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You know.
Follow the story of two survivors after an infection has spread across the USA.




A few tips for battles would be to always make sure you Break Free when you're grappled, use Strong Kick on all enemies with John before you do anything else(unless it's breaking free from a grapple, that's always priority) After battles try to Clean Wounds is you're diseased before you enter another combat, and of course try avoiding battles if you can.
In the next update I'll include a level difficulty between Normal(easier) and Hard(what it is now) the Normal mode will have weakened monsters and have more health items generally as well as making some of them more potent.

EDIT HERE: To answer your question, there is no place to heal yourself for free, or back to full. There is one place, but it is in a cutscene area in a safe-house. Otherwise you're living solely off the land! Be sure to check everything, garbage cans are a big item spot.

As for the newspapers/etc I've thought about it and do have little things you can find to read but nothing really in depth. I've always wanted Infection to be a mystery of sorts.
Never really explaining how it started or how people reacted initially. Story-wise the infection spread very quickly and there just wasn't much normality after it started. Everything shut down because there were no people, besides those who were immune to it.

In an earlier version of the game I was going to go into the backstory more and have an organization that survived the apocalypse, hoping to rebuild the world in their own image. But the idea was a little too big for me and I wanted to finish the game, so ultimately I ended up making it more of a big ol' question mark as to the hows and whys.

Thank you for your feedback, and I'm always open to discuss any thoughts you have about Infection!

cakeislife, you're awesome :)


Thank you cakeislife!

Yes, I have been thinking of adding difficulty levels, so stay tuned for that. :)

You can find a generator in two different places, one in the big apartment building at the beginning of the city and one in a house in the furthest lower left of the map.

Keep going with it! :D

My brother was all excited saying how scary "It Moves" is, asking me if I knew it

At gunpoint is the true american way.

Or like any other good dictatorship. :)

My brother was all excited saying how scary "It Moves" is, asking me if I knew it


At gunpoint if you have to.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Blindmind: Since that screenshot is mind-blowingly beautiful my only gripe is that the mounted flag posts on the roofs of the buildings are two bright? I guess that would be the phrasing for it. They stand out against the dark, very HD surroundings.
Obviously this is very minor and maybe I am the only one who sees it, but at this point it's worth looking into, right?

Peeking at Stars Review

Good little review for a good little game!

Rpg Maker 3D

I like it. Reminds me of playstation 1

I wonder if RMN's slowdown is due in part to Megaman - Revenge of the Fallen going to 15000 downloads in a span of a week...

When I was younger I loved side-scrollers, not so much anymore. :)

Screenshot Survival 20XX

On that note, yuna21 I've noticed some areas that would look better if the structure/cliff had the grass overlapping it. In the first screenshot I see it on one of the cliffs bottoms but not everywhere. Which makes it look square.

I wonder if RMN's slowdown is due in part to Megaman - Revenge of the Fallen going to 15000 downloads in a span of a week...

At least the majority of people would actually understand the success of a Mega Man fan game, as I'm sure most of us played it as a tiny fetus baby manchild.