Legend of Heroen

Not sure what I'm doing wrong - I buy magic rocks and collect everything I can find - magic for the characters show up but I cannot get them to use any of them - Any help - thanks - great game so far ! Dennis

Spirit in the Mirror

I am now at the point where I am the soldier and have a boat and can go to 4 ports - but I've been everywhere and have know clue what to do next - any help ? Thanks - Dennis


Completed the demo - great game so far - any idea when you'll have it finished ? Thanx

Dragon Fantasy: Heroes of Tsufana

Yes I made it to the bottom. It was tough until I saved enough money to buy 4 hero medallions - then getting to the bottom was easy - beating the final guy was easier - but not easy. Now I am in there just saving to get 4 shield - grinding away. But its easy money now at level 99 and 4 medallions !

Dragon Fantasy: Heroes of Tsufana

The reason it will take me so long to beat Omega is because it will take forever in the cave of trial saving money to buy the 4 shields and 4 medallions - Ha !! Any purpose the Momento serves - just wondering?

Dragon Fantasy: Heroes of Tsufana

Yeah I'm in the cave of trials now building up levels since I read the statement about level 99 can be hard - Vlad was pretty easy at level 55-60. Cave of trials has its moments also ! Haven a good time though !

Dragon Fantasy: Heroes of Tsufana

No, I did not - I will head that way now ! Thanks for the fast response !!

Dragon Fantasy: Heroes of Tsufana

I have the 4 relics - I've beaten Kentonus - but it won't let me past the barrier - am I missing something - any help thanks - great game so far !!

Dragon Fantasy: Heroes of Tsufana

Could you give an order in which to visit places - as there are very few clues. I have the black pearl a forum hut key (don't know what it's for) lispen flag - same as key. Been all over the map and at level 15 still having hard time in some battles. Thanks for any info ! Like the game so far - just not sure what to do next !

Story of Integra

Just curious - I'm 11 hours in the game and I have 16 side quests - I'm at levels 17, 18 & 19 and cannot beat any of the side quest bosses - what level do you suggest ? Thanks !
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