Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
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Gamespot Thread

Overlooked : Castlevania NKN
Overlooked : Bloodsphere
Horror : Castle Red
Horror : Outnumbered - Prologue
Hawt : Itoshi Kokoro

I see Because We're Here banners all over the portals. I thought was spot was reserved for the month's Featured Game?

Divide By ZerO

If you're doing it for Jelly, keep in mind that you can't add a Review without a proper download.


Nah, he's just stoic. And misunderstood.

RM2k/3 games feel so wholesome i'm so glad the Golden Age of Game Making contest happened

RM2k3 is like the 80s for us 8D

So Jelly! Review Event (Week 5 Chokecherry)

Okay, rock on.
I know the cutoff is on Monday itself, but I was worried about missing the official UTC midnight.

So Jelly! Review Event (Week 5 Chokecherry)

Don't blame me. Blame the hivemind called Canada.

I'm a little short on free time this week. Technically speaking, if I were to start a Draft today and submit it Monday after the deadline, would it still count for this week?

So Jelly! Review Event (Week 5 Chokecherry)

The next and final jelly is, in fact, Chokecherry Jelly

hrhrhrhr. I knew it.

P5 Blog #15 P6's graphic direction.

Well then why not start from the ground up? You certainly know how to make great battlers. Take a stab at overworld sprites in your own style too.

P5 Blog #15 P6's graphic direction.

Maybe I'm just a traditionalist, but maybe stick with the Tales Of theme since that's what the rest of the Phantasia series is made of?

Oathguard Review

If 3.5 stars earns this kind of vitriol, I'd hate to see what constitutes just 1.