Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
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TRPG made with Sim RPGMaker95




If you run the gif in reverse, it'll look like he's doing a Hokuto Shinken hundred crack fist.

Homework Salesman

Wuss. Don't stamp it Complete or Cancelled. Just disappear, don't say shit, and work away quietly in the background, even if it's just smidgens of progress here or there. Take 10 years if need be.

Like me :(

Still Going (Strong?) !

I haven't played the first, so I'll refrain from doing so until this is done then xP

Steel Spirit SaGa

Dafuq's with the Hiatus?

No-RM Event

Yeah, I was hoping for an exemption based on the style of game it's used to make. Oh well.

No-RM Event

So... Sim RPG Maker 95. Is it in the non-RM camp?

Still Going (Strong?) !

new-found lust to be active and outgoing

That's treason talk, sir. The people of our fine community'll hear no more of it.


Nope. You're thinking of Thulsa Doom.


While the grammar police are in town, "typical power-lifting skirt chaser, like those other..."
You could even drop the 'other', but that's up for interpretation.


This is completely the wrong way to use those battlebacks.