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You know.
Follow the story of two survivors after an infection has spread across the USA.



Hand drawn TIE Fighter fan-made anime

yeah, this is stupid badass

I remember watching this with my brother and we were both just awe struck and really wanted to believe this was real :(


The Rise of the Complete Heal after Every Battle Game

It's all very situational. Heal after Battle is okay for a dungeon crawl but for a 50+ hour epic RPG? No, it won't work at least not in the traditional sense.

How much editing until a sprite is your own?

Like Pizza said^

I don't think editing something ever makes it truly your own. Mainly because you had the original base to start with which wasn't your work.
I think it's really that simple. You can edit something to make it unique or your own design but the fact remains it's not soley your work.


That fallen log tho


The thing that bothers me is that the two logs are in the same line/space? And it really stands out. Maybe placing the bottom log one space back?


fap fap fap?
is that inappropriate?

Yay! I like this kind of stuff. :B

So does RMN seem faster? I think it feels faster.

I never had a problem with speed before and definitely no long loading times. RMN was one of the faster sites to load for me.
And I don't even have good internet or computer. :P

Screenshot Survival 20XX

@Puddor- I gotta' be honest, that is not visually pleasing to look at. I can't even tell you what exactly irks me because it's just funky.
Maybe it's the levels or the stairs stand out, or the fact that the outer/ceiling tiles are defined instead of being all black past the first line.
Unless that is how all buildings are going to be in the game and it's just following suit.

Paypal is the most Parasitic creature on the internet

I've been done with paypal for some time now. Ever since I was a fantastic seller never had a negative feedback or was never late on any fees or anything!
Then out of the blue they want my information verified...through fax(i love that, fax) I just never did it. Luckily I had cleared all but like $3 from the account previous to this so it wasn't a loss.

But whatever, I hated being forced to go through them anyways. Yes, it's 99% reliable that you won't get fucked by someone else but 100% certain that paypal will do the fucking. Soooo ehhh

Need Help Putting A Mustache On This Girl

do it yourself chaff

e: just do whatever you can even if it looks bad! it will be consistent at least with your game


i felt bad so here ur welcome


how are these getting through