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The world's elements are slowly losing their power. And when the Elements completely lose their powers to protect the planet Gaia, the world will be destroyed, and the evil Demon Lord: Asmodeus shall be awakened to pass judgment upon the land, its up to a young hero named Max to rekindle the elements and prevent Asmodeus' awakening.

This is a completely remade game of the original rm2k Phantasia but made in rm2k3.

New characters, side-view battle system, heavily remade storyline. (For obvious reasons.) And dozens of sidequests.

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After over 5 years, I finally got it.

Soooo here I am, playing through the game, well, parts here and there, and wow... my god... what the hell was I smoking when I was younger when I made this. Glitches everywhere, typos beyond compare, and here I thought this was some masterpiece when I was younger.

This really comes with the RPG Making territory when you keep using the program and get progressively better which each experience. But wow, this was not a good remake. Don't get me wrong though, I have no intentions of re-remaking this again. The most I may do is probably translate my horrible dialog into something more managable.

If there is one thing I have a bad tendency for is being a fast typer and not looking back on the crap I put on the dialog. That and that bugs that plague the game(s). Sooooo on behalf of the Monius and the Phantasia Series, I apologize for such half arsed crap over the years.

I hope my newest game won't be as bad as this one... but hey, gotta learn from each and every bad experience, right?
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  • 12/12/2008 08:43 AM
  • 12/21/2014 08:58 PM
  • 12/13/2008
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I havent played the original, but this one looks sick, Im downloading now, look for some feedback
Can't get it to go past the intro. Says it can't load the file objects.
Error: Can't load the file object1
Sorry for double comment but I wanted to check up on it to make sure I named it right.
Its the RTP object1 it doesn't have the RTP installed with it.
Thanks I got it working now. I will give feedback once I beat it.
im stuck. i just beat the thieves in the cave and the princess went missing... :/
don't know where to go. xD
I'm just passing through
I actually really liked this game. It's just a good traditional Rpg that reminded me of classic Rpgmaker games. Seriously J-Man you've really come far and you somehow manage to bring these games out so fast it's to crazy to be true. This is a great game guys and not one to be missed if you like a good Rpg.
When the Princess goes missing, talk to the NPC near the entrance (he looks like a soldier) and then go back to talking to the King.
This looks pretty awesome. I will have to get around to playing this.
I like the original Phantasia, so I thought I would give it a try. I downloaded it and it started to play like it is supposed to, then it got into a opening thing about how a hero will search the world and stuff and the screen was moving up toward a town. This is at the VERY beginning. It then say can't load file object1. Any help?
Download the RPG Maker 2003 RTP. I just got the whole maker since it comes with it plus some extras according to the source.

You may have to do the same with 2000 to run some RPG2000 games.
I have to say, this is terribly bug-ridden. It's hard to enjoy a game when you have to go into the database yourself and mess with skill types to make the battle system work correctly.
Why are you screwin' with the skill database?
Okay, here's the whole story. At first, I thought it was odd that Max kept his 'Double Strike' after the Draco fight, so I thought that it was a skill type issue and decided I was right after seeing that Max's 'sword' command was designated as 'skill' rather than 'skill subset.' I went on to fix a bunch of what I perceived as skill type-related problems in the skill database, mostly related to nearly all skills being set as 'force' and the force skills set as 'weather,' which didn't make much sense to me since 'force' was set as a skill subset to activate only when HP critical and the 'spear' and other 'sword' subsets were unused.
There was something wrong with the skills when I tried to change it to skill database, I left the magic option available to just seperate the magic based spells, if the Double Slash skill is still showing up as an available skill and now til' your HP reaches quarter way, I'll have to look into it, once again. >_>
When you get the fire orb and came back to trian, well normally it must be fire, dead.
The 222 event dont lanch so after when you reach the cave max just say : hmmm and there is nothing = blocked.
Alright, I finally got what you were talkin' about, I found and fixed the problem. (I hope.) Turn on both switch 222 and 223. And see if that works.
Bug ridden is too nice a word for this game...I like it but man does it need fixing..and by need I mean literally it needs fixing or else you will find yourself having to quit and reload because of some map event problem.

I made it to the second town. Port Avlis or whatever the name is. I honestly can't read that font too well because some letters are clumped too close to each other. Anyways in the time it took me to get to that port town I have saved, quitted the game, and opened it up to make fixes 7 times. Mostly noobish eventing mistakes like how you can walk into the bottom right house in the port but can't walk out (your stuck and have to reload) for both doors to this duplex this happens.
Or how two stores (or places with counters whatever they are) allow for you to walk through the counter.

If you need help finding this stuff I will be glad to make a log of everything I find.
I'll try but i dont really know how works this programme xD.
If your words are clunked together that is the font problem on your end, to fix it copy the RM2000 font to your Font Folder and that should fix that, as for the other problems, I'm looking into it as I speak, so give me some time to find a locate the mistake.

Tyranos, if you wanna find all the mistakes and make a log for me that would be great, just be sure to PM the stuff. I would greatly appreciate it. Its hard to rely on just one tester nowadays. XD
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