Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
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Shadows of Evil: Wings of Time Deluxe

Well, I enjoyed WoT anyway.
In other news, how's Wishmaster going?


I've never made one of her crying though...

The bottom right one confuzzles me a little. It's not angry like the two left of it, and it's not a look of resignation either. What's she meant to be looking at or thinking of?

Out with the old..

I figured I'd go the whole nine yards since this will probably be my RPGMaker swan song and last big ( 10+ hours ) project.

Bwahaha :D As if. While you work on Tristian, the idea mill will be churning in the background with all kinds of brainstorm for your next project.

Out with the old..

Regarding anatomy, Tristian's head is still a little too forward.
Maybe it's just me though. Any second and third opinions out there?


Holy Crepe :O Congratulations!
Hopefully I'll have 200 subscribers of my own someday :3

THE Captain's Log #34 - Baboon, sign and sky colouring!

Your bestiary is already pretty creative. I wouldn't have a problem with a pack of wolverines going around casting "Baboonize" or "BadSignal" at all :D

THE Captain's Log #34 - Baboon, sign and sky colouring!

As cool as it sounds, what kind of enemies would use what kind of attacks, going around inflicting "Baboon" and "Sign" on travelers?

Not Seeing Names

Is April 1st over already? It's only 8:30am...

Pinch, Punch, First of the APRIL FOOLS MOTHERFUCKERS!

I did wonder what was up with the white text. May change my avatar as well ( for one day ). Since we can still identify each other that way.

Nah, I've decided against it.

Not Seeing Names

I can see names just fine in Opera. Must be one of them newfangled Croam or Innernet Explorers givin' you the runaround.