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Out Of Control Cops - A Serious Problem In America

Quite frankly, they are out of hand. Completely. There's really no argument against the kind of behaviour they've been exhibiting - I agree with Max that it is sociopathic in nature and needs to be regulated a lot more, with harsher punishments for those who don't abide by the general rules of "Don't do harm to the citizenry you have sworn to protect."

Yes, I agree they're out of hand. But was this thread made to discuss what needs to be done, or would we rather content ourselves with witch hunts and finger pointing?

For every one of your cited cases of gross misconduct, there're probably 100,000 uncelebrated cases of a job well done. Which brings us to a conundrum. What happens when in one single minute of a police officer's 60,000 working hours, he makes a mistake so grave that the newspapers are beside themselves with delight? 99 times out of a 100, the court of public opinion has already sentenced him and anything less than termination of service, denial of pension, and prison sentencing is just fodder for knee jerk mob mentality. Is that the message we want to send to the police? That after 0-30 years of active duty risking your life, one single incident whipped up into a media furor can destroy your career, impoverish your family, and put you behind bars with the very people who would most love to have you there? Is that really the answer?
It should be painfully obvious how far this strategy would backfire.

If you really want cops to stop acting like a bunch of violent goons, you'll want to end this environment of dangerous gang warfare and police underfunding. Straighten society out. Make criminal activity less appealing/necessary. In turn, policing will become a respectable profession again.
And if, after gangs, drugs, prostitution, et al, are no longer rampant but the police still can't help themselves from oppressing and terrorizing every which way, then quintuple the Internal Affairs budget and root the bad fuckers out.

since i don't think any child watches a movie and says 'yeah...i want to grow up and do crimes!!'

author=Max McGee
man i watched like reservoir dogs and pulp fiction and came away from them like 'yeah...i want to grow up and do crimes!!!'

Are you guys joking? You're relating your own anecdotal point of views as middle class white kids with petty bourgeoisie societal beefs as counterargument? I'm not talking about our kind. I'm talking about black kids growing up in the ghetto, looking up to their older brothers who are constantly in trouble with the law, idolizing the few successful ones, and generally developing an unhealthy "us vs tha popo" attitude.

As glamorization of this culture in media goes, if you watch Chinese* cinema of the last ~10 years, you'll probably notice a common underlying theme : The primacy of the collective over the individual (usually expressed as self-sacrifice for the government). It's a moral that should be immediately noticeable by any of us because it flies in the face of our western individualist values.
The same idea is used in the media. Black gangstas are depicted with style and grace, lots of moolah and bling, and they always got they shit togetha, yo. It's a little more subtle than Triumph of the Wills, but you can't say it's not there.

*Chinese as in mainland Chinese films. Hong Kong still expresses autonomous views when they can.

Out Of Control Cops - A Serious Problem In America

You guys know that "out of control cops" are a symptom rather than a distinct problem, right?

Police officers are stressed out, and it's affecting their job. On one hand, there's this huge and still growing wealth discrepancy between the rich and the poor which creates a pool of people who feel like they have to turn to crime just to make ends meet. Worse yet, criminal culture in the US leans towards a survival-of-the-strongest mentality where aggression is how you prove that you're a better crook than the others. Worse still is the media glamorizing Thug Life over law and order. How many movies are there where a down-on-his-luck gangsta outsmarts/outfights/outdoes his rivals, and a bunch of nameless cops get killed along the way?

On another hand, police officers get slammed by the public at every chance. Stories on corruption or excessive force are a great way to polarize people and sell newspapers. That's the whole reason this (and the previous) stupid thread exists. There no flipside either. They don't get any breaks for heroism or saving the day. It's either bad news about cops behaving inappropriately, or simply news. "Suspect detained". "Hostages released". "Missing person found".

And from the last hand, the one that feeds them, our fearless government feels the need to militarize them so that Lockheed Martin and Raytheon can enjoy a +1% stock uptick for every fully automatic assault rifle, grenade launcher, and tank sold to a county police department.
Using them as revenue generators via speeding tickets doesn't help either. We've all had our run-ins with some damn speed trap. Doesn't do our opinions of them any good.

The stupider of you will take what I've said as a defense of the abhorrent behavior we've seen in the last few years. I'll remind you, this is a symptom of a greater problem. If you want to stop cops from acting like a mafia, break this stupid system that pits the poor vs the middle class vs the rich vs the government vs the cops vs etc. Re-industrialize the country, re-establish a strong middle class, restore society's self confidence, break the backs of international corporations, and destroy the influence of the financial sector. This "fuck tha police" mentality is regressive and will never solve anything.

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Can we talk about the Mike Brown/Eric Garner/etc situation?

author=Max McGee
Would you agree that selective prosecution and enforcement of arbitrarily criminalized marijuana (which is a total bullshit law in the first place because pot is less harmful than alcohol) is used as a tool of the establishment to keep generations of young black and brown men behind bars for most of their lives?

To be fair, that's not the only reason.

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Can we talk about the Mike Brown/Eric Garner/etc situation?

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