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You know.
Follow the story of two survivors after an infection has spread across the USA.



[RM2K3] What do you like best about 2k3?

I'm working on a retro room right now! Though it's more 40s 50s stuff then real retro nerdy stuff.
It's my "man cave" though, has my consoles and big TV in there.

Sorry, unrelated!

What are you thinking about right now?

author=Yellow Magic
^Not enough Bobba Fett

On a darker note, I came across this is another forum (Warning: Depressing)

Working 40 hours a week, subtracted from 168, would leave 128 hours in the week.

You then have to sleep and its recommended a healthy amount is 8 hours a night, or 56 a week. Take that away, and you now have 72 hours.

60% of your time has gone in WORK AND SLEEP ALONE.

But thats not the full story is it.

Because you have to travel to and from work as well. So, assuming a 30-45 mins worth of travel to and from the place of work, thats 5-7.5 hours. Sure, you could listen to the radio in the car, or maybe listen to music on a train/bus. But i cant do what i WANT for 5-7.5 hours a week. so were down to around 65 hours a week at this point.

But then, in the morning, i have to get up and get ready for work too. Go in the shower, sort myself out for the day to come. If the time before setting out to work is just an hour, to eat breakfast, wake up, shower etc, thats still 5 hours. so thats 60 hours left.

And of course, 5 hours a week arent paid for your lunch. I cant do what i want to do with those either. I could maybe browse online a bit, but thats it. so that would make 55 hours.

55 hours is 32.7% of the week.

The WHOLE of the rest of my life has to fit into 32.7% of the time left. And that sure as hell aint all going to be devoted to having interests, because i havent added the time needed to:

Cook dinner
Eat Dinner
Clear up
Wash and iron clothes
Any kind of domestic work
Go to the supermarket
Run any kind of errand
Have to meet any kind of appointment with anyone
DIY of any kind
Any kind of overtime at work
Meeting family
The time spent travelling to and from a hobby.

work and sleep alone is 2/3 of the time you have. And EVERYTHING else goes into 1/3. Its mental.

Ive been working full time for a fair bit now, and truth be known, i dont know anyone who has a hobby, or a serious interest in ANYTHING frankly, other than work. How can they?

And the worst thing for me is, i know there is never ever going to be an escape from this. This is it forever. There will never be the chance to really do anything other than work forever.

This post makes me so glad I'm self employed.


Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer #2 I know you have all seen it but...

I was an major SW comic book reader, including Shadows of the Empire(which I'm not sure is canon either these days?) Dark Empire, DE II, Heir to the Empire, Empire's End and Dark Force Rising. And many other comic book releases for EU, or hell the games too. I'll admit I never read any of the books which I'm sure are way more vast in comparison but I loved all that stuff the same.
I'm not exactly happy about it either but I don't mind it being obliterated at the same time.
Being an avid toy collector for SW and other things the EU didn't produce much because it was little known to the masses. I guess I'd rather trade all the EU awesomeness for a new three set of movies and the products that follow.
And really, who can complain now since it's directly tied to the precious trilogy movies?


Can we stop fighting and go back to making fun of TimeCubeMMORPG

Double post, sorry Liberty, please don't flog me.

But yes. Let's keep going on this terrible MMO idea!


I haven't been a fan of WoW for years now so there's that

That's great that you enjoy it. But it won't last for long because MMOs as a whole are going down the shitter.
I personally don't like the FF MMO, and that's just me. These days I don't like any of them. They are really cool for what they are but it's not for me.
There will always be a loyal fan base for MMO games, but it really just won't last. Everyone thinks games nowadays would be better with an online option or a mmo style game and it just isn't the truth.

But hey, to each their own. Many people believe MMOs are dying and a lot of people that still enjoy them don't. We are just on opposite ends of that spectrum.
My original comment was meant for jest, posting an image of a game I'm not particularly fond of didn't help.


Craze, all you added was an image of a shitty MMO so


What is that supposed to do? The FF MMO was horrible. It's a dying breed, nothing can change that now. Or at least give us old timers a feel of nostalgia like WoW or Dark of Camelot or Ultima Online did.

Give me Star Wars Galaxies and I'll come in a different tone.


MMOs are dead, stop wasting your time, asshole.

Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer #2 I know you have all seen it but...

Yes. Yes sir. I got goosebumps on the opening scene when the speeder bike passes the fallen Star Destroyer. And then again when Mark started with his voice over like daaaamn.
No shame, not in this topic...

Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer #2 I know you have all seen it but...

I've had high hopes since it was announced because I think that's the positive attitude to have for something I know a lot of us love so much.

And let me tell you...This 2nd trailer is a real hair raiser! <3