Music is not there for the character to hear, but for the player to know the character's mental and emotional state. But unlike with the pain and the physical effort of game characters, experiencing their internal thoughts and feelings by the player is often the intended result. That's the immersion.

Porcupine Princess
The story of two lovers separated by different beliefs.



Screenshot Survival 20XX

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It's nice to see you're still active SW :3

McBacon Jam

Oh, I see. Well then, I'm dropping out.

McBacon Jam

I am confused at how this is working right now myself. I thought it's randomized :o

Permanent Character Death in Your Story?

I have character death that affects storyline in my games. If the plot demands it, so shall it be delivered. Compromising just because of players or you don't want to can potentially put the story at risk. Especially when you are at the point the characters and story are writing themselves.

McBacon Jam

Name: Archeia
Main skill: Art and Eventing
Other skills: I can do a lil' bit of everything.
Engines/Languages/framework preference: VX Ace. I hate RMXP. I long abandoned 2k3.
Prefer to work on: Fiction and Fantasy.
Prefer NOT to work on: Sci-Fi (extremely debateable) and Highschool setting. I'm so tired of these and working for clients that I vomit a little inside my mouth.
Comment: I can get over my not to work on as long as I like the concept. And I guess I'm stubborn too so just a warning. ._.

McBacon Jam

Yeah, I remember Jams usually keep the theme hidden until the event starting date to throw off everyone and try to make something cool with it.

1) If you really aren't into the overall project, find a piece of it to work on that you really like, even something small, like a particular character, etc. so that you can at least have fun with that

I think this works if there's a group of people, but that's also why I suggested the Jack of all Trades since if someone just isn't into it, their involvement would be super less and someone can still carry the weight somehow.

McBacon Jam

Motivation is also a huge part of game design. Even if one is willing to compromise to the situation, the essential dislike to work on the thing will feel like a chore/work and could potentially turn someone off from team projects as a whole.

While the experience is not wasted, I am throwing my thoughts in a way that assuming we want people to finish the games in 2 weeks than a demo.

That being said, I'm just stating issues with randomization and to minimize the feeling of dislike. Especially since this is a crunch mode type of event. It tends to have the longest psychological/emotional effect on people.

I don't want people to give up on game design because of a project that ruined the experience for them.

ps. libby I'm just being the non-optimistic person here to make up for Decky's space.

McBacon Jam

Ah alright, I wasn't sure if you were referring to my post. I did have an idea though on how to setup the randomization I guess.

What if people are categorized based on their favorite thing to do?
For example, but nothing concrete since this is just on the top of my head:

Mapping & Writing (they enjoy this aspect the most because they can't make gameplay)
Gameplay Dudes (doesn't want to do anything else but puzzles and battles)
Jack of all Trades (meaning they don't mind any aspect of game design)

So when randomization happens (assuming we go by groups of 3), you have one mapping/writing dude, one gameplay dude and one jack. So that the clash of interest is minimized to some extent.

.......Another thing would be to switch out teams.
For example, after the initial team there's a week buffer to see if the team is going to work well. If not, there's an option to switch members and see if they will work better on another team.

Well, that's just a thought. I'm just speaking outloud, lol.

McBacon Jam

I'm not sure why you felt the need to tell me the strong emphasis on voluntary collaboration there, since I'm fully aware of that :)

But what I'm saying is that just because people volunteered to do some gam mak collaborations doesn't mean that their predetermined bias, such as the reason I want to make games is to do x/y/z and not like a/b/c, wouldn't get in the way. Especially when the two parties are extremely different from one another. I just said that is a possible issue.