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As for Darcy, she can either become a swordswoman like Ira ( gets critical buffs and can use every sword save preferential ones ) or a Ninja ( dual-wields light weapons, gets massive evade-boosting party wide buffs, debuffs foes, throws bombs etc. etc. ) but her PWR stat is pretty shoddy at the moment, so I need to find some way of countering that ( then again, I have Tristy and she's like two powerhouses in one ).

So I need a couple of suggestions there. ><

Ninja is easy. Load her up with skills that're extremely useful in specific applications. Smoke Bombs for AGI boosts, Jutsus for cheap elemental damage, that sort of thing. If you command it, I'll give you a shopping list of Ninja'y skill ideas (but I don't have any Persona experience ._.)

Swordswoman is a tougher nut if PWR isn't her thing. Her game will be attacking, but her attack will only be relevant if she crits. That doesn't make for a reliable party member. Crit boosts should be to make a hard hitter hit harder.
You could give her some proc bonuses, like FE Assassin's Silencer/Lethality skill or plain old 33% to Stun/Paralyze/Blind. Increased numbers of hits per turn could help her capitalize on enemies with low defense. I'm not sure if Counterattack skills (like in Romancing SaGa 3) would work in your CBS, but I'd recommend them if they're doable.
Awesome Swordswoman-only swords might work as well, but that would tend to make players double up for "another Tristy/Ira".
If all else fails, give her a slew of attack skills that don't depend on PWR. Come to think of it, a single AGI-based damage skill could make the class worthwhile by itself. Players love optimization, and having a character who absorbs all that mostly-useless AGI++ equipment could be a hit.

The Interview

author=Yellow Magic
The real way to stick it to North Korea would be to start organizing mass donations to nonprofits dedicated to ending it, making their human rights abuses viral, and starting an online movement that pressure world leaders into breaking the Kim regime. That would actually scare the shit out of the DPRK.
What would these nonprofits do? Attempt to convince the US to 'free' North Korea?

Your answer lay within.

Nuke them. Invade them. Do something at all to stop them.

Humans have proved time and again that the only surefire way to "win" a conflict they've started is through death. Because we're animals of the worst variety. Condemning stuff and talking about it is only prolonging the issue.

If you don't want to settle it in bloody conflict then you best start thinking of some legitimate ideas that aren't just "raise awareness" (AKA ask for war) or "donation campaign".

Pizza, I don't mean to insult your intelligence but this is something Max McGee would say.
"Donation campaign" is awfully vague, yes, but the idea of raising public awareness and redirecting popular indignation against them is a step in the right direction. This is how things like suffrage and civil rights came about, not by decisive violent confrontation.
If the international community hits the DPRK hard with diplomacy and concession demands, they'll either have to submit or declare war. If they're the aggressor and everyone reacts defensively, China can't rush to their defense without alienating themselves too, hence we can shut down the DPRK without starting World War 3.

Our next contest should be, "Make an RPG based on an RMN Tagline of your choice."

Your 2 days of dedication are an inspiration to us all would serve as both theme and practical application for me.

When life gives you lemons...(Part 1)

Geez :| Upgrading your art from Great to Godly. Your rejected material bin is better than the stuff in half our magnum opuses.

The Interview

I guess it's the same as someone making a controversial game and then deciding to scrap it because they feel the fuss and bother over it is too much. Add in possible death threats and I can see why anyone wouldn't want their shit out there.

Closer to home, it reminds me of Acra and her game Draug's Ressurection. She claimed to have received PMs threatening rape. I still have a hard time believing it, as this community seems pretty sterile compared to, say, gamefaqs, but obviously something rattled her. Her testimony is archived somewhere in one of those "gender and gaming" threads.
Point is : Yeah, you're right. There are assholes out there who go too far beyond just not liking other people's work. They rightly need to be told to STFU. The goal should be a community where art is accepted because everyone is open minded, not because only certain art forms will be tolerated. And we probably won't get there with infighting, saying "No actually fuck ____" or "____ has none of my sympathies." That's some pretty childish and regressive thinking there.

I thought Extra History's videos concerning the actions leading up to World War 1 was a pretty gripping series.

Right on. I didn't know they made new ones since the Punic War series. Thanks.
They left out King Edward VII creating the Triple Entente and factioning Europe though. Without him, the Prince Ferdinand assassination would have been just a local incident to Serbia and Austria. The scale to which WW1 went would have been impossible.

The Interview

I repeat, Free Speech is not an issue here. Free Speech clauses are there to protect you from persecution by your government. They don't apply to a company that stops it's own product from reaching market.

The case for artistic expression is tenuous at best too.
Regardless of the various artists who worked on the film, the end result belongs to Sony. Maybe they changed their opinion of Kim Jong-Un and don't want to humiliate him, or maybe they were scared of reprisal for their artistically free depiction of him. Who knows? All we can ask is, is it really being suppressed if it's their own choice to not go through with it? This is their own inhibition making the decision. Artists will always have critics and philistines to deal with, and it becomes a personal choice to let them deter you from your passion/project.

author=Feldschlacht IV
But WW3? Come on. Let's step back from that if we want to talk about this seriously.

