Once, Picasso was asked what his paintings meant. He said, “Do you ever know what the birds are singing? You don’t. But you listen to them anyway.” So, sometimes with art, it is important just to look.
- Marina Abramović

Beloved Rapture
A Cinematic Adventure RPG.



Act 1 & Release Date

Thanks everyone for the comments!

Save Files will definitely be compatible. I'm still working out the details, but it's likely that Act 2 will "contain" the contents of Act 1... but simply with a choice to skip straight to the cutoff point.

What I'm mostly debating is whether I'll make a separate RMN Game Page, since it'll technically be very distinct content. I already have a lot of Subscribers on this page, so it might be easier to keep all the updates here. (But on the other hand, some of the comments are from 2008, so not necessarily relevant anymore. XD)

The 12 days of RMas

On the 4th day of RMas
my true love gave to me
7 pixel trees
6 tilesets
5 utility plugins
4 music tracks
3 animations
2 battle sprites
and a copy of RMMV

The appeal of JRPG's

The primary distinction between JRPGs and WRPGs is that you're given a character with a specific backstory and character development in a JRPG, while a WRPG lets you craft your own character that rarely has any background relevant to the plot. As such, the narrative of a JRPG is usually more focused on the protagonists while a WRPG has more depth in the world and major NPCs.

Yeah, this.

I can appreciate the open-world lore of Western RPGs, but in general they just aren't for me. FF15 looks to be a stylistic hybrid of the two, which is pretty intriguing. I'm curious to see how they'll balance the two decidedly contrasting approaches in a single experience.

Lions don't hibernate

Don't know how I missed this earlier, but wow. This is truly sad news. ;____;

I've shared your sentiments toward RMN on whole many times over. The community is missing that tiny bit of spark that intrigued me for so many years - that's the natural ebb and flow for many developers. My only advice would be to avoid it for a while, work on Tristian quietly, and on your own timeline.

But yeah, I sincerely hope that you see it through! I'm rooting for this game. XD

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Anyone who's been tracking progress on my game may know already that I love huge, open maps with tons of secrets hidden throughout. Well, this time I've outdone myself.

This map is part of an optional sidequest. In this sidequest, you can traverse these large mountains and kill up to three dragons. From the dragons, you can receive dragon scales which are used to craft some of the strongest equipment in the game. However, the dragons are extremely hard and, in many ways, this mountain is a test of endurance. The other dungeons in this game are filled with save points that restore your health, but this mountain will contain none. You must rely solely on your items to make it through.

As you can see from that in-editor screenshot, each area of this large map will be extremely detailed; painstakingly so. There are many hidden pathways and such, as well. One of my design philosophies is that I never, ever include dead ends in my dungeons: no matter what, you'll at least find a treasure chest. (There are hundreds of treasure chests in my game at this point.)

By the way, there WILL be water added, but in the form of events so that I can make the water transparent.

Does it bother you that these mountains make little sense? The two mountains on the left have less cliff tiles and appear to "float" as you get higher: I did this show of the panorama more. I was kind of inspired by Blindmind and other people who tend to design mountains in this way, even though it's different from my usual style. Would you guys prefer the mountains to look more like the one on the far right? Sorry if I'm not explaining what I mean very well.

(The full map isn't completed, by the way, which is why the top areas are more scarce when it comes to vegetation and such.)

Wow, a pretty impressive effort~ Nice to know I could have inspired anyone, tbh. Conceptually, this map is great.

A few thoughts:
1.) The colors seem off.

I love what you're trying to do, meshing the tiles from Roco, SD3, Theo, etc to create a visually distinct setting. It's a great way to breathe "new life" into old tiles, but it can also be annoyingly time-consuming.. XD (Or did you just find that chipset somewhere? lol)

With this map though, the textures and color palette aren't entirely consistent. The cliffs are too desaturated, and a bit too darkened. The trees, similarly, are too bright and have a lot of "noise" in their shading. (Admittedly, that's most of Theo stuff.) Why are the flowers so nonsensically vibrant, and stones/bushes so subdued? I could go on, but you probably get the point lol. This can be a tricky thing to deal with, when you have pixel art from so many separate games. The style disparity becomes more noticeable.

Tbh, most people won't care about that stuff, but it's an attention to the small details that could really help you map really ~shine~ aesthetically, as well as functionally.

Here are some maps I did in the past six months. They aren't perfect, but maybe you can see how a little color-tweaking goes a long way:

2.) The map seems pretty... Huge. How big is that, 100x150? A pretty ambitious undertaking, for a side-quest. XD

What type of gameplay will this map have, besides the boss? Judging from that close-up shot, it looks very devoid of activity... Is it just overall in an unfinished state? A map that size gets boring pretty quickly, if you don't litter it with puzzles, enemies, chests, and other kinds of events. (If you have a clutter fetish like myself or BadLuck, you could also add birds, animals, weather, lighting, atmosphere effects etc.) It'll make your environment seem more "alive" and enticing, instead of muted and drab.

Again, this is something you can easily fix. Since this map is essentially a huge maze, with a lot of dead-ends, try and find methods to keep it interesting.

3.) Overall though, I like how you used the tiles (the cliffs esp) differently than their source material. I don't think the "floating" looks weird - it's pretty cool~ ^-^ Most of the issues I mentioned are more a fault of the tile-set, than your actual mapping.

Edit: Hmm, the colors did seem more passable on my iPhone.. although what I mentioned is still valid. I guess it depends on the monitor. XD

Exile's Journey

Your recent post in the Screenshot Topic led me to this game page. Nice to see a fellow 2k3-user~! :D


[Poll] Cloud is in SMASH4?

Wow, a bit nostalgic to think this is the final Smash news we'll get for this entry. Ultimately I'm pretty satisfied with most of the DLCs, though yeah... kinda surprised at yet ANOTHER Fire Emblem inclusion.

Also, such a cruel fakeout with that Geno Mii costume.. ;____;

Pretty cool illustration by Nomura:

Can the new RPG2003 RTP run the older games?

man I remember back in the dark ages when people were cutting rpg_rt.exe from their projects and used sound recorder to double the speed of digital music and playback at half speed all to cut down on the size of their games and now the base game size is like 50mb because of how hilariously gigantic the base executable is and shit

wow.. g-guilty as charged..

My boyish self never dreamed of a day when 200mb was the norm for RM games tbh.

[ARTIST FOR HIRE] Anime/visual novel/Chracters/CG

I'm intrigued~! Coincidentally, I may be looking for a new Character Artist. I'll send you a PM! :D

Ren Official Character Art

Wow, seeing the high-res copy is particularly awesome. Your artist did a great job on this~! :D