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Valor Emblem
TRPG made with Sim RPGMaker95




This is so great :D

Castlevania NKN Review

ooooh. I was wondering what that balcony was for. Thanks a lot.
Can't wait to see >:)

edit : Hate to be the bearer of bad news again, but the Gallery image doesn't show after I buy it. 28/30 is still black.

And is that bear killable?

Castlevania NKN Review

Right on. That puts me at 97%. I didn't realize the Stopwatch crash had to be active when I dealt the killing blow.

For some reason, the final one doesn't want to trigger. I've beaten the last boss on every difficulty with just the whip, and once with just the leather whip. I even tried loading a non-New Game+ save to try it. No dice. I think it's glitched out or something.

Castlevania NKN Review

Glad to be of service. If you don't mind helping a brother out while you're in the neighborhood, I'm only 4 Secrets shy of 100%

Destroy that wall before leaving the clock tower. I'm pretty sure I've broken all the breakable walls in the clock tower, several times over.
They say Klutzer left something buried before being sent to the dungeon. Searched everywhere using my whip, holy water, and axes. I can't find anything.
They say nobody can escape Death, no matter how fast. I thought it might have something to do with using the Stopwatch crash during the fight against him. It's not something physically impossible like taking no damage, is it?
You only need your whip in the end. All else is showing off. I've beaten both the game and boss rush with just the whip. Granted, the chain whip.

Can you offer up any hints?

Moar TriAnna and Affinities

You're just trying to cheer me up ;_;

I will continue my solitary journey, and eventually bestow upon this world the biggest indie TRPG ever seen.
Or certainly the biggest Fire Emblem "inspired" TRPG, anyway.
That RMN has ever seen.

McBacon Jam #2

I'll join any team who decides to use Sim RPG Maker 95

I haven't used any of the other engine in, literally, seven years ._.;

Moar TriAnna and Affinities

manufacted into a Magi ( yes, I decided to use Dyhalto's suggestion there XD )

My 15 minutes of fame begin now >:D

When do you grow up?

I'd say it's when you start providing for someone else. I mean kids, a spouse, elderly parents, that sort of thing. Just maintaining your own bachelor/bachelorette lifestyle doesn't count because you only need to answer to yourself.

Pastor has a beef with Starbucks

If i want coffee i just buy some instant one and make it at home.

Yeah, I used to go out for coffee all the time. But for about 40 cents worth of beans, I can make a pot of Kicking Horse at home. Superior quality and cost-savings both.

This topic's gone awry, hasn't it?

So Jelly! Review Event (Week 5 Chokecherry)

Fondue theme for next year :9