Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
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Luxaren Allure 65% Demo Out Now!

The Holy Knight with the Golden Gun will be the 24th Bond film.

Can we talk about the Mike Brown/Eric Garner/etc situation?

Luxaren Allure 65% Demo Out Now!

pssst. Is that Agrias in your avatar?


Was there ever any doubt? There wasn't even much chatter in the Featured Game thread beforehand. It just got Featured because, well, it's Enelysion.

The "Pitch Your Game" Game

Fuck Christmas

Presents are the big hassle for me. I don't like buying them for people, and I don't like receiving them either. I hate pretending to like a gift, like when my brother gave me a $50 gift certificate for Walmart (I've been boycotting Walmart since forever).

But get-togethers and food? There aren't enough reasons to have them. Christmas is as good as any.

How 'bout that new Star Wars, eh?

Like Darth Traya?
Ooooh, okay. I knew it was bound to happen.

I heard someone speculate about the crossguards that they are not actually crossguards but if you look closely at the sword it has a more "flamey" aspect as if it wasn't a "real" lightsaber. Instead it was made by an amateur who couldn't quite get it to work the way they are supposed to. And the side-beams are more like exhausts for excess heat from the sword itself.
This is also awesome.
I hope a lot of these cool ideas are used, and we aren't just subjected to a lame pseudo-nostalgia/fandom fest.

How 'bout that new Star Wars, eh?

The black storm trooper scene gives me some hope.
The way he rose up and looked around confused, it had me thinking 'Deathstar destroyed, Emperor killed, Empire broken, previously subservient Storm Troopers are now self-aware'. Like, this is a potential "holy shit, that's awesome" development.

Everything else was fluff.

What say you? Me? Lightsaber crossguard... light guard... no thanks.
I'm still waiting for some kind of super Jedi/Sith who can use the force to turn multiple lightsabers into spinning blades and use them like remote controlled airborne buzzsaws.
Or a chainsaw lightsaber.

The cross guard is simply ridiculous. First of all, it's nothing I'd want near my hand. Second of all, it's totally useless. The beams completely fail to do their jobs. Should that lightsaber lock hilts with another, the cross guard emitter will get cut off, completely defeating the purpose.
Actually... do light sabers ever lock like iron swords always do? I'm pretty sure they just bounce off each other in the movies. If their blades ever did slide down each other, both fighters would lose their hands.
So I guess the cross'guard' could be somewhat useful, if the Sith guy imparts a little haft rotation into his combat style.


You shouldn't dump all these screenshots at once. Spread them out over time for maximum front page exposure :O

ppl are actually playing my games omg *tear*

I can't wait to have that feeling ;( I feel so deprived. Where has my youth gone?