Once, Picasso was asked what his paintings meant. He said, “Do you ever know what the birds are singing? You don’t. But you listen to them anyway.” So, sometimes with art, it is important just to look.

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RPGMaker MV Community

places like here and RMwebs (which I was thoroughly alienated by even before being banned) commit to.


Highlights from screenshot topic:

What have you redone the most?

Everything in my game, tbh.


(In seriousness, it's probably the writing. Storytelling has proven to be the most transient quality of mine as a game-designer. One day I'm elated with a particular cutscene, only to be thoroughly dissatisfied a week or two later. A lot of "themes" and plot devices I related to as an adolescent are not necessarily as relevant to me, so I've worked heavily on making the story more universally digestible, or with a more matured perspective.)

New Developer Mapping Help Thread

^ Yeah, that's an idea. The screenshot thread has become such a catch-all for custom tiles, trailers, artwork etc that it often isn't about mapping at all.

Maybe BadLuck, Luchino or myself could post up some tutorials for the fun of it, or we could find ways to guide newer users whose submissions may have been denied.

Did you ever post all your YouTube tutorials to RMN, Liberty? xD

So. It's been a while.

As a good friend of BadLuck, I knew most of this already, but it was still enjoyable to read a coherent account of the whole thing. ^-~

Ara Fell was definitely the Rm2k3 game of the moment, if you will, when the GamingW Forums were in their prime. Like Addit nicely said in one review; it was the "..Ocarina Of Time of the RM world.." kind of thing -- this huge, very beautiful project that inspired hundreds of us, with the stunning visuals and characters. No game is perfect, but it was pretty damn close to being universally praised in the community. I'm sure even BadLuck has been occasionally taken aback by its incredible longevity and popularity. (Or maybe not? xD)

But seeing this game finally resurface and receive the full polish it deserves is even more of an inspiration. Especially for those of us old enough to realize it's been one hell of a long time coming!

Screenshot Survival 20XX

BadLuck knows I love him (XD), but I actually agree with Pizza when it comes to the lighting in the cave. I don't disagree with having the overlay on principle, but the "light beam" looks jarring when it spills over into the rock walls/black space... at least in that screenshot. Admittedly though, Rm2k3 doesn't make it very intuitive to include overlays on battle backgrounds.

I think the effect could still work nicely if BL simply edited the overlay out of the black space, via Photoshop or something.

What that CT map does do is exemplify how having clearer paths that are relatively free of decorative clutter helps make a map more understandable from a functional point-of-view. If you can't see the difference between how busy that map is (imagine it without the horrible overlay) and how busy your map is then I don't know what to say.

But I have to disagree here. IMO, Ara Fell is synonymous with quality map design around here for a good reason. If you want purely "functional" maps - lol there are plenty of bland, blocky projects around here for you to choose from. BadLuck's maps convey more than than, though. I'd argue he was one of the first to have achieved a legitimate sense of "atmosphere" in the Rm2k3 community - an evocative and memorable ambiance, even. The game may have not aged perfectly (who's actually has?), but if nothing else, it still looks as good as it did ten years ago. (Better, even, as he seems to have toned down the clutter quite a bit.)

Not trying to imply maps should be nonsensical, because there are plenty of those, too. But they're obviously most effective when function is balanced with beauty.

RPG Maker MV announced for PC and MAC

RPGMAKER MV Now Available to Preorder !
Also on Steam
They even have a Browser-Based web demo. xD Winter 2015 for the English version too, I wonder?

Newest promotional trailer.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Yeah, the "rendered" objects are marginally better than what you had before, but ultimately still stick out quite a lot.

Also, why the removal of the shadows? The whole scene seems a bit flat, you know? Very pasted-together. If you're going for more of a CG texturized look, a la The Way, lighting and shadow placement certainly would help.


Looking good. You've really mastered a consistent style for those tiles~ ;D

Screenshot Survival 20XX


Because tall sprites need actual counter-tops.

Part of a rather large ( 75x68 ) arena town.

New Tristian screens, yass.

I like the first shot in particular! Really nice wood textures in the countertops, in the floorboards, etc. The town is nice as well. You've definitely taken a step back with the overlays!

Tau: Whoa, good to see you open the editor again buddy. xD I remember that tileset from a mapping contest 100 years ago, hahah.

The only thing I can spot is the boulder, which looks odd in how it's submerged. The transparency line is too straight across, which ignores the shape of the curve. Also what Craze said, maybe toss in some shrubbery.

Remake of an older map. &_&~



Turn your screen tint waaaaaaaay down and also never use that overlay ever again btw

why do people still use that horrible overlay

it's not original and it looks bad

Yeah, I actually agree. This particular map might look better without it.

Maybe try having your overlays "locked" onto the map coordinates, or coming from a light source. It sometimes looks jarring when it's just ominously floating there lmao.