I'm always inspired by videogames made ever since the Snes era.
Making cliche games is what I do best.
New Super Mega-Mario Del...
Ultimate 2-D platformer challange



Can our art DESTROY us?

I strongly believe that artists valued life and their professions
were hereditary. If an artist produced a masterpeice, it did not
matter whether he worked on it for one year or a decade.
The same is probably true for making RPGS. An artist should
never be forced to work quickly.

Songs That Were #1 Hits In Your Country (From Mid-20th Century to Present Only)

Micheal Jackson of course xD.

Nothing to see here

Welcome. xD

Is Marketing Killing the Wonder of Games?

I tend to agree.

Idea icon

It is better to attempt something great and fail
than attempt to do nothing and succeed.


Holy Moly
Gliese-581(d,g) are not real exoplanets anymore.


The graphics for a 3D environment and visual effects are stunning to say the least.
It kinda reminds me of Zelda Wii U.

What is the key to making a rpg most people will like?

Ok, Will do.

What are you thinking about right now?

I get it.
H2O = water
H2O2 = hydrogen peroxide

A Global Warming video game

No one gives a shit, this is a thread about making a video game.