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A simple way to control the way enemies selec their skills.

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  • 01/18/2013 07:42 AM
Version:1.4 BETA

This script gives enemies a basic AI that by process of elimination allows them to select targets. By using special tags you can make an enemy only use a healing skill when really needed or a skill which inflicts a state only when necessary.

- Adds a simple AI to enemies to decide which skill to use.

How to Use
Instructions are on the script.

Credit and Thanks

Author's Notes
For now it's still in beta and requires some scripting knowledge to fully use. I will add simplified versions of popular tags if there is enough interest in the script and people suggest them.

The reason I have not added a lot of tags is because I am not making a game which would require them. So instead of waiting months and slowly working on it, I thought people could use this script in their game and make suggestions on the tags they use the most.

It should also be very easy for scripters to add their own tags into the selection process structure through aliasing methods.

There is a downside to this AI system. Enemies will always check which skill to use before acting, which means that if the game uses skill speeds to determine the order of action then an enemy might act sooner if the original selected skill has a lower speed.

Only for use in non-commercial games.


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Interesting script but like you said it isn't easy for beginners to read your tags at the moment. I hope you will continue it.
<Skill_Use_AI: 35>
Remove_If: t.state?(2)
Sort_by: t.hp

<Skill_Use_AI: 36>
Remove_If: t.state?(3)
Sort_by: t.hp

<Skill_Use_AI: 37>
Remove_If: t.state?(4)
Sort_by: t.hp

only in accordance with the order to cast skills?
If want a random order feasible?

For example:
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