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A Horror Comedy game Based on the Crazy Boris Cactuar & Tonberry Flash animation.

Clack Tuwar started back in 2009,but I have never really announce about the project until now.And it continued until the early of 2011 and the project got cancelled.After a lot of thoughts and decision,I decided to bring back this project from scratch since i'm more experience and have more resource now than in 09.

Cactuar and Tonberry have to clear their debt once more,unfortunately for them, they picked a job opening at the Barrows Mansion. This is a Horror Comedy Game,a combination of Crazy Boris Cactuar & Hufumi Kono Clock Tower.

It's probably going to be a point-and-click adventure, just like Clock Tower: The First Fear featuring:

  • Multiple Endings

  • Switching between characters

  • Hiding from the stalker

  • Minigames(maybe)

More information will be added later.

For those of you who never watch the episodes, here's a video:

Latest Blog

Clack Tuwar: Meet the Voice Actors

They're not Mark Boris,but they are the one's that is going to help me get the job done.I haven't scout yet for all of the possible characters that is going to have voice actors,but i'm happy to announce that I have already found the voices for both of our protagonist,Cactuar & Tonberry !

I will probably add more information about the voice actors once I've finish scouting for all characters.As for the game progress,it still is moving on at steady pace but I think it might slow down since my Japanese exam is coming near,but i'll do my best.

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  • 01/05/2013 07:52 PM
  • 10/14/2015 06:48 PM
  • 12/31/2016
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Oh hell yes, this definitely warrants a subscription. Also, first subscription. Best of luck on your project! This certainly looks interesting.
Heh, I loved the Cactuar/Tomberry flashes, subbed, and good luck to you on this~
whoa,that's one hell of the game concept!
i really love the idea-it looks really bold,promising and interesting,i wish you the best of luck with the developement process))
man,Cactuar and Tonberry running away from Scissorman-that's so awesome)))
Are you interested in having someone make music for this game? I'm a sound designer/music producer with past experience.
I made the music and effects for 'Robototics' which became a featured game in appstore.
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