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Thanks for the profile visit! :) I've been around the scene on and off for several years, actively since 2006. I have several portfolios floating around including experimental landscape photography, my undergraduate poetry, and game project hosted here since 2008! Feel free to take a look.
If anyone cares to keep in touch :)

Beloved Rapture
A Cinematic Adventure RPG.



Hello folks! Just got RPG maker VX around Dec 26 and have since been working on my first game!

Welcome to the site! ;D

Don't be too hard on your mapping... everything takes practice! Check out some of the projects on here and see if you can replicate their maps/cutscenes or dungeons. A good self-guide is to look at what's already been accomplished.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Very pretty, happy to see you're still working on this game. Question do you experience heavy lag with all the events taking place simultaneously on one map?
Thank you! ^-^ Nope, no lagging! It is surprisingly considering nearly every object is an event.. lol.

Like how you lightened the buildings, I would say that the grass is a little too bright. Also is there a way to create dynamic shadows for your sprites on the map, I see some shading between the sprites legs I assume this is a shadow but I don't think all the shadows are the same color.
I noticed that as well. I suggest removing the flat shadows in the character sprites. Doesn't really fit with the auto-shadows!

Edit: I'm probably posting too much. XD Here's the finished version of the two screenies above.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

I wonder whatever happened to this game?

Wow, yeah this is pretty gorgeous lol. Who came up with that project?

To release a demo before New Years or to wait?!? The eternal dilemma. xD

Hah! Yeah I thought it could contend for this year's in some categories, but it's probably a little too late for that.

To release a demo before New Years or to wait?!? The eternal dilemma. xD

Haha very true buddy. I kept pushing for a demo this year, but college got in the way. ._. I definitely have a new respect for game developers who can get content out quickly. It takes me forever. xD

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Definitely much better. I think it was mainly the issue of the grass, which is perhaps overly vibrant. Maybe you could tone down the saturation just a tad more? But it's looking good!

Is that some sorta Zelda fangame btw?

Gorgeous! You really have a knack for making the VX tiles more atmospheric than I had thought possible! Great overlays there. I really dig both screenshots. ;D

Screenshot Survival 20XX

@Tau: Thanks! ~^-^~ Do the tiles mesh together well enough in your opinion?

And tbh I'm not so sure anymore! The communitiy's tastes have changed. Lmao I can't keep up with the RTP fetishism.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

xD Per some suggestion, expanding/remaking the city areas.


Yeah, I was just pointing out that if you choose to use the rendered backgrounds, you run the risk of the project feeling like a watered-down version of the original, rather than a new experience to be played. It also just doesn't really mesh with the 2D sprites. But if that's what you're going for, then by all means. Some people will love it and some won't.

Lol but yeah it's your game, ultimately just do what makes you happy. ^-^ That's why we're all here.


I don't mean to hate on the project, as I love FF7 lol, but I don't necessarily see the point of "remaking" such a beloved game you're going to use so many backgrounds and assets from the original. I noticed that with the parallax in your other screenshot as well.

Instead of bringing something new to the table, such as (at the very least) redrawing the backgrounds with pixels, you're just patching things together, and the result looks pretty messy. Why exactly is this being made - to show that you can do it? As a fan homage?

I'm not sure if it's still on this website, but there used to be a fan remake of the FFVII battle system in Rm2k3 that surprisingly looked pretty polished. I suggest you take a look at that demo!