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Blackmoon Prophecy 2 now has a game page!

Do not report bugs/issues with this game. After 10+ years of staring at this game, I've officially moved away from it. If you have any issues in the game, feel free to contact me and I'll try to point you in the right direction.

Do not edit the game without first applying the David patch. This is because some monsters have over 1000 attack/magic and 100,000+ HP. Editing without the David patch will reduce monster stats to rm2k3's default maximum values. Ignore this warning if you already have applied the David patch to your rm2k3.

What is Blackmoon Prophecy?
A Final Fantasy fangame that I started long ago in 2003 that is meant to emulate the first six entries of the series (though I mostly focus on FF4 and FF5 for gameplay and mapping, and FF6 for battle aesthetics). Aside from just being a fangame, Blackmoon Prophecy is also a tribute to Final Fantasy in the sense that I'm trying to put together many of the things I loved about playing RPGs growing up into this game. It's a love letter to retro gaming and our childhoods.

What's with this whole "Plus" deal?
The Plus! update adds DynRPG support by including several patches made using it such as faster ATB bars, a play time counter on the menu, and more. Additional content in the game includes a new section to the arena, a new optional dungeon, a few reworked cutscenes, and various bug fixes.

How long is the game?
My best guess is about twenty hours, but I'm not 100% sure. My testing sessions were broken up very often so I can't measure how long it took me to beat the game personally. I'm certain that it was over 15 hours though, and since I made the game I expect the average time to be higher than that for everyone else. My best guess is 20+ hours.

Do I need the RTP to play?
Heck no!

Are there any impressive custom systems, impressive features, etc?
Long story short, no. The early Final Fantasy titles were not known to blow our minds with amazing features (FF3 and FF5 were really the only ones that did in my opinion, and only because of their job systems).

There is no steal command, "throw" items are selected by going to items and choosing the item to throw, and "jump" isn't a command, but rather several different abilities that have jumping animations.

As a result, Blackmoon Prophecy is just a retro romp that just tries to recreate what we all used to feel as we'd trudge through all of the caves and dungeons of the early Final Fantasy games.

The most advanced aspect of Blackmoon Prophecy's gameplay is a simplified version of Final Fantasy 8's weapon upgrading system. A few minigames can possibly be included as well (auction house, betting on chocobo races, etc.) but this game is kept simple to emulate the simple games it is inspired by.

How many <insert something here> are there in this game?
Permanent Playable Characters: 12 (3 being optional/secret)
Temporary Playable Characters: 2
Equippable Items: 150+
Mandatory Dungeons: 30+
Monsters: 400+
Playable Hours: 20-30 hours (presumably)
Optional Dungeons: 10+
Towns: 20+
World Maps: 3

Latest Blog

Let the rewrite begin!

Well, I've started!

The dialogue rewrite that I'm working on will cover essential plot points throughout the early Branch, Ivalice, and Lenadia portions of the game. For those who aren't new to the game, these are the parts I'm looking at...

1. Intro with Braak in Branch Castle's dungeon and Darius outside.
2. All dialogue sequences in Branch Castle's throne room.
3. Water Shrine encounter with Archareon and then Darius.
4. The encounter with the dragon Surt.
5. Conversations in Trei (mostly with Doctor Cunnings, Maria and Oalston).
6. Dio encounters.
7. Mystic Mysidia confrontation with Ivalice's generals.
8. Malacore and Darius cutscene at the Fire Crystal.
9. Party's encounter with Malacore at the Fire Crystal.
10. Everything that happens during Hans' solo adventure.
11. Conversation with Mohadmal Village's elder.
12. First encounter with Nobumasa.
13. First encounter with Cid.
14. Party's encounter with Malacore at the Wind Crystal.
15. Small dialogue sequences with minor NPCs and such up until Lindblum.
16. Any glaringly obvious typos that I come across.

Late game dialogue isn't being tampered with too much since, from what I've been told, things improve dramatically at that point (which makes sense because the end was made in 2011/2012 while the parts I'm trying to fix are 2003-2007).

This is a pretty big endeavour. There's A LOT of dialogue to cover, so I might delay all of this dialogue until a bigger update later on and just throw out the stuff I've already completed in the next update (everything I listed I'm doing for the next update has been completed so it's ready to go).

The early game dialogue has always been what I've been most upset by in the finisehd game. I've tried to improve it by rewriting bits here and there over time, but I've never tried to cover ALL of the dialogue before. Whenever I finish this big task, I'm hoping that the people who play for the first time will enjoy the dialogue more than older players!
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Whaaaaaat? Why does this have a 2.5 raintg!? It deserves higher than that! MUCH higher!
how do you no its not even out once it does i will vore
Oi! Has there been much production on this as of yet URPC? Or is this an abandoned project!? Say it isn't so! This looked great from the screen shots you posted of it! least I THINK they belonged to this project, anyway. You seem to have only one I'm beginning to wonder if it's the right thing. But I'm sure it is, it's just that I see it over at GamingW is all.

And how do I know? I know ALL!!! >=D
I remember this. Are you still working on it?
This is probably abandoned, based on the single screenshot and apparent lack of progress...oh well.
Weird there's no download for this.

Because the latest game demo was posted like a year or so ago.

Well, here's both versions: one's MIDI, and one's MP3.

Final Fantasy - Blackmoon Prophecy
[url][/url] Final Fantasy - Blackmoon Prophecy [MP3 VERSION] [url][/url]
Haha, the game that gave me the inspiration and idea for FFV-II. I never thought I would find this again.
This is probably abandoned, based on the single screenshot and apparent lack of progress...oh well.

No sir! Alive and well again as of November 1, 2010. I'm making lots of progress on the game and it is now about 10 hours long or so.
Any chance of releasing a new demo for this?
Any chance of releasing a new demo for this?
Yup, at the end of November.
I've never played any of the F.F. games. Regardless, this one looks well. I'll give the demo a try!
Slow walk speed... One word: Annoying.
I had to change the rpg_rt to version 1.08 because the game freezes when a monster uses a cure spell.
Might want to fix that.
After downloading your game i found no Rpg_RT in your game ( which i guess is a application to open the game ) i solved this by copying another games ( of RM2K3 ) rpg_rt and pasting it on your game's folder and then your game's playable you might want to fix that and make sure to include the rpg_rt or your game's unplayable and so far the game's good :)
keep up the good work
The RPG_RT was renamed to Blackmoon Prophecy.exe. Feel free to name it back, I just renamed it so that my tester wouldn't be confused. Forgot to change it back.

I'm uploading it again right now to fix that. I don't know if that is what caused Lucifer6675's problem or not since I have never experienced any issues, nor has my tester. Let's hope it is.
Also most of the towns are glitched. I fixed it by using another chipset...