll have companions?
Evan will get companions to join as the game goes on. Thanks for playing my demo and I'm glad you liked it! :D
I made this account just to say thank you for the awesome demo. Hope you continue it
Wow thanks, buddy! I'm glad you liked the demo, I haven't so active on the game the last mounth but I can tell that I'm pretty far into the game's progress! :)
Wow thanks, buddy! I'm glad you liked the demo, I haven't so active on the game the last mounth but I can tell that I'm pretty far into the game's progress! :)

Would you be releaseing another demo anytime soon? or making more videos?
Sorry, no more releases untill the final. I'll definitely upload some more videos and screenshots as I progress though! I'm getting closer and closer to completion every day!
Just wanted to tell you guys that I've done some progress lately and I'll be updating the profile tomorrow on Sunday, 02/03/13 with new screenshots, characters and maybe a new gameplay video. So stay tuned for that :)
Thanks for the link! Those are some really good tunes indeed, I'll check em' out more in detail soon!
Well it is nice to see the progress in the game and the new screenshots! keep going, I can't wait. :D
I'm glad you like it! I can't wait too! :D

Also, I'm sorry for not being so active here lately, updating or anything. I made some good progress but then I got ill for over a week and I've had major tests at school when I got back and currently, I'm behind in school a bit or maybe even a lot.
So those are the main reasons why I haven't been able to make progress or updating lately.
I'm hopefully going to be able to post some more updates this Sunday if I get the time and freedom.
I'll get into details when I do,

See ya for now and I hope you'll have an awesome Easter!
I can't believe I've mapped almost the entirety of Floor 9 this week. KUDOS! Look forward for a progress update tomorrow with possibly, screenies! ^^

I just have one question before I download this.

If I play this and keep my save file, can I move
the save file into any updated version you make in the
future and continue playing.

(Never downloaded an uncomplete game before, but this one looks

Edit: Where can you download the first 2 games, they are not
on RMN?

I have yet to test that but don't worry. If it's not possible to move the save file and use it on the upcoming full version, I'll make a new save file that continues from where the demo ended, so the people who played and finnished the demo can have a choice whether to continue or start from the beginning.

Unfortunately, the previous games were made by kelarly, who mainly puts his games up available on his Youtube channel. If you checked the "History of Castle Oblivion"
page, then you'll see that the two trailers of the games are posted there, with links in their video descriptions. I'll give you the links here anyway :)

CO1 Link: HERE

Thanks for checking out the game, mate! I hope you'll enjoy the demo and if you have the time, feel free to tell me what you thought of it once you've tried it! :)
Summer is here and I'm finally free from school! (kind of)
This also means that I'll get back to "progress-mode", daily, I'm hoping.
I just wanted to tell you peeps about in case you think I've deserted the game or something. NEVER! I'm not going to stop working on this until it's finally done!
(Also, when I'm not updating the game on internet, I could very well be updating the real thing itself!)

Expect to see some frequent updates every now and then! Remember, my summer break is a whole 10 weeks! I'm sure lots of progress will be made this time!

See ya and I hope everyone has an awesome summer so far!

I wanted to post a blog update today but apparently, I'm not completely done with the thing I'm working on. I'll make the blog once I've finnished what I'm working on(pretty much just a boss battle left). Stay tuned since it won't take more than a few days. Later then!
Nice stuff, pretty good mapping and cool story, are you a relative of Kelarly?
Thanks and no, I'm just a fan/rpg buddy with Kel 8)