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Terminator Genisys, AKA "Bad Terminator 2"

Why doesn't Skynet send a T-1000 to kill John Connor's ancestors back in the bronze age? Liquid metal blades would dominate that in era.

Out Of Control Cops - A Serious Problem In America

This is turning into too much of a defend-Darren-Wilson topic. I'm not biting (I admit, I haven't been keeping up on it).

author=Feldschlacht IV
The Cuban community lambasted Scarface

This is news to me, seriously. My first job was stockboy in a small manufacturing shop, and three guys who worked there were of Cuban descent. They were head over heels with Tony Montana, quoting him all the time and talking about how badass he was. I liberally used "Cuban community" because I thought the sentiment was more widespread. My mistake.

I still say that a setting/circumstance can be glorified, even if the core storyline ends in the character's demise though.

Now, as for the police getting better training, better training according to who? Do you remember back in the late 90s the LA police spent some time in the news for a rather embarrassing discovery on the part of the media. The LA police do not accept applicants with an IQ over 82. Yes, that's considered developmentally disabled and possibly borderline downs syndrome.

I've heard that before, but actual facts/articles always eluded me. Do you have any substantiating links offhand? I'm not challenging you or anything. Just want something for the archive.

You mention "the state" in a villainous light a couple of times. The reason US cops are tailored to act like hooligans is because it's a crony capitalist society. The wealthy always have a bigoted fear of the poor, proportionally so to the class discrepancy, so of course they'll exercise their usual influence and setup an environment of violent enforcers on their behalf.
If the state was in control, the police would probably behave more like in Sweden and Norway where the state is strong relative to the business and financial interests therein. If anything, the state is undermined by the thuggish behavior of it's police, similar to a parent being undermined by the misbehavior of their child.

Next, the framers wrote the 2nd Amendment. "A well regulated militia being essential to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

Now, the interpretation of this has been lately skewed in the media in way that benefits the power of the government, even going as far as to suggest that the 2nd Amendment was intended for the military only.

In a similar vein, the irony of the 2nd Amendment debate is that "the government" loves it for it's value as a polarizing issue. Nobody in the ruling class really cares if Americans lose their guns, but if stupid gun fetishists are showing up for every gun rally that pops up, they won't be as energized to show up for a Jobs Program or other economic disparity rally. So to suggest the government is out to end civilian access to firearms is simply wrong. It's the issue itself they want you up in arms about.
No pun intended.

Granted, there may be a few kooks who really do think Joe Pleb will walk up and shoot them if you leave them with the tool.

Out Of Control Cops - A Serious Problem In America

Max, you should PM ankylo and tell him the ignore feature doesn't work.

He's also getting money thrown at him by supporters
It's a sad world where a cop can kill someone and have "supporters" donate $1 million to his defense, but Reverend Pinkney can't raise $10,000 to appeal his lynching trial.

Right-wingers really need to step away from their bibles long enough to clean their mirrors.
I concur.

edit : missed Feld

author=Feldschlacht IV
I don't know if you are, but this is the whitest thing I've ever read. Really? This is your impression of the fucking ghetto?
It's not the ghetto or the poverty or tough gun-toting goons on the rooftop. It's the kinship. Brotherhood and family.

Having watched Game of Thrones recently, I can say I admire Tywin Lannister and enjoy watching him on screen. He's a genius strategist and commands unanimous respect. But that doesn't mean I admire every single characteristic of him, particularly the evil ones. Same idea with war movies. Saving Private Ryan doesn't make me want to be a soldier, but there is something to admire in the character interactions.

author=Feldschlacht IV
But if he broke the law in the worst degree (murder), why wouldn't jail time suffice? I'm hardly a fan of America's view on crime and punishment, but if you don't go to jail for murder, what then?
My main point keeps getting skewed.
From the start, I've been saying this tendency to immediately blame the cop is counterproductive because a systemic problem exists.
In some situations, like the Eric Garner case, it's pretty open and shut. You don't accidentally chokehold a guy to death. You don't have a panic attack because you're an overwrought psychological wreck, and chokehold a guy to death. He's a murderer. Indict him. If you're Max McGee, advocate for an excruciating death even though torture and capital punishment are illegal.
I don't know the full story of the Mike Brown case. Was Darren Wilson fucked in the head? Did he have legitimate fears from an indirect source? I don't know. For now, get him off the force. Courts are there to decide out the rest, not you and I on a gamedev forum.

