I like to make games :'3
Therese Saves the World
That's it, it's the time to save the world!



I've got mail! Wait a sec, no I don't.

That avatar is way too trippy, m80.

Requests for Deckiller to review your game

Unfortunately I'm only reviewing short games/demos right now (e.g. under 2 hours) because I'm quite busy with work. But thanks :)

Requests for Deckiller to review your game

Oh snap I forgot this topic existed.


Your maps show a lot of love and care, but they're a little overcooked. I'd give them a little more room to breathe. One of the cliches of RPG Maker VX Ace has been "lots of lighting effects and an upper layer doodad on every tile" - this isn't necessarily a good thing. Keep up the good work though!