Tale of Exile Act I

Welcome back after a period of time.
Translation of the second act was suspended in 90%. Translator, unfortunately, is absorbed in his work. If I find the strength and time, I will translate the rest alone with the help of google translator.

Glad that someone still playing my game ... :)

Tale of Exile Act I

Well... Translation of the second act is in progress. Unfortunately, going slowly.

Tale of Exile Act I

Good to know that this can be remedied. Thanks!

Tale of Exile Act I

Sorry to hear that ... I think, That the problem is in hardware or system ... That's very rare bug, but happens ... Sometimes I Can not do anything. Sorry again.

You can edit the start position to other maps to check it? Maybe the first menu script is too complicated

Tale of Exile Act I

look at the marketplace.

How do you assess the game ...

Nice to hear that :) THNX

Tale of Exile FORUM

I create topic about the game as Everyone on our forum.
Don't understand problem.

Tale of Exile Act I

Thanks for the very interesting comments and ideas. I must admit that my first act is a bit remote. I've working on the second act long time. Yesterday I gave the first demo ToE2 in Polish. I will therefore focus on it. I do not plan to go back for the first act . I have not enough time to complete the game let alone the re-activations.
However, Your advice can be useful in the following sections. Therefore, thank You for it.

If you were eager for any cooperation (even for testing English version) Let me know. ;)

Regards & Merry christmas!


As usual you are right. I will improve this for sure.
You have any other valuable comments?


Replace the background color from red to black for example. options are on the last page of the items on the menu.
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