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An entry for the RMN All Hallows' Event.

This game requires the RPGMaker VX Ace RTP to run: download here

An encyclopedia of gifts, skills and enemies, made by argh: download here

Three exorcists are led by the skeletal Lord Francisco into his usurped home, the magnificent Fort Adder. Only by seeking out ancient spirits that offer unique gifts to the heroines can they hope to purge Francisco's fortress of the evil within.

  • A sprawling fortress to explore and unearth the secrets of
  • Powerful demons that will destroy you unless you outsmart them
  • Over thirty unique battles narrated by a witty and noble skeleton
  • Flexible, deep and non-permanent customization of your exorcist trio
  • A dark and intense soundtrack by D3vilsheep and Clearside

What a man does for pay is of little significance. What he is, as a sensitive instrument responsive to the world's beauty, is everything! -H. P. Lovecraft

Latest Blog

Brilliant Victory ~ Wine & Roses Released

My imagination makes me human and makes me a fool;
it gives me all the world, and exiles me from it.
-Ursula K. Le Guin

Hey. So, uh, Wine & Roses is now out. The only issue I know of is that I accidentally left a typo in Argent's menu bio. Whoops.

It's about four hours long, possibly more if you're terrible at it. I highly recommend trying out different combinations of skills and gifts if you're in a bind; it's amazing what the right skill can do for you.

If anybody needs help with a particular enemy, feel free to ask! If nobody else can help you (use hide tags, please), then I'll step in.

Enjoy exploring Fort Adder ~
  • Completed
  • Craze
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 10/27/2012 12:50 AM
  • 09/19/2015 02:49 AM
  • 11/03/2012
  • 206391
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Once a member of RMN, always a member of RMN!
Looks interesting... looking forward to seeing more of this!
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
I plan to try it as son as a download's available.
Really like the art in this - nice work
My mind is full of fuck.
Awesome. Another crazed filled project as usual. XD
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Do your best to get it up before the power goes down!
your overlay disgusts me
I expect to upload it Friday afternoon. Then I can finally... sleep...
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
You'd better!
Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
This game is amazing. It is legitimately one of the very few RPGMaker games that I can't put down.

Hopeless polyanna
Oh, I'm excited for this one... the skeleton alone sold me.
I forgot the horseman's name but I was wondering if there is a way to know what type of attacks he currently absorbs and what other type can damage him. I swear at some point he absorbed ALL attacks, and my only mean to damage him was to cast Toxify every 2 turns and wait.

Also, teleport mistake when leaving his room.
your overlay disgusts me
Yeah, Karsu caught the teleport mistake earlier today... sorry, thankfully both known ones just set you like one room away. Progress is never blocked in this game anyway, except for the two intro fights.

And he DOES absorb every sort of attack when he has Resistance Up. It sets his Vitality so high that all attacks heal him. The only way to get rid of it is to cast Blow Away.
your overlay disgusts me
EDIT: ...did not mean to double post
Nice game, just finished it. (:
And a minor bug, if you go back to the starter area after defeating the wive, the skeleton sprite still pop-up and shows the first dialogue again.
your overlay disgusts me
Haha, whoops! Thankfully that's an incredibly benign oversight.

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it. =)
Even with poison enemies do not lose the life. Skill almost no damage.
Game is interesting but some enemies are pratically invincible.
against the last boss skill does not work does not take life one swipe of war priest takes life but that if it does not evade. After destroying all the weapon continues to attack bos gopes with them about six coups followed and skill poison that does not work for me for the head reduces the amount of healing. Physical blows practically nothing and do not take the skill and also Carmanth Nynavae against the head only serves as a mere support moreover well fail. Craze is to revise it? The head is almost equal to the final boss of Deadly Sin that is almost impossible to beat her so luckily to win.
The Z is for Znderson; RMN's resident antagonator
Shun, I think you need a new translation program. I could not understand anything you said.

Anyway, I beat the game, took about five hours. A couple minor bugs, but nothing that kept me from playing. The DLL seems to dislike Windows XP, but save-anywhere saved the day.

I thought the difficulty was close to perfect. I died a lot - three or four times each on some of the battles, and as many as ten times on a couple of them due to being stubborn and wanting to retry instead of leaving and getting stronger first like I was obviously supposed to. But that made it extremely satisfying when I won. It seemed to get easier as it went on in parts, but I think this was largely because I wasn't doing things in the "intended" order - I didn't even enter the ice area until I'd beaten every single enemy outside of it. Fought the final boss once early on and survived long enough for it to summon an ally, so I knew it did that. When I went back and fought it at the end of the game, I beat it in one try, which was... easier than I expected, heh. I had gotten pretty good at winning by that point, though.
your overlay disgusts me
The true question: which was your favorite Francisco line? (And everybody is better at killing the final boss than me, haha... hah.)

Shun: All I get out of your posts is something about not being able to deal damage to... the final boss? I've had people kill her so fast that it breaks the story, so I don't even know what... yeah. I can't read your posts, sorry.
Against the boss the skill cause damage but decreased the life. Only judgment and perfect aim cause damage when works.
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