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Stream of consciousness - Of characters, skills, and customization

Okay, so, apparently, I'm having a bit of difficulty figuring out what Shizu's other ability should be. I'm also a bit worried about the attack-all skills, but, since I'm having trouble coming up with stuff to begin with, I should probably leave them alone for now.

I dunno. Maybe I'm just pushing (punishing?) myself because I'm seeing all these games being played (or being very actively followed), and I want to be a part of that. Despite wanting to take a short break from gam mak, which I swear I mentioned... somewhere. Possibly in the stream-of-consciousness blog I wrote during the Release Something XIII event.

Though, to be fair, I expected that I would get nowhere fast. It's not as if I had a sudden burst of inspiration for this game, and I needed to get to work on it yesterday (or similar thought-processes). Even if I were, I suppose there's no rush to get this done, and I really shouldn't be afraid to cut back on some of the more "epic" ideas. Such as this being a stand-alone game where you don't have to play the other games in the series for this to make any sense.

On a more positive note, I'm not putting this on haitus! Well, I suppose in the purest technical sense of the word, I am. However, I will do my best to make this my active project, even if things are going really, really slow!

Where's my date? H-Have I been stood up?!

You guys are terrible, you know that?

[RMVX ACE] How do I make it happen?


This is exactly what I meant when I said...

The thing that comes to my mind is, perhaps, the obvious question: Are you certain you set the conditions of Page 2 for that door-event to have the variable that is incremented on Page 1 to be greater than, or equal to, 20?

...that. The response I got was... oh, nevermind.

I don't know what kind of game to make next. Im completely out of ideas.. :/

The trick is that you can take almost anything, whither it be something that you regret, something that you're proud of, something silly, or whatever, and be inspired by it.

Let's work on your game descriptions!

I sorta agree with Cash, and would suggest "While attempting to discover the way out..." instead of "Upon discovering the way out..."

Also, if I may be so bold, the description sounds really generic to me. There's no "pull" there. I'm aware that horror games tend to be gameplay-light, and there may be some interesting story behind the self-discovery and/or memory recall events. I suppose how the description would be written would depend on what you want the game's focus to be: on the horror elements or the story elements.

Humble offerings from the "Bludgeon of Inspiration"

I'm not quite sure what spawned the thoughts, but, I was recollecting the dreams I had recently. Most of the details have escaped me, of course, but I suppose I wanted to write what I could down.

Dream 1

It felt I was watching an old movie. There were two guys with arms raised, as if there were ready for a fist-fight, and one of them I could identify as a legitimate boxer. I don't recall if any blows were exchanged, but the boxer spun himself while crossing to the other side of the room. When he got there, out of the door came an African-American woman in a showgirl outfit. She embraced the guy rather amorously, and she pulled him to the other side of the door and closed it. The other guy came over, and opened the door with this stupid grin on his face. There was this cardboard cut-out of that guy with a bulging belly, as if he was pregnant.

It was clearly meant to be a joke, there was a musical cue and everything, but I was just disgusted. I also recall thinking that the woman wasn't a bad singer, so she must have sung at some point. I'm not sure where that is in this whole sequence was, though.

This one, I'm really not sure what the hell this is about.

Dream 2:

I went back to my childhood hometown. I was with my mother, and a few old family friends. We visited the middle school I used to go to. I didn't recognize the place at all! It was like, the school was a town onto itself! I distinctly recall passing a church for students to go to, for some reason.

Anyway, since it was graduation time, we decided to sit in for the ceremony. I kinda felt like it was a useless gesture, at first. I knew there would be no one there that would recognize me. Anyway we walked into this cramped classroom, and seated ourselves. Then, the students start coming in, and all the sudden, I realize who I'm seeing: it's my class. There was even a student that I recognized as "me"! I don't specifically recall doing it for this dream, but, I probably was on the lookout for a girl I had (still have?) a crush on, but, of course, that didn't go anywhere.

The only other thing I remember is one of the female students making snide commentary about "me" being a coward. I was pretty pissed about that comment, and I barely recall grasping her arm, and telling her... something. I'm sorry I cannot be more specific.

Perhaps I'm oversimplifying this, but it seems to me that the moral of this story is that I can't "go home" again.

[RMVX ACE] How do I make it happen?

I'm not even asking about the context of what's happening in the game when players reach that door. I'm asking about what the value of the variable you're checking against both before and after players do anything with that door.

Also, what's this about a conditional branch on page 2? As in the event command? What is it checking? What happens when the check succeeds? Is there a failure clause?

*now more confused*

*Edit: I've got a really weird question. Can players get to this door before getting the key you're mentioning? I mean, with how you're describing this, players are supposed to have that key to unlock the door, but, if this is, somehow, not the case... well, let's focus on getting the door to open when that variable hits 20.

Mischief List Maker

Unity Games
I was half hoping to see Luxaren Allure, Remnants of Isolation and Wyrm Warriors on this list.

Why would you make a playlist for Unity games? You can list all Unity games in the games list, and it keeps itself updated. Whereas your list will be obsolete in a few weeks when the next Unity game comes out is already missing several games
yeah she could release a game within the next week judging by her output

*laughs out loud*

[RMVX ACE] How do I make it happen?

Hrm. I'm kinda grasping at straws over here, but, perhaps that variable is used elsewhere? If so, it might be possible that the value is already over 20. The way to check that is to do a test-play, press F9 when you get to that door, and look for the variable that the door is supposed to check for. If it is near 20, or just plain not-0, then, you'd need to find the instances where else it gets altered (Or just use a different variable?). Otherwise, well, I don't think I can help without some kind of visual (read: screenshots) showing what's going on with this event.

[RMVX ACE] How do I make it happen?

The thing that comes to my mind is, perhaps, the obvious question: Are you certain you set the conditions of Page 2 for that door-event to have the variable that is incremented on Page 1 to be greater than, or equal to, 20?