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Crap, forgot to make a post in introductions when I first joined. Is it too late?!

*Edit: Wrong status. Forget this post existed.

Let's work on your game descriptions!

Are we talking about generating tasks at random, or are these tasks slightly more set in location, and/or with their objectives?

Might and Magic TsuK - Gates to Other Worlds

@Firefly: Damn, I thought I got rid of the textboxes that were transparent when a character was "thinking"! Also, can you be more specific about what made the first boss fight too hard?

I sorta have to agree with you about the critters in the second and third dungeons being too easy to kill. I'll have to re-re-check that, as well as fix that spelling error in regards to Cassandra. Also, I'll want to fix Smash Hit.

Anyway, thanks for playing!

@InfectionFiles: I swear, this has nothing to do with either series. You're still more than welcome to play it, though!

[RMVX] Change the Level Cap

The "max level" field is strangely absent in VX's database. I figure, though, that max level, if it exists, is somewhere in Game_Actor.

Such as...

def make_exp_list
  @exp_list[1] = @exp_list[100] = 0
  m = actor.exp_basis
  n = 0.75 + actor.exp_inflation / 200.0;
  for i in 2..99
    @exp_list[i] = @exp_list[i-1] + Integer(m)
    m *= 1 + n;
    n *= 0.9;
end (the "for i in 2..99" would probably be changed to read "for i in 2..50" in your case) and...

def change_level(level, show)
  level = [[level, 99].min, 1].max
  change_exp(@exp_list[level], show)
end (the "[level, 99]" would probably be changed to "[level, 50]").

*Edit: Sorry, I didn't quite get that you tried doing the change_level thing already. The forum ate your brackets!

July Progress Report!

I didn't know if I should announce it in public yet, but NeverSilent has graciously offered to help me with the aforementioned puzzles!
Shhh... It's a secret. Shhh... ^_^

I'll pretend to not have seen this, then.

Anyway, this is gonna be another the thing to look forward to.

Crap, forgot to make a post in introductions when I first joined. Is it too late?!

I joined in 2010, and never made an intro thread.


Let's work on your game descriptions!

To be fair, nhubi, regular users cannot delete their own posts. Edit them so that they don't have contents, yes, but not outright delete. Mods, however, have the ability to delete posts.

Saying that, a take-away is that the game revolves around a character (Machuka), and the task of releasing The Beast (of "666" fame). Well, maybe "revolve" isn't the right word for the task of releasing The Beast, as you specify that the game doesn't have a plot, in a strict sense. It's more about exploration of... the... cosmos? For what purpose? For the sake of exploration, itself? Maybe I'm missing that part in the sea wall of pictures text.


Thanks for playing! I'd also welcome the review!

What are you thinking about right now?

Now that I'm... mostly recovered, maybe I should start playtesting my event-game?

HAHAHAHAHA, yeah, no.

naked sprites

What style are the sprites drawn in? What kind of clothes do you want on them? There's probably a ton of other questions that could be asked, given the utter lack of details, but, they are not coming to me at the moment.

As an aside, the option to for you to personally draw clothing on the sprites exists.