I hope to enter the 3K MS club before my b'day on Sunday. >:D

You're not supposed to tell people it's your Bday. That way it means more when some of us remember xO

I need to write more reviews...

Out Of Control Cops - A Serious Problem In America

a "heated moment" where an unarmed teenage boy (that had a whole life ahead of him) was killed in cold blood for practically nothing versus a middle-aged police officer (with weapons, backup, and various methods of properly handling the situation) who said he would kill again if he had to.
Do we know all the events leading up to the incident? Maybe Mike Brown had threatened Darren or his family earlier that week. Maybe Darren had been in a life threatening situation recently and was still shook up from it. Something obviously rattled him, because he put six bullets into the kid. Not quite your average police brutality or overstep incident.
Personally, I think that boy needs a psych evaluation with the results determining whether he needs to be removed from the force.
As for jail time and pension repealing... what for? So other people can feel good? Discharge and debarment from law enforcement will suffice.

Anyhow, we can talk case-by-case until we're old and grey. My point was to get away from this short-sighted 'kill the bastard' mentality and start looking at and discussing the obvious systemic problems.

hoo boy, talk about glamorous!
A close knit, literally gated community where everyone's got each other's back. Me and my bros vs the world, in an informal way. There IS a certain glamour to it, actually.

Setting that aside, my "stressed out" case was pretty much nixed by your post at the top of this page. Kudos.
Maybe I AM giving the police too much benefit of the doubt.

author=Max McGee
Welcome to my ignore list dawg.
Oh, okay. Now nobody's feelings will be hurt if I call you well-read and articulate, but naive, impetuous and abrasive : The very epitome of modern Leftists.


For some reason, Lance's new portrait always makes me think of a young Willem Dafoe.

Out Of Control Cops - A Serious Problem In America

You know, to send a message to those cops who deliberately do the same thing over and over that shit won't be tolerated.

Which brings us back to the original problem scenario. If you destroy a cop's career and life, his fellows will see that and be less likely to, yes, do stupid shit, but also to place themselves in any potentially dangerous situation at all. If all your years of service can be undone in a single heated moment then why take the risk? Stick to the speeding tickets, domestic disputes and traffic directing. When a call comes in, drive a little slower to the scene. Just gotta make it to year 20 for the pension. 30 if I get a desk job.

I agree, there are inexcusable situations of blatant and intended misuse of power. And the coverups that go along with them speak volumes to an institutional problem, much like pianotm's post regarding the cop being fired for not resorting to force. Within the Law Enforcement system, there is a very serious cognitive cancer. So what are we to do about that?

Training Day

Honestly, any more time spent on this subject is a waste. Based on your replies, I have absolutely zero confidence that you'll ever 'get it'. It's like, if you were asked to do an essay about the values expressed in Disney's Sleeping Beauty, you would come back with "good vs evil" and that's it.

Otherwise, look at the community Alonzo lives in, not Alonzo himself.


This was a metaphor, you know.
Crucifixion (no, I'm not talking about Jesus... or nazis(?)) was considered the harshest form of punishment in it's time. The act was abhorrent, even by society's values back then, but still done anyway because it was an expression of how severe the crime was considered. Wishing crucifixion on someone would be like wishing death by fire or torture now.
Ergo, I was pointing out that all you're interested in is punishing the offending police officers, like how after 9/11, everyone wanted to punish those Palestinians who were dancing in the streets. Just a reactionary hankering to avenge some distant hurt of yours.

Good news, and more GOOD NEWS!

Great news!
But what happens after your military service completely ends? Do you see yourself signing up for another round/tour/contract, or will it be the civilian's life for you from here on out?


Jesus, people are accumulating a shitload of Achievements.
Are they going to stick after the event? It's going to turn the "Top 10 Achievers" list on it's head.


Nobody is on watch!!
The party is attacked by a Night Wolf Super Dire Hell Bear and eaten in their sleep. Command?