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Valor Emblem
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Tristian : Lady of the Misaos in 2016.

Another milestone

I'll say it for her, and probably for a few more of us too. It's mediocre. I wouldn't even argue anyone saying it's lower than mediocre. The only reason it got as much attention as it did is because, for several years, it was the only completed 15+ hour jRPG made in a non-2k maker, and has plenty of tropes/cliches to add familiarity for any newcomers to the indie RPG scene.

On a complimentary note, it inadvertently serves as a bridge game between mainstream and indie, as RM goes. If we got off our artsy fartsy high horses, we could probably learn something about audience catering from it, though I personally think Dark Gaia's Right Stuff, Right Time story was more accidental than intelligent effort.

Another milestone

What if you made your airship free-fly like FF4, but had plot boundaries at the edge of the map? I've seen that method done before, like in Legacies of Dondoran, and I intend to use it myself in future games.

People nowadays are far more likely to sink their time into playing a one hour long game made in a month

I think that has more to do with the rash of review drives, actually. The MS value for a review of Everlong is identical to one for Barbarians and the Necromancer's Tower.

What does RPGmaker.net think of anime?

Back in the mid-90s when buying and watching every localized anime was a legitimate possibility, I used to do just that. A lot of summer job hours went into my giant VHS collection with which I, ironically, have no VHS player for anymore.

Anime is different now. The mainstream is being populated by ecchi filth, for one. Remakes galore, similar to what Hollywood does when it's creativity dries up.
And a lot of the nouveau ideas Japan comes up with nowadays just don't do it for me. Maybe I'm just getting old. My nephew was watching Naruto, and when he found out we both "liked anime", he asked me if I thought Naruto was a good show by my standards. I said my shonen anime growing up were Flame of Recca and The Guyver, and they're mostly the same. Granted, Naruto goes on and on and on, whereas FoR and Guyver followed master plans and came to conclusions sufficient endings.

Ultimate Survivor Kaiji

...is pretty much the only thing I look forward to anymore. Where's my Season 3, dammit?


Jan 2 and you're still the Featured Game >:D Bonus Points!

edit : Aw, I jinxed it :(

What’s Your RMN New Year’s Resolutions For 2015

Finish Valor Emblem.

The Last Blog of 2014 for LoTL

That is a thought, but it would probably still rely a bit on her PWR/Str stat.

Well, the idea is to offset her lacking PWR by taking advantage of enemy weaknesses on an as-needed basis. Unlike Tristian or anybody else who would need to waste a turn equipping a Fire Sword, Darcy could unload Fire Slash immediately. It'd come in handy for convenience factor if you had a dungeon filled with enemies of wildly different weaknesses. It could also be directed toward enemy types too, like Beasts and Ethereals.

With Lance, it sounds like you have a good idea of what to do with him. A Paladin as party leader was made cliche by Cecil, but they're still awesome party members. Great Knight is hard to muck up, but just remember to give him something distinctive or he'll wind up being redundant (if Tristian is already powerhouse enough).

Toward A Productive Future!

Congratulations on 50 Subscribers :O I hope to get there someday (and above and beyond). Now hurry up.

The Last Blog of 2014 for LoTL

Another thing you could try is stylizing her Swordswoman class a little differently. If Tristian/Ira is the usual high physical damage, high critical brand of sword user, then Darcy could go like FF5's Magic Knight with elemental imbuings on her weapon, or like Meliadoul's Mighty Sword from FFT, damaging stats as well as HP.

To release a demo before New Years or to wait?!? The eternal dilemma. xD

Wait until new years so it can be eligible for 2015 Misaos (unless you're pretty sure it'll never win).