if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
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(In Development) A dungeon-crawler adventure RPG focused on Alder's mission to reclaim his throne.



Out Of Control Cops - A Serious Problem In America

are you trying to deny that police brutality is pervasive throughout american police forces


this game is going to be so opulent, i feel like a psychic because i know it's going to be featured asap

Out Of Control Cops - A Serious Problem In America

police wouldn't be facing public scrutiny if for the last couple of decades (probably longer) if they weren't just instruments higher classes use to deal with lower classes

if the police were doing their jobs correctly, there would be no need for scrutiny. any criticism they are receiving shouldn't be taken as "too much" because they are given an absurd amount of power in our society. they should be regulated and trained so that they don't abuse their power and kill unarmed (and sometimes completely innocent) civilians

that is like me murdering your brother. and then you blaming the rest of your family because they think i'm bad for murdering your brother... blaming police brutality on people's reactions to police brutality is absurd

Out Of Control Cops - A Serious Problem In America

your opinion really isn't opposing, it is on a different point within the spectrum of possible opinions on the subject. ... your only input was to add is "every system is corrupt it's human nature there is no hope police brutality is inevitable etc etc" which is in a sense trying to shut down the topic because you think discussing it has no merits...

though due to general levels of immaturity & close-mindedness when discussing topics outside of the gaming world on here, this topic was a bad idea

Out Of Control Cops - A Serious Problem In America

regardless of your opinion on the topic or your affinity for the the original poster, stating apathy for the topic and having the attiude that people can't change anything isn't productive or worth your time

while posting something like this on an rpgmaker forum isn't the most ""effective"" thing to do... spreading information & awareness and gathering information & opinions from other people isn't a bad idea either. a few changed opinions or slightly more informed minds can also spread their influence.

this issue is extremely important because there has been so much recorded police brutality and killings of race/gender/sexual minorities and disabled people during this year alone! not to mention, at least, the last decade's worth of it. this issue is only becoming more and more of a problem and it needs immediate fixing.

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heavy gif alert (i changed it again, the user below has the old background)

I was looking at my own title screen script and came to realization that I could have images cycle through each other, like in a gif. The title logo text is already animated, so I thought why not let the background be as well?

So, I took my background, applied a watery ripple effect, and exported each frame of the animation as a separate file, and am currently working on making it transition on the title screen like it does on the gif I assembled for your viewing. i am concerned about it being a choppy transition though


I am so pumped to play this game, I really hope your #DecemberGoal is reached! This game is like half the reason I still come to this website.

the world is a beautiful place

i love where this status went. this is the name of a band i was listening to.

And I feel like people take beauty in this world for granted far too often. They focus on the ugly too much and it really distorts their outlook on life and they end up missing things they should be appreciating.


I love this idea. Color coding is always nice, and seeing a red window which is associated with hostility clealy delivers the message that enemies are acting. I hope this remains implemented!

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