I'm always inspired by videogames made ever since the Snes era.
Making cliche games is what I do best.
New Super Mega-Mario Del...
Ultimate 2-D platformer challange



Super Smash Bros for WiiU

No matter how many times I play, it will remain awesome for a very long time.

Super Smash Bros for WiiU

The game is awesome with plenty of interesting stages, new characters,
and bonus features. I enjoy playing as fox alot.
His charged splits can send foes flying in opposite directions.
Customizing option is fun too.

RMN Music Pack

I re-downloaded another copy of these songs recently.

Zelda Wii U

As I played Skyward Sword with blank expectations, I was motivated to save
Zelda character at all costs. My favorite dungeons in the entire game were:
Ancient Cistern and the Sandship. I wish more Zelda games had the
great adventure appeal of Skyward Sword. Windwaker HD was pretty awesome too.
Twilight Princess not so much.

[Poll] Dealing With The Lure Of The New

Not option 3. I'm very unpredictable and prone to violent mood swings when it comes to game design.

The Unequals

Trillion =/= Infinity

Super Smash Bros for WiiU

No spoilers please

[Poll] Alternate Gameplay

The first two options are good for a Zelda Wii u type adventure.

White to Black: Downfall of the Hero (Plot Idea)

I don't think the concept of "evil" applies to any dysfunctional
element in society. Imagine a artificially made robot going on
a rampage beating up people or destroying entire cities.

White to Black: Downfall of the Hero (Plot Idea)

I'm not a big fan of Star Wars plotline.
It's easier said than done but I'll do my best.