I'm always inspired by videogames made ever since the Snes era.
Making cliche games is what I do best.
New Super Mega-Mario Del...
Ultimate 2-D platformer challange



I feel like asking questions about YOUUUU

The answer to one question often leads to many other questions.

I can't think of a title for this. Robin Williams commit suicide.

I enjoyed all of his movies.

How much weight do people REALLY give to nostalgia?

Classic arcade games like asteroids and Ping Pong are still popular today.

[XP] Wind Waker 2D Mapper Needed

I really liked playing Wind Waker in HD.

Super RMN World

Super Luigi World 2 (Final Version)

Version 1.95 is now available.
Some patches were made for W-2.

New engines: Unreal and Super Mario

Wow, I'm downloading the first new engine.

Super Luigi World 2 (Final Version)

Thanks, Any kind of feedback from the player will be nice.
Ultimately, I want to improve level design as much as possible.


A tribe of Yoshi on an island.


Don't be surprised to see splinters.