I'm always inspired by videogames made ever since the Snes era.
Making cliche games is what I do best.
New Super Mega-Mario Del...
Ultimate 2-D platformer challange



How you deal with getting worse at something?

Even if that absurd reality is so, I'll never stop, if I get worse at something, I'll work at it until it's better.

In your particular situation, you might just yeah, want to take it a little easy so you aren't constantly striving for better results or perfection.

I never seek better results or perfection, I just always aim to do my best, even if my best is someone else's average, because I don't let other people be a bar for me.
I am me, I make headway through my own inspiration to do my best, try out new things, no one else concerns me.

Not to say I don't get inspired by art, but i never seek to outdo my competition, I only seek to do the best I can, if I give it my all, I can be happy.

Perfection is a foolish goal, but competing with your own set standards is even more foolish.

You will never be happy if you endlessly try to outdo your superiors. A superior is essentially your subjective viewpoint of a person, anyway.

Perfection is also subjective. There is no such thing as "perfect" art, because perfect is much like right, wrong, good and bad-- a word of mortal invention, and it's victim to scrutiny or conversely notoriety based on the perspective of those who revere you and those who revile you.

Life is flawed, nature is flawed, alas-- art will also be flawed.

Perfection is fiction.

Indeed, I bet there is no formula for prime numbers.

When did you figured it out that you were a gamer?

The whole SNES Shebang got me started.
I never would stop doddling Mario or Link comics while in class.
My teachers did not approve.

MageQuest 2: The Lost Voyage (Version 1.8)

I'm sorry, I no longer have RM2K3 on my computer.
Feel free to use the editor to make any corrections.
There is a list of videos provided above.
I hope that helps.

Good "Science Focused" Sci-Fi Movies?

Jodie Foster is a far better actress in my opinion.
I really want to see the new planet of the apes movie.

My first game, story suggestions?

I will pay close attention to these comments.

Video game tunes that get stuck in your head often?

A really awesome game.

Can our art DESTROY us?

I strongly believe that artists valued life and their professions
were hereditary. If an artist produced a masterpeice, it did not
matter whether he worked on it for one year or a decade.
The same is probably true for making RPGS. An artist should
never be forced to work quickly.

Songs That Were #1 Hits In Your Country (From Mid-20th Century to Present Only)

Micheal Jackson of course xD.

Nothing to see here

Welcome. xD

Is Marketing Killing the Wonder of Games?

I tend to agree.