Dragon Quest: Legacy of the Lost

What am I doing wrong - I'm in cardial - when I step on the button it activates but then oruba steps on it and it deactivates ! ? I'm playing the latest update with vx rtp ? NEVER MIND - it worked 2nd time around !! Thanks for any help - Dennis


OK thanx - I'm now subbed - Dennis


Don't know how to sub - but found it and it works and a bonus - I'm level 20 vice 18 - Thank a lot ! Now on with the adventure !! - Dennis


Any idea when you'll get the new patch up ? Anxious to continue the game ! Thanks - Dennis


I started the game over and any which way I try to download the patch or save link - I get file is corrupt or 404 error. When I got back to the point where I needed the file I saved in multiple places - so I am outside the church - if you can help me get a downloadable file I would appreciate it - Thanks - Dennis


No matter what I do I cannot get the link to fix patrick rejoining at the church to download - any help ? Thanks Dennis

Legend of Heroen

Not sure what I'm doing wrong - I buy magic rocks and collect everything I can find - magic for the characters show up but I cannot get them to use any of them - Any help - thanks - great game so far ! Dennis

Spirit in the Mirror

I am now at the point where I am the soldier and have a boat and can go to 4 ports - but I've been everywhere and have know clue what to do next - any help ? Thanks - Dennis


Completed the demo - great game so far - any idea when you'll have it finished ? Thanx

Dragon Fantasy: Heroes of Tsufana

Yes I made it to the bottom. It was tough until I saved enough money to buy 4 hero medallions - then getting to the bottom was easy - beating the final guy was easier - but not easy. Now I am in there just saving to get 4 shield - grinding away. But its easy money now at level 99 and 4 medallions !