Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
Valor Emblem
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heh heh. You have a very zombie Christmas too.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I'll be there in a bunch of hours, but Merry Christmas in advance.

Ecco Inter Saeculum (Echo Between Worlds\Ages)

Cool. Another TRPG. I'll be keeping an eye on this for sure.

Dragon Acension will not be out until (estimating) summer 2016. Sorry :(

If I apologized every time my game got delayed, I'd be owing favors to everyone here by now :(

So I'm part composing the soundtrack for my visual novel, and I occasionally find myself listening to what I've done. Is this normal? I mean, they're nothing special, but I'm proud of them...

I read my own writing all the time. It's cool.
It even helps me get into the kick of things. Inspiration, yo.

I can absorb and feel electricity moving in my body?Help???

For fuck's sakes, is this thread still going on?
Go to a Walk-In Clinic on your own, or even walk into the Emergency Ward at a hospital. Electricity is no fucking joke. You can seriously die.

Ever had one of those moments when you revisit an old project and think to yourself, "Damn, I was on to something, and really should pick this up again?" Because I am having that moment. RIGHT NOW.

I've been having it for 6 years.

I can absorb and feel electricity moving in my body?Help???

Sorry. I couldn't resist.
Fuck that movie was bad. I must've been one stupid kid to laugh so hard at it.

But yeah, medical attention is suggested highly advised. It wouldn't surprise me if the doctor immediately sends you to the hospital.

Sesame Credit

The hackers are going to have many field days with this one.

Earth Element = Physical Damage

Yeah, it makes as much as as Wind being an element. Wind tends to either be physical, by blowing you around, or cold aka Ice damage.
And what's the deal with Water*? It can drown you, which is instant death. It can do Physical damage by eroding you, if the caster's MP lasts a thousand years and you stand still. It can change your state from Not Wet to Wet, if that's a potential hazard (like if you're a Fire Elemental). But realistically, there's no such thing as Water Damage. Unless a storm floods your basement.

*Say it with a Seinfeld voice