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Therese Saves the World
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Starship TsukuruNova 20003 Review

This entire review is written exceptionally. Short, concise, to the point. Good mixture of specifics and generalities to keep people who don't know that much about the game interested.

15 minutes to write :D I usually do a better job just spewing stuff and not overthinking it XD

Super RMN Bros. 3

I'd prefer to wait until December due to events this month :)

Games you hate or dislike?

The physics of Sonic always bugged me. Especially his jumping when on a slope.

Yeah that admittedly still bugs me. I was replaying the old Sonic games a while back and it got under my skin a bit.

Describe the above poster's avatar in a 5-word sentence.

Dude objects to your mom.

Super RMN Bros. 3

I'll be honest, I didn't even pay attention to the story. I don't really play Mario games for story XD

Super RMN Bros. 3

Am I the only one who didn't particularly enjoy Super RMN World? I'm in to RMN Bros for the hodge-podge!

SRB was still a hodge-podge technically.

Super RMN Bros. 3

Yeah Green Suede Shoes wasn't your greatest level but it was still better than 2/3 of the game.


Fundamentally solid castle mapping. Could use a few doodads here and there to make it pop out.

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