if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
I am a 17 year old drag queen in training who also happens to love video games & especially indie games. I've been doing RM since I was 11, so I'm not so bad at it anymore! Check out Diabolica, it's gonna be my magnum opus whenever I finish it.

I love Lana del Rey, Austra, Lorde, Marina and the Diamonds, Lady Gaga, Ladyhawke, the xx, Nirvana, The Pierces, and Troye Sivan.
(VERY)Old Tech Demo available! A dungeon-crawler adventure RPG focused on Alder's mission to reclaim his throne.



U.S. Imperialism & Homophobia

Feld's opinion on the subject matter is mine as well, but that post was on twitter. I use tumblr for the laughter & art usually, however I do end up seeing posts like that frequently enough.

I posted this topic because I have no idea if what those tweets were saying had any merit to it, and wanted to see how others would react to it. Apparently the two subjects have little to no connection with one another.

I really need to stop drinking so much soda.

i compulsively drink pop when i'm stressed out or sad, and while i'm still young enough for it not to make me gain weight, i'm afraid i won't be able to get out the habit

U.S. Imperialism & Homophobia

I am not positive, homonationalism is a word I've never heard before, but what I'm getting from it is that homonationalism is like a facade for politics? Using homophobia as a weapon?

People of Color
Queer People of Color

Final Fantasy Discovery

How's work on this coming?

U.S. Imperialism & Homophobia

As I was browsing through the often vitriolic and guilt inducing website, Tumblr, I stumbled upon this particular post: The post on tumblr
The post (made of images) is in spoilers here:

What are your reactions to this? I have no idea what the demographics are of the RMN user base, however I desire the opinions of you all. Is the white gay/trans population really doing what this user is accusing them of? Contributing to indirect imperialism in places like Africa? Or this is just the angry rant of a victim of hatred?

What are you thinking about right now?

I am thinking that since I don't have a proper game development computer, I should start writing articles and reviews now to boost my makerscore and the recognition of my name in this community.

Additionally, RMN is the supreme RPG MAKER community.

R.I.P. RPG Revolution

There were some invaluable game threads, resources, and articles on that website! Hopefully there is a way to get to those things again so they can be accessed in the future. RRR was where I started in like 2011, which is the time I'm assuming it was already past the start of its decline.

How unfortunate :(


I just started the game 15 minutes ago, I have a question:

Are the people you recruit permanent characters? Because I'm afraid I've chosen terribly.

edit: nevermind

Let's revive Mafia - Game of Thrones Mafia - game thread

There should be a clause added to the game rules for lack of posting, with a certain amount of posts per day phase minimum must be made or something that isn't "he didn't post at all he gone d00d" so we could force more interaction out of people.

Let's revive Mafia - Game of Thrones Mafia - game thread

but a warrior goes down fighting you know? Still, very little that could've been done to save town at that point anyway.

Mafia was superb, being passive & silent most of the time and letting us kill ourselves.