Once, Picasso was asked what his paintings meant. He said, “Do you ever know what the birds are singing? You don’t. But you listen to them anyway.” So, sometimes with art, it is important just to look.

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Beloved Rapture
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The official English 2k3 version is out!

The way I see it, I'm obliged to pay for legal copies of RPG Maker. It's the least I can do for having been able to enjoy the software for so long and so much, and the graciousness of ASCII and EB not going all out after us.

Also, I'm relieved to hear that policy on rips will remain as always. Rips are gray-areas (and an absolute no-go for commercials), but classic RM games of legend have shown they can be used to tremendously great effect without harming the original games. RM just wouldn't be the same without it.

Agreed 100%.

Btw Nessiah, does this mean 2k3 projects are now considered "authentic" and allowed on the RPGMakerWeb forums? It doesn't say in the rules over there one way or the other.

Let's Talk about Map Design

where is the light coming from

you're not ara fell, it looked mediocre in ara fell anyway
Lol. That's a matter of taste tbh.

Honestly, the light is fine if it's coming from a clearly-defined source, but the way you have the photo displaying here looks messy and random. Try to edit your overlays so it excludes the "gray area" of your map.



Ummm... love~

The only suggestion I have is maybe tampering with the edges of the dirt road. They look a bit squarish... not quite natural enough. Same with the tree edges.

But your shading and use of color is great... You've come a long way! ;D

The official English 2k3 version is out!

I own an official copy of 2k3 already, but I'll surely pick this up to support Enterbrain. I almost want to use 2k3 again. Almost.

Plzz do. we can work together

Lol seriously, I almost did a double-take thinking this topic was a joke. This is awesome.

Nessiah, whatever our disagreement in the other topic, I seriously complement you for overseeing this project to completion. xD It must have taken a lot of time, dedication, and love for the engine.

This doesn't necessarily sway me from using VX (or another engine) for a future endeavor, but it opens a lot of interesting possibilities for those of us who have stuck with Rm2k3 over the years.

[RM2K3] What do you like best about 2k3?

Plagiarizing someone else's work is never something to be proud of, no matter how many hours you put into making a map using their work. Not only is it scummy, but it's creatively bankrupt.

So 90% of the projects on this website are creatively bankrupt, if you're classifying rips as plagiarism? That's a bit of a stretch.

If that's truly your view, I'm done with this discussion, because there's clearly no common ground here lol.

I agree completely with Archeia Nessiah on all points about rips and as for the volume of graphics available for Makers in general, I'm finding it easier to find open license graphics for VX Ace than it ever was for 2k3.

If you're speaking about the increase in LEGAL resources, the RTP edits or open-source material, then yes, I concede your point. If you're speaking of the OVERALL number of resources, then no, the material in Rm2k3's resoultion still vastly outweighs the higher resolution material. That was the whole basis of my original point.

I wouldn't argue that there's been a cultural shift in the community toward more original content with the rise of the indie boom, but that's an entirely separate conversation. Whether you agree or disagree with either method is irrelevant to this discussion.

[RM2K3] What do you like best about 2k3?

Sorry but this example is just really bad. Because that would be saying that using O'Fortuna is illegal when it is a royalty-free stock music that is made for that purpose is my point as to why rips now has no point in this time of RM when there are resources that are exactly like it. And there is nothing to stop filmmakers to get a license. There's also public domain songs from the old (classics that even I remix for my game) or a publisher-exclusive OST' that allows use. There's a difference between that and rips. If he did use music copyright carelessly without permission and didn't get sued, I am mighty impressed because I just did some research where he did get into trouble but it's not even about the music as they aremost likely public domain anyway and was more of a feud isn't relevant to this point at hand.
The example has nothing to do with legality. Anyone who's used RPGMaker 2k3 these past 10+ years was COMMITTING A CRIME IN THE FIRST PLACE. I'm trying to make you understand that the source is irrelevant--the real talent of a game designer lies in the ability to create a satisfying whole. With freeware games, that is what's going to be evaluated. And... basically any game produced with Rm2k3 is freeware. There is no one single element that is going to make your game great, be it pretty maps, soundtrack, or arguably anything; if the rest is lacking. The developer has the right to use the material he or she sees fit, it's not for others to dictate.

and also why I said arguably on the subject of rips is to how it helps attract a game because it was made by good artists in the first place and there is a possibility that is the game's driving point and why people like it instead of the game's originality. Which is something really common in communities that pretty games attract a lot of attention even if they have almost 0 gameplay value or interesting plot.
Those statements are very generalized, for one.

So if I messaged Itaju asking to use his graphics for a project, in your eyes that's somehow more moral for the community than ripped material? Lol idk, I don't buy it. Essentially, it's still riding on the laurels of another person's work.

I'm sorry, feel free to prove me wrong, but I honestly don't believe the material is as widespread as you say, at least in contrast to what was available for Rm2k3. Look around you... there's a reason 90% of RPGMaker VX games are visually indistinguishable. I sincerely doubt most people use the RTP by choice.

Ultimately though, I agree with what you're getting at, it terms of learning to be more collaborative with our talents and transcending the old community model. If we're speaking about a more serious indie or commercial project, which is the direction things are going in, all of the above conversation is null anyway. xD

[RM2K3] What do you like best about 2k3?

