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This title is cancelled, but it wasn't the first time a game in development has been cancelled before, at least in my projects list. However, elements from this game, excluding adding your character in the game, will be in Memorie and others.

This is a spin off of Memorie, a game that's still in progress. Unlike Memorie, this game takes the role of just a character you choose to be like, and deals with religion, Christianity to be exact. the game takes place between Memorie Prologue and the upcomming Part 1 in a different continent.

This game takes place in a Continent that seems like the medieval England or so, they don't like modern day technology, who knew?

Your character - You choose your own choices.
Aki - She has some religious views, even though she passed by many countries just to get to her destination. She usually stops at churches for good luck.
Maemi - no one knows who or what she is. Maemi came from...... you know.

CTB Battles - Using CTB instead of ATB
One Life only! - Your character will die if you're not careful. You only have one life.
Karma - When your character dies, he/she will go someplace depending on your karma.
Saved? - No game saved, if you are into religion.
2 Player Mode - For a friend can play too, although they can't name their character. Don't let the other player's character get off the screen Player 1.
Final Arena mode built in - Of course the original isn't getting any popular.

--Challenge accepted mom--
This title may have another name, and be shown as another game project and have different features. When I come up with a title, I'll give the link here.

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I'm feeling pretty lucky today

I'm feeling pretty lucky today and so I'm going to put it to the test with this title. It's time to have some progress in this, due to me blowing it off.

The game, when you start, will have menus when you first start, and they are in choice boxes because I want to make the menus as quick as possible. Anyway, it's a different way than I did in the past, but I hope it works. Another thing is that another style is going to be made for you to choose.

Also when the menu is there, Player 2 will have to be the first player (in the co-op game) to make a character, due to the first player requiring a Setup Screen. The reason I did this is for the ones who want to have a second player with them after they made a character in the one Player Game.

Final Arena Mode is using the same methods as the original version for Memorie. Go around everywhere in the current map and fight random battles. This time I put it in the game instead of a separate download.

Anyway, I need to work on this some more, and it's now time to, due to blowing it all off. I'll give you a preview of the outfit of the third style later.
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when will this game be out for download because it sounds really good
when will this game be out for download because it sounds really good

I'm still making the maps and things, but I will post a demo when there's more progress made.
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