Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
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Tristian: Episode I?

Well, I grew up with the gigantic epics. A single, super long game doesn't bother me one bit. In fact, as long as it isn't padded with "Find the 7 maguffins" schlock, I prefer it.
Meanwhile, episodes don't interest me at all, and this translates to other forms of entertainment too. I'll wait for an entire TV show's season to complete so I can binge watch it, or buy all three books of a trilogy.

Anyway, that's just me. Get some better other opinions.

The Darkside of Cocoa

You know, I've always wondered : What's the benefit of using children instead of grown adults for these companies?
If we're talking slavery or slave-level wages, they can pay the same for an adult that they do for a child, and the adult will be more productive because of obvious physical advantages.

"What's the hardest game you've ever played?"

SaGa Frontier 2.
The Final Boss can cockblock your entire playthrough and force you to restart the game (or ragequit).

Is it me or it's just that my Computer Science teacher said that we should make a game as our project?

That's nothing unusual. We made video games as our end-of-year project in high school Comp Sci too. Though we had to do ours with fucking Turing.

spontaneous nerd-out

True MTG Story.

Me and a friend bought two packs of The Dark using a shared gift card. Obviously, I get one pack, he gets another. I had both in my hand and said "Pick which one you want", and he did. Me being an asshole; Instead of giving him the one he picked, I gave him the other one.
Anyway, his pack, courtesy of me, had a fucking Leviathan in it.

The card itself sucks, but rarity-wise at the time, it was the bee's knees.

Release Something: Gotta Go Fast!!!

By the way, I gave a little feedback to J-man on his gamepage. In doing so, I enticed him into posting his stuff in this event.
Does that count for a feedback Achievement?

I wish I had all the free time in the world so I could make a Sailor Moon fangame UwU

I wish I had a 4th dimension I could step into on Monday, work on a game for 2 years straight, then step back into this dimension and have the gamepage up by Tuesday morning.

What should I do?

I wish all 11 year olds were as industrious as you.

(/me thinks of neighbour's teenager who complains about dad not shoveling the driveway in time for him to take his car out)

Main Page News Scrolling

Personally, I don't think the Featured Game should ever be scrolled off the screen. But I'm a minority with my ideas. Indexed images?


Hey, shouldn't Ianna be Guinevere?