Music is not there for the character to hear, but for the player to know the character's mental and emotional state. But unlike with the pain and the physical effort of game characters, experiencing their internal thoughts and feelings by the player is often the intended result. That's the immersion.

Porcupine Princess
The story of two lovers separated by different beliefs.



McBacon Jam #1

yay extension *flails terribly*
Oh my gosh that looks beautiful Archeia O_O Who's handiwork is that with the portrait? I'd guess marimo. Forgive me if I'm mistaken, all 3 of you are great artists. I'm guessing that's Nivlacart's flair for UI as well. And Archeia's sprites and general idea? IDK, you're all talented.

Oh since Marimo corrected, I'll try to elaborate ;v;
Marimo and Nivlacart are handling character design and has helped me fill up some material items in our supah organized spreadsheet. Marimo also drew the world map and like some ~prism hearts doki doki~.

Everything else is my contribution including UI. The icons are originally from Neko Moo but I did some custom ones and palette edits.

I am super exhausted orz. But I can show this off here, featuring Nivla's original art colored by marimo ;v;)b

McBacon Jam #1

Urgh I contracted a flu and have a slight fever but, at least we have something to show now >_<

McBacon Jam #1

We did and it's kinda scary due to crunch time...;w;

A Blurred Line (Remake)

I would be honored if someone wanted to remake one of my (non-existant) games. It's his time and effort to waste, why not just accept it and either play it or avoid it. There might be a few people who can decide that it won't be here on RMN but you can't stop him from doing the remake.

Lys is honored. That's besides the point though, it's his baby which is an entirely different thing. It's one thing to remake something that the creator doesn't mind improved, but there's also what we call personal works. That's why I told him to ask Lys's permission because it felt that way to me as well. If someone remakes a work I deeply am personally invested on, I'd be honored and at the same time uncomfortable about it too. <:3c

I don't think Dookie is lazy, and there was a point I wanted to remake ABL's graphics, but we gotta honor our fellow indies's masterpieces. It's like what if I decided to remake Alter AILA without Neok's permission xD

A Blurred Line (Remake)

the original ABL was far from flawless, with lazy enemies and underdeveloped story aspects to name just two of the biggest problems.

I think changing ABL to that extent is an offensive move towards the creator. So I'm definitely against it. :/

Also Dookie, Lysander is still active, you should ask for his permission:

Cool Looking Gameprofiles

I really love rhyme's CSS, but aside from LD, I think Efface is one of my favorites.

Porcupine Princess

author=Max McGee
Excuse me madam, what and where are the first four episodes of Division Heaven? I presume Princess, Princess is one but I have no idea which one and I would assume it is not ALL FOUR. Someone explain the procession of episodes to me.

Also: this game page is too pretty.

That is all.

Hey Max, uh, in case you are back ;w;
The Episode isn't really related to this game (e.g. PrinPrin is a sub episode) but rather Lore Related. I'll try to cover it in the next blog post.


It seems good... so good ~ (^ω^)

T-thank you <3

where is the download of this game

It's not yet done ;w;