Music is not there for the character to hear, but for the player to know the character's mental and emotional state. But unlike with the pain and the physical effort of game characters, experiencing their internal thoughts and feelings by the player is often the intended result. That's the immersion.

Porcupine Princess
The story of two lovers separated by different beliefs.



Nessy Art Practice

Art dumpssssss


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The "new" RM2k3 engine

Just saying from an avid RMer.

Rm2k is a lot stable, even from a battle mechanics perspective, still supported by EB Japan even to date, etc.

Many reasons why 2k is actually a lot better than 2k3 to localize!



do it.

Do the Game Profiles support GIFs?

They're not images though. What's wrong with the media section? Doesn't it work almost exactly the same, except it doesn't show thumbnails?

Part of it is accessibility. based on stats I got from people who doesn't use RMN and whenever I use it as a link to show some of my games, they completely ignore the media section all together and commented that they didn't see the gameplay footages. Steam however has it neatly in one bar so anyone can easily access trailers/footages/images in one place and reducing the amount of clicks needed.

April 2015 Podcast: RM2k3 Officially in English!

Is it normal that I hear the song, like, 3 times at the beginning?

this :(

Also ps. there has been an incident with the song on the intro lasting 8 minutes instead of 4. I'm sorry ;_;