It can also be argued as using the look to promote a game and using that as a means to make a game stand on a pillar that makes it 'awesome.' instead of the developer's raw ability for level design, gameplay, or what have you. If making rips work is an 'ability' that should be seen in game development as extraordinary then I don't know what to say to that except it could cover some fields but it's not something as a standing ground to be proud about as being a developer.

My point is, If a community has established well enough that everyone is making free legal resources for everyone to use especially when it's about helping developers to realize their vision, is invalidating the hardwork of those people by saying, I rather use rips than your contributions for the community. There are a multitude of styles already available for rpgmaker and other engines. And we're comparing it to the now and not just the state of RM back then, especially when you compared it to the newer makers resource availability. By which I meant, you are wrong for saying to say that 2k3 is unparalleled in terms of resources to use that any developer can use without repercussions when the newer RMs has the same amount and more variation. So I daresay that your argument is null. And if that wasn't your goal or point, it sounds that way.

that being said, this entire post doesn't apply to I don't give any fucks hobbyists and don't have any serious plans to being a game developer, in which I say, feel free to ignore this.

also ps. I just like discussing, don't take it as an attack or anything. And I am also extremely bored and banned from fun by the amount of work I have right now

Lol, I don't take it as an attack. But I fundamentally disagree that there is any sort of "obligation" to use community-generated or free source material, when the reality is most of these projects are made for the developer's own personal satisfaction. Unless it's a matter of legality, there shouldn't be some artificial presumption that custom graphics are inherently superior. Whatever best serves the creative vision of the designer is what should be used, whether rips or otherwise. (You could argue that original graphics make for a more compelling experience, which I wouldn't disagree with though.)

But I do take offense that you would insinuate that "using rips is nothing to be proud of as a developer." So, if I spend 8 hours putting a map together, it's just a bunch of nonsense in your view?

Haha I dunno, perhaps as a pixel artist you see things differently? Clearly you have a lot of talent and invested the time to learn the skill... but not everyone wants to go that route. Think of it this way... have you ever seen a Quentin Tarantino film before? Have you ever been swept up in the excitement and dramatic bravado of it? The cinematic grandeur? Were you aware that none of his films use any original music or scoring whatsoever? He picks and chooses the exact songs that best lend drama to his films, pulling the scores out of older Hollywood movies. Does that undermine his films in any way, because he "rips" them from another source?

Not to take this too off topic... but my point is you have to consider the whole product and cumulative effect of a game. The visuals are merely one aspect. Not everyone is naturally gifted in the same way, or even cares to learn pixel art. (For those who make the effort, then great, more power to them...) But you seem to be painting games that use rips as "lazy" or a cheap way to get attention, which truly is a slippery slope... and simply not true.

[RM2K3] What do you like best about 2k3?

aside from that (piracy), I don't think that resources that are pretty much taken from other commercial games as to why the engine is a good thing should be a point. I thought the idea of the topic is why you liked the engine.

Saying it that way though is like saying, it's because I can use rips as is and make my game pretty which is outside what the engine is made for. But I've been a meh person towards rips lately because of change of mentality. Since I'd argue XP/VX/Ace has a LOT MORE consistent and usable resources than 2k3 if we're talking about original works and how people contributed more legal materials for it.

(Funny enough, I immediately jumped to XP/VX despite the fact I used rm2k then 2k3 for a very short time.)

So according to your definition, RPGMaker is only meant to use the RTP or entirely original resources? Lol.

The plain fact is, many developers have valuable creative talents, but lack the artistic ability or spare time to design an entirely original set of game resources. It's a massive undertaking, and not everyone is an artist. Why should they be denied the chance to create their vision or tell their story?

To invalidate any developer that uses "rips" is to dismiss hundreds of great projects, many of which are the most popular games on this site. Why are we picking and choosing which form of piracy we're getting upset about? Lol I can't believe this discussion is even going on in 2015. Unless you're developing a commercial game, it's a null argument.

Sweet, unpretentious love songs?


[RM2K3] What do you like best about 2k3?

I love the graphics. I like the rough, unpolished, Super Nintendo look they have. It looks like it could have been on the SNES console. Don't get me wrong; the squeaky clean look of VX Ace has its charm, but 2k3 will always have my favorite graphics. Yes, there's a difference between it and 2000. RM2k has a somewhat more primitive look to it.
Basically this. The amount of resources available for 2k3 is simply unmatched.

And I think at this point, or even nearly a decade ago, most seriously developers knew what the overall "limits" of Rm2k3 were in terms of its functionality and feasibility. There have been notable exceptions with custom menus, battles, etc.. but in general, there's a certain Rm2k3 "flavor" that radiates through nearly all of the games produced with it.

And despite the limitations, most of the community's highly-regarded projects emanated from that time period; Ara Fell, Hero's Realm, Philosopher's Stone, Starless Umbra, Alter A.I.L.A., Dondoran, etc. (I could go on..!)

I think if you're fully aware of the engine and how much time it actually takes to develop a project, you can more fully appreciate a developer's creativity within the limitations. On the other hand, with VXAce and XP, scripts can be freely imported from anonymous sources, so some of the challenge and personal touch is lost.

It could also just be personal for me, because I assimilated into the community during that time period. Around 2005-2007, Rm2k3 was still decidedly the most popular engine, so there's always that nostalgia factor in the conversation lol.