if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
I am a 17 year old drag queen in training who also happens to love video games & especially indie games. I've been doing RM since I was 11, so I'm not so bad at it anymore! Check out Diabolica, it's gonna be my magnum opus whenever I finish it.

I love Lana del Rey, Austra, Lorde, Marina and the Diamonds, Lady Gaga, The Pierces, Nirvana, RuPaul, Willam Belli, Azealia Banks, Foster the People, and Phantogram.
A dungeon-crawler adventure RPG focused on Alder's mission to reclaim his throne.




This game is looking divine, I really can't wait for its completion!

And yes, Pickpocket should be thievery.

What are you thinking about right now?

i don't understand why bacon is such a popular food item. i mean it's one of the nastiest forms of unclean animal, and there are various foods that far surpass it. like pizza. ice cream. and grilled cheese.

if my generation ends up being called the "selfie generation" i am going to scream at every single old woman in the peanut gallery i swear

What are you thinking about right now?

when will i complete my madonna-esque evolution process

i want to find fake pokemon that would resemble the adon pokemon evolution line

What are you thinking about right now?

i love your noctowl avatar seiromem

gastrodon is my favorite pokemon. more like gastradon amirite

"Adon, evolves into Adonkadonk, evolves into Madonna" - a direct quote from LockeZ on my cancelled Pokemon fangame.

What are you thinking about right now?

Hellion and The Drop are two new movies in the u.s....

it's almost like (and improbable) that they visited RMN, looked at some featured games, and decided to name their movies after them.

where is chana?

I have no idea how she found this community or why she came, but I definitely appreciated her presence.

she should come back ;(

U.S. Imperialism & Homophobia

The subforum "General Discussion" doesn't always have to be about vidya gams though. There is much more to life than RPGs and RPG Maker, and it's not necessarily a bad thing to want to discuss them here.
You can always abstain from looking at topics like these and participating in the discussion.

What are you thinking about right now?

the @ feature is free Ratty, just be a good little boy/girl and ignore it.

I am thinking about how I'm going to have to start studying Spanish this summer so I'll be caught up for Spanish 2 next year. I really can't wait for my trip to the Dominican Rep. though.

e: I'm still so confused about how you do past tense verbs

U.S. Imperialism & Homophobia

this topic is a mess. can we just close this topic now?
i mean there was once a purpose to it, but it has been ruined by various things and then that /interesting/ xenophilia post

it's apparently irritating some irrelevant users to the topic (namely Link and Ratty) and i don't want to be associated with this. y'all already dislike me enough

Really the fault here is that everybody is being way too aggressive about it all.

thanks to pianotm though

U.S. Imperialism & Homophobia

lel i hate being white

Emotional manipulation for a good cause. White guilt for a good cause.