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The Drop - Release Trailer

Trailer for the full game! Play it in HD!

Music: "Still No Regrets" from the game soundtrack.


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Oooh, that text at the beginning. Very interesting.

I guess there's no way Tez isn't going to be in the game now.

The trailer was quite pretty. Good choice of music, too. Hopefully it'll attract some fans. My only criticism is that the "why do you descend?" bit felt a bit overdone.
Yes and yes. Though it was meant to be a question directed at each character, and I wanted to keep time with the music, so that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!
You the practice of self-promotion
So does this mean you're getting close to release, Deltree?
Late August, I hope!
You the practice of self-promotion
Thanks for the update! I look forward to it ... :D
The trailer says over 200 items, but I thought you said there were over 400 items in a recent post?

Other than that, uh...yay Tez? Oh! Will there character art be there for all pre-made and secret characters?

Other than that, I really look forward to when this gets released!
I don't have an actual specific count (there are gaps in my spreadsheet) so I played it safe and didn't oversell it. It's probably in the 300s somewhere but that's counting environmental stuff so I decided to round down.

Yes, I have my best man on the job so there should be art for all the playable characters!
Yay art!

Is anyone actually "sold" by those number factoid things? My eyes just glaze over when I see them -- telling me the quantity doesn't tell me anything about the quality. The numbers tend to all blend together once they reach triple digits or so anyway. I dunno, maybe it's a roguelike thing? I've seen lots of RPGs on this site do the same thing, though.
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