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Hm, if CashmereCat = fan of me (maybe? not sure) and I = fan of Cashmere... THERES A LOOP IN THE SYSTEM

Maybe it's just me, but, I'm looking at that diagram, and thinking "Poor Max!"

Humble offerings from the "Bludgeon of Inspiration"

Now here's a story that was... more than a bit painful to write. A bit of an early-version of Oracle of Askigaga ideation with this.

I sensed him coming before he even entered my temple. Indeed, I sensed him coming for years on end. So, it was finally going to happen. All the years of wandering, and heartache that was endured was going to come to an end. One way, or another.

I bowed my head in prayer. Will this turn out all right? Will the realization be too much to bear? Then, he entered. I kept my head low, and was facing away from him. A moment later, I turned to him. I saw beyond the physical, and saw how he perceived himself: a pathetic being, living solely on a singular, idiotic hope. Yet, he stood before me, thinking I could relieve him of at least some of the torment. I tried to contain myself, and spoke softly, yet firmly, "I take it you have received the right to an audience with me. What is it that I can do for you?"

He heaved mightily, then said, "I have traveled far and wide. I have seen much, and done much. However, I realize that what it is that I have been searching for is out of my grasp, and has been for some time."

I nodded slightly, then, with feigned curiosity, "And what is it that you were searching for?"

He sighed again, and simply said, "Forgiveness."

I quirked an eyebrow, then queried, "From what, pray-tell?"

He shook his head, and said, "I don't think you would understand. Even if I did tell you, you would probably be bound to tell me that I was being stupid."

My voice was even, "I shall be the judge of that. Tell me your story."

I already knew what the story was, but, I needed him to tell it to me. No, it was more like he needed to let it out, once and for all.

I stood with my fellow students out in the field. An old friend of mine came up to me, and showed me a book. It was a book of various uninteresting articles, but he directed me to the back. There, it was written as plain as day, "I think you're friend Kenshin is cute! - Kuwabara Emiko"

Outrageous! Impossible! An obvious lie! But, what if...

My mind wandered, considering those around me. Look at them. I am not one of them. I am but a mere observer. I am but a shell of a person. Yet, there was that note, saying that a shell is attractive? It made no sense. So, of course, I do nothing about this. But, what if...

As time passed, that gnawing "what if" consumed me. I tried writing letters to her, but they came to no avail. Then, by some odd chance, we actually met face-to-face. Finally, I had the opportunity to tell her what I felt. Except that I could not. Ironically enough, she fully admitted to her feelings, and I came off as not believing her. If only she knew! If only I could say what I felt!

Thus, I wandered the world in a feeble attempt to forget. Except I cannot. It is a part of me that I cannot be simply let go.

It was more difficult to listen to than I had anticipated. Still, I had a role to play. I sighed, then said, "What is it, exactly, that you seek from me, then?"

Came the response, "A place to make myself useful, for a change."

I tilted my head, then said, "You want to become an acolyte? Very well. If that is what you want. However, I will require one small favor of you first."

He nodded, as if expecting a request. I smiled for a brief moment, then asked, "Before we get to that, let me ask you something. What if you were able to meet with her again?"

He was bluntly honest, "Probably, I would do nothing again. Tough, at this juncture, what would the point of telling her anything be? She has her own life, and has probably done quite well for herself without the likes of me dragging her down."

I chuckled, then said, "Ah, but what if she already knows?"

He gave me a queer look, then said, "I don't think I follow you, Oracle. How could she know?"

At this, I said, "Because," then beamed a smile, removed my hood, lifted my head so that he could clearly see my face, then continued with, "you just told her."

Content creation (artistic)

AjeShiro, I would highly, highly recommend having Mr. Help File by your side as you create your route. The code Heartache for stories is... not exactly a proper programming language. It's kinda it's own thing. Having that reference at your side is gonna help a lot! Though, the technical thread may be used for more specific help.

As for the information that you gave, I can't help but to note similarities with Asaka and Tsubasa. Particularly the parts about being exceptionally smart, and having low attendance. Not that similarities wouldn't be bound to happen every so often, but, I figure you should be aware of it all the same.

*Edit: Also, welcome to RMN the Heartache community! Share your creativity with us!

Born Under the Rain Review

I refuse to believe that the idea of Odion's skull being a character was not inspired from Morte, or Planescape - Torment in general.


Why is that ellipses spaced out like that? Also, I'm not quite sure why it's tabbed out (for lack of a better term).

Heartache 101 ~Sour into Sweet~

@Belial: Official support may have ended, but, we are always looking for more custom content! It's a bit sad to hear about your illness, though. All I can really say to that is to just do as much as you can, or feel able to!

Final Fantasy XV

I'm just weary that they've pushed it onto the PS4. Though, my desire to get a next-gen console is pretty much nil, so, I'm a bit biased here.

Stream of consciousness - Trials

Huh. It's slowly occurring to me that I wanted to move the time-skip event from the overworld map to inside the Jade HQ's central chamber.

can't access old rmn with wayback masheen

I keep hearing about the wayback machine, but I've never used it. So, I played around with it 'til I found an old user profile I had. A bit more delving found the newer profile, which needed to be created after the boards got wiped. They have records of that profile existing up to 2013. Which sounds about right to me.

So, wait. I was a member there for basically five years? Huh. I find that mildly interesting.

Have you ever been so tired that you tried to eat your glasses and put a bagel on your eyes?

There was one time I reached for a cup full of water, it slipped on me, and I ended up spilling the contents. That was quite a mess to clean up!

Saddest part of this story is that my PSP received some water damage. Weirdest part of this story is that the only thing that seems to fail to function, at least as far as I can tell, is the memory card reader. Though, I really can't take that as a comfort, since I need the device to be able to read memory cards to play games.