Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
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TRPG made with Sim RPGMaker95



Checking interest for McBacon Jam #2

If anybody out there's interested in trying their hand at a Sim RPG Maker 95 game, this would be a good opportunity.
Even if you don't know anything about the program, I'm pretty much the grand master with it and won't mind handling the majority of the grunt work if some cool ideas are put in.

Tristian: Lady of the Lion

Placeholder art. Can you guess what he is saying?

Something along the lines of "The next time you fail will be the last!", I'll bet. Runner up guess is "As soon as we have (needed item), the (ambition) will be within our grasp!"

My third guess would be a cat got on the keyboard and you left it.


That's a lot of cavities.

Get it? Windows = Spaces = Cavities? You get it? m i rite?


Lol it's actually a play on the eyes, I cut up a panorama into perfect cells for a battle animation. It ended up being a total of 6 cells, and the summon herself takes up 2 cells, so I end up hitting the 8-cell limit pretty quick lol.

Reading stuff like this gives me lots of confidence in the quality of your gamedev handiwork >:) So hurry up and give us a completed game.


Headphones are for sissies. Cry havoc and let loose your speakers. Pump up the volume. Give'er. Let your neighbors know what you're doing.

Knight in Sour Armour

I'm so sorry about your cat ._. Losing pets is always a heartbreak. I've lost a few dogs and I still have a hard time letting go.

I may or may not use that menu portrait.

Use it. It's badass.


Jigen Daisuke <3

Forever's End

On less hot of a topic, what's Booble up to these days?

Shadows of Evil: Wings of Time Deluxe

Well, I enjoyed WoT anyway.
In other news, how's Wishmaster going?


I've never made one of her crying though...

The bottom right one confuzzles me a little. It's not angry like the two left of it, and it's not a look of resignation either. What's she meant to be looking at or thinking of?