Okay. I'll throw my last thoughts on the subject in a spoiler box in case you want to stop believing North Korea is a non-entity.
If North Korea goes to war with anybody, they'll lose. We all know that. Their economy can barely sustain peacetime, let alone wartime. Problem is, Kim Jong-Il stated multiple times that if he went down, South Korea would go down with him. The same probably holds true for his son. So any kind of armed conflict vs North Korea, regardless of there being allies or not, will result in Seoul's destruction. In other words, it doesn't need to be WW3 to be catastrophic in scope.

As China goes, they like North Korea the way it is. Since the Politburo maintains authority by compartmentalizing the populace (Great firewall of China, travel restrictions, etc), North Korea is a boon because it serves as an "example" of the world abroad.
As it stands now, they're having a hard enough time bringing Hong Kong's autonomous nature under their thumb. If the Pyongyang government is toppled by Western-backed powers, that'll bring South Korean democracy right to their border. Nevermind China's national interest, it's in the Politburo's personal interest to make sure NK remains the failed state that it is.

So yeah, the Korean standoff is far from being a "slim" possibility for starting WW3. It's more potent than anything in the middle east and likely moreso than Ukraine, where we actually are going toe-to-toe with another nuclear superpower.

The Interview

Whoa, simmer down. When did I ever say that North Korea absolutely would go through with the theater threats?
At first we were talking about reasons why theaters/Sony would withdraw The Interview. They might have decided against showing the film (originally) due to the threats of a close-minded, spiteful child in charge of a militaristic nation acting on a whim, and his followers being loyal enough to go through with it.
Then you guys sidetracked me with the WW3 topic. The possibility of Pyongyang starting WW3 is very real. Deal with it.

You're right. Odds are, if Kim Jong-Un really was hellbent on triggering an international incident, one of his generals would shoot him in the back of the head and succession would move on to his next relative.

The Interview

@Folks regarding WW3

Just to be clear, I never said Seth Rogen's movie would start WW3.
Not matter of factly, anyway.

Chancellor Otto von Bismarck said "Europe today is a powder keg and the leaders are like men smoking in an arsenal … A single spark will set off an explosion that will consume us all … I cannot tell you when that explosion will occur, but I can tell you where … Some damned foolish thing in the Balkans will set it off."
Sure enough, WW1 was set off by some damned foolish thing in the Balkans.

Case scenario : North Korea bombs US theaters, kills hundreds, and claims responsibility. This is a pretty blatant act of war, so the US has to respond in some way. Retaliation will only exacerbate the situation, so logic decrees it be rectified diplomatically with help from China (whispering into Kim Jong-Un's ear).
What if it goes another way? What if A) The US wants blood, or B) China wants to defend North Korea to protect their own interests? Suddenly, the Korea issue is back on the table and there you have it: Two nuclear superpowers glaring at each other in open hostility. We'll only have a cold war if we're lucky.

Anyway, my point was : Why poke an already angry tiger? Is your childish defiance really worth people's lives? It might've been you or someone you know in one of those theaters.

Also a missed point, Sony was persuaded by theater networks (thanks Zachary_Braun) to drop the film. It's well within their right to be self-defensive, especially when they won't actually lose anything (moviegoers will just go see other films).
All this hubbub about artistic suppression is just people blowing a simple thing out of proportion.

It would be pretty awesome of history books pointed to Seth Rogen's The Interview as the cause of WW3 though. Especially if the movie sucks.
author=Max McGee
What the fuck why does no one care about Freedom of Speech?

Comments like this make me wish I weren't Max's ignore list.
Could somebody do me a small favor and quote my next sentence so Max can see it?

Because this has absolutely nothing to do with Free Speech in any way whatsoever.

author=Max McGee
Anyway I would LOVE IT if the US actually went to war with North Korea.

Comments like this make me glad I'm on Max's ignore list.
What a complete and total buffoon. Relishing in the idea of a catastrophic war that will destroy civilization in parts of the world and kill literally millions, just for your own selfish pleasure to see IRL Joffrey given the gears? I've never met anybody with such a perfect mixture of sheer ignorance, officiousness, and reckless abandon. You're such a fucking stooge.

The Interview

I'll play Devil's Advocate here.

This is nothing new. The Danish cartoons depicting Mohammed should still be fresh in everybody's memory. To my recollection, no movies (or other art forms) have been banned over hurt feelings (at least, not in Western countries). This, and the Danish cartoons, were banned because of overt acts. Riots in one case, hack attack followed by threats of violent retaliation by a leader of questionable mental stability in the other.

That said, where would this thread's conversation go if theaters had actually been bombed with hundreds of people killed? As much as I'm wholeheartedly in favor of Free Speech, I'm also not one to tell a person what I really think of them when I know it may pick a costly fight. Maybe a little tact is in order here.

And to people worried about a cascade effect, the film was banned by the film's owner, not government censors. Not even Hollywood, as incriminated more than once. Nope, it's just one pussy company getting cold feet.
But then you might be uncomfortable if your project was met with hostile action too.

Anyhoo, we like to make fun of the military difference between North Korea and the USA, but the truth is, open war with North Korea will destroy South Korea and much of that part of the world. It may trigger WW3 if China decides to step in on their behalf too. No thanks. Seth Rogan isn't that funny.
Don't worry, the movie will still see the light of day, even if it has to circulate underground (ie. all over bittorrent). Team America didn't make Kim Jong-Il go ape. Maybe Kim Jong-Un just needs a few years to drop his balls.

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