Heyyy ;D

Thanks for the profile visit! :) I've been around the scene on and off for several years, actively since 2006. I have several portfolios floating around including experimental landscape photography, my undergraduate poetry, and game project hosted here since 2008! Feel free to take a look.
If anyone cares to keep in touch :)

Beloved Rapture
A Cinematic Adventure RPG.



Screenshot Survival 20XX

Dookie: I'm in awe of your stuff. ;_; Amazing work buddy. I'm glad you kept the same aesthetic going.

Yuna: Looking great as always :D I love what you do with overlays! Even your side project has such ambience lol.

Just messing around some more~ xD

Starless Umbra Playview Part 2

Really enjoyed watching these! This game was such a labor of love - still one of the most well-rounded RM projects out there.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

To be fair, I think even BadLuck has admitted that Ara Fell was excessively cluttered in some moments. His next project, Rise of the Third Power, was more streamlined and visually modest in comparison, though still beautiful.

But yeah, the phrase was meant to be more of a guideline than a steadfast rule when it was introduced lol. I'm pretty sure it originated in a mapping tutorial for extreme beginners.

As someone who once tried to emulate the AF aesthetic, I can definitely say that finding a balance is what's most effective. I think Liberty's map is a great example. xD If every single dungeon or wilderness becomes a visual overload, the player becomes immune to it pretty fast.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

the rtp has a wider variety of settings than reusing nothing but rudras and suikoden chipsets for six years (and not even having played the games, which is the real travesty). gamingworld more like creative bankruptcy world

dude blindmind i remember your old art for your game where the backgrounds were literally paintings of suikoden tiles. also your mc was "omega" or some shit but mostly i remember you actually convinced somebody to paint suikoden settings as backdrops for your game

Lol step off dude. Don't be such a queen. I don't think I even mentioned your games so I'm not sure why you're coming for mine?

I was making a general statement. And I certainly wasn't commenting on GW vs. RMN... although I highly doubt anyone around from the prime of that website would argue there weren't many visually dynamic and innovative projects. Just as there are here.

Lmao at the end of the day, I guess you can continue pandering for praise and attention using the same VX tiles, but don't bash people choosing to use rips or other alternatives. It reeks of bitterness and hypocrisy.


Uhmm.. I just had a heart attack. ;_;

Screenshot Survival 20XX

My game submission was denied because the mapping does not meet site standards. They said I was close, I just need a few pointers. So, how do I improve?

Since when does RMN discriminate based on mapping? HAHAHAH like look at 80% of the games on here, they're pretty comparable to what you posted. I'm sure there was another reason.

But yeah, what Christamoose said. Be sure to let us see the updated versions!

Btw, I never in my life thought RTP would make such a stylistic return. Especially Rm2k3's. It was absolutely shunned when I came into the community, so I guess I have mixed feelings lol. But a lot of people seem to love it.


Yayyy! The return of the RMN podcast! ;D You guys have a great speaking presence.

My only suggestion is to tone down the use of the music. A lot of pod-casts use songs to transition between topics, which maybe you can do for future versions? But IMO it was a bit distracting having it play throughout the entire thing.


Oh man, I feel so old. ;_;

I've been around the "community" for almost ten years, at least as far as designing games. I first joined Gaming World back in 2005, and um... it'd probably be pretty painful to dig up anything I may have posted, lmao. I was an extremely self-important, emotional, pretentious teenager. xD (Aren't most of us?) I've definitely become more relaxed and chill during (and after) college, almost an entirely different person.

By 2007 I had posted the "old" versions of Beloved Rapture, despite it being under a different name back then. It's quite a far-cry from how the project looks and plays now. A bit scary ;0

That same year I also became active on several other websites; a small-scale RM forum I ran with a few others, RPG Revolution, Charas.Net, Lunatic Gaming, and the old Ghostlight. When WIP launched RMN I was one of the first 20 or so members to join, although I subsequently vanished for a few years. I didn't lose interest per se, but I was in the midst of college/moving to Boston, so I went on to explore Photography more in depth, and focus on other things.

In my personal life, I also had the typical social media(s), Myspace, Facebook, etc lmao. I frequented a few other forums devoted to Poetry and Photography projects, but I was never as active as I was here.


Hahahahh I remember these screenshots somehow! Wow, so long ago.


Eeeek, double post. Sorry. -_-

Screenshot Survival 20XX

^ I guess the tints and stuff just give my maps that extra pizzazz. XD Then players can instantly tell, "Hey, that's a Yuney map!". Yes, I still like them as is in the editor, but a simple tint and a subtle overlay can work wonders for creating atmospheric maps.

Yeah, agreed. xD I love those original two shots Yuna. Very crisp, beautiful.

The atmosphere is subtle enough that it visually enhances the maps, rather than detracts, which is how it should be. Lmao I hope my own game can look as great when I make the jump to VXA. ;P

Hello folks! Just got RPG maker VX around Dec 26 and have since been working on my first game!

Welcome to the site! ;D

Don't be too hard on your mapping... everything takes practice! Check out some of the projects on here and see if you can replicate their maps/cutscenes or dungeons. A good self-guide is to look at what's already been accomplished.