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Woo, I'm all played out. Thanks for answering my plea, Kaempfer. That was pretty long for a demo too.

All in all, it was a great game. I like how the flow accommodates different play styles. There were a few times where I'd bee line through an area, skipping the new equipment and spells in stores, and others where I felt grind'y. It never stopped me in my tracks because I simply needed new gear and levels though, and that's one of the bangup qualities the SNES Final Fantasy's had.

I'm with Crash'n'the boys on the encounter rate, though. It gets f--king obnoxious at times, trashing a bunch of sissies, then having to fight the same batch again after 5 steps. I would suggest, as a rule of thumb, making the larger maps have a lower encounter rate. It doesn't feel so pervasive when it's 1-2 fights-per-exploration in the smaller areas, then 3-5 in the larger ones (as opposed to 1-2 and 8-12 currently).

Story-wise, I see you're getting a lot of feedback on the amount of dialogue. I don't think it's so much a text quantity problem as a too-many-characters-at-once problem. You bring in a lot of people in the first 5-7 hours of the game and, unlike FF6 which flawlessly introduces them with bite-sized snippets of personality, you overwhelm players with introductions, banter, story elements, and occasional backstory. Too much infodumping.
As a case scenario, the pacing was excellent when Lucan was traveling with the two Ga's. Their individual quirks were shown off right at the start, one was developed over the course of a dungeon, and their joking was lively and fun. Then we had Ailla, Una, Blind, and Rowena all shoved in our face over the span of 20 minutes. Suffice to say, it was a change of pace.
Oh, and this is just a IMHO, I think Lucan should be a bit more of a tight ass. Sun Knight, and all. Particularly with Cassie when she's gambling. You're probably far too written-in to change him up though, so no biggie.

And for some smaller notes I made...
-Your dock tiling in the first towns is wonky. At first I thought I had to find a staircase. Maybe you could find a better transition from grass/dirt to dock rock?
-Victory animations should animate, even if it's just victory-pose/stance/victory-pose/stance. Stills just don't feel right.
-The mage shop in the shepherd's village doesn't work (2nd floor of the Inn)
-Why do trees attack with Tail?
-Ailla doesn't have an Escape command. I ignored it, until she became the party leader for a brief stint.
-How does Innervate work? I used it a lot, but it didn't do jack.

I love how Lucan gets "permanently injured" so he loses all his badassness and goes back to level 1. He even forgets his spells. Good plot device, if a little silly :D

And one last aside, infodumps at the start of jRPGs always suck. Yours didn't. Good picture selection, rotation, and the blah blah was kept to an extreme minimum. Nice job.

Are anybody else's keystrokes super responsive, or is it just me? The "A" button kept double-acknowledging, so I'd accidentally pick the wrong skill, target the wrong enemy, equip on/off new gear, etc.

Why develop characters when you can use tropes?

Staff Chicks are easy to write. All they need are boobs and an instant fanbase is born.


Awesome :D Ask and ye shall receive.
Feedback will be inbound.

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So... when can we expect a demo?
I've been in a bit of a SaGa kick ever since I played SaGa 4 and, well, Albert's a SaGa hero and this game just looks outright amazing no matter how the mechanics work. Can you satisfy an urge anytime soon?

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SaGa 4: Masters of the Demon World

This game's awesome. I had a big shit-eating grin the whole time from nostalgia onslaught. You better see it through to completion.