Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
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Looking For Pixel Artist

Nonetheless, it shows an incredible amount of unprofessionalism. Just "Site Under Construction" is sufficient, and there's no reason to link to anything anyway because your FB page is devoid of content too.

Currently heartbroken and realized that I actually had fever and other symptoms after someone told me that she has someone else.

I, uh, wasn't saying you were, but was more responding to Dyhalto's post and the whole inference that hanging around her will maybe make her like you sort of thing.

Well, I actually meant not to despair and drop off the face of the earth as far as she's concerned, since that's generally what a lot of shy guys end up doing.

I think you're worried about the puppy dog type love which, yeah, is all kinds of annoying. But I don't see how becoming a friend, then wanting to elevate it when the opportunity arises (she becomes single) is a bad thing. If something comes of it, yay. If nothing comes of it, you've still got a friend. I have several, dare I say it, friend-zone friends.
At the end of the day, any relationship only works if both parties are mature enough to make it so.

Currently heartbroken and realized that I actually had fever and other symptoms after someone told me that she has someone else.

So what if she has someone else? What makes this other dude better than you? Timing? Circumstance? Love isn't something that should be decided with "He was there first", unless they're already married or some shit.
Go be passively cool around her. This other dude will probably foul it up anyway. We guys tend to do that lots. After he does, cast your Charm Person spell (but don't become the rebound guy).

Darkened Worlds

I found treasure! 8D
Hope that 'Hiatus' isn't a code word for 'Canceled' though.

Tristian: Lady of the Lion

What's so bad about working on games past 30? It's not like there'll be any stigma around it. Remember, once upon a time playing video games meant you were a hopeless nerd. Now they're as much a part of recreational culture as watching football and going camping.

The Shannara Chronicles

Well, it IS sourced from a novel series targeted at young adults. And then MTV got a hold of it, and they love their flashy, bright colors.

Ad Quietem Postremam

Hiatus? Phooey :(

Aubade - Screen Size Preference

give the player the option in-game

^ yep

Tristian: Episode I?

Well, I grew up with the gigantic epics. A single, super long game doesn't bother me one bit. In fact, as long as it isn't padded with "Find the 7 maguffins" schlock, I prefer it.
Meanwhile, episodes don't interest me at all, and this translates to other forms of entertainment too. I'll wait for an entire TV show's season to complete so I can binge watch it, or buy all three books of a trilogy.

Anyway, that's just me. Get some better other opinions.

The Darkside of Cocoa

You know, I've always wondered : What's the benefit of using children instead of grown adults for these companies?
If we're talking slavery or slave-level wages, they can pay the same for an adult that they do for a child, and the adult will be more productive because of obvious physical advantages.