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What are you thinking about right now?

Or maybe you don't care enough about hitting page 1000!

That's pretty much true. Since the challenge was thrown down, my approach has been "If it happens, fine. If it doesn't, whatever." I dunno, it seems like a really silly thing to get an achievement for. That's just me, though.

[RMVX ACE] how can i create a dark knight character

The character changes class when he/she exceeds certain taint values? Since it would occur mid-battle, I would advise setting up a Common Event that would, probably, be called every turn. What it would do is check to see if the character is the Demon class, then, if that fails, check to see if he/she is the Dark Knight class. If the character fails the first check to see if he/she is an Archdemon, you do another check with "$game_actors[x].taint >= 200", where X is the character ID slot that the Dark Knight character exists. If this is true, change the character's class into Archdemon.

If the first check (to see if the character was a Demon) failed, we want to check to see if the character becomes a Demon. In which case, we do another check of "$game_actors[x].taint >= 100". If that's true, switch class into Demon.

Darigaaz, I hope that made sense. If you need me to provide pictures to help explain this, I can do so.

Anyway, if I'm reading you right, in respect to Dark Wave, the Demon (and Archdemon) classes use a version of Dark Wave that does not consume taint? So, it might look more like...

damage = a.taint * (2 * a.mat - b.mdf)
if a.instance_of?(Game_Actor) == true
# This makes sure that the user of Dark Wave is a party member, as enemies don't have a "class_id" property!
  if a.class_id != 2 || a.class_id != 3
  # The above line assumes the Demon and Archdemon classes are the second and third class listed in the database. Change as necessary.
    a.taint = 0
return damage

...that, I think?

For some reason most of the time I write a story for my games I feel it is not good enough, This has nothing to do with what others say or think. What do you guys, and girls do if this how you feel about one you wrote?

I've got a game with a sub-story that has me worried, if, for no other reason, because the reaction so far to it has been "I don't understand this." I could write it off as a case of developer-knowledge versus player-knowledge. However, it is something I will want players to eventually sympathize with, and if they never get that understanding, would that not indicate that I'm failing as a writer?

What are you thinking about right now?

You guys care waaaaaaay too much about hitting page 1000.

April was a Fool

I downloaded this some time ago, but, I had a lame-self-joke going on that I MAY get around to APRIL in JUNE. So much for that, though!

With my first play, I saw a good number of scenes with Erwin, but that didn't turn out so well, given that...
...May fused with Evil, killed the heroes, and took over the world.

The next play I did was a tear-jerker with Blake. What I probably want to do next is try to steer towards a more positive Erwin-ending, then move on to somebody else.

[RMVX ACE] how can i create a dark knight character

I never said that HP Drain would not cost MP?

In any event, here's what I'm understanding of what you want: there is a character that has a "taint" value, and using the HP Drain skill would increment that value. Using Dark Wave would deplete the "taint" value by some number, if not set it to zero. Regardless of how much taint is depleted, the damage of Dark Wave would be based on how much the value is depleted by.

Setting up the taint value might not be so bad, script-wise. That would be adding a property to, most probably, either the Game_BattlerBase or Game_Actor class. Both Dark Wave's and HP Drain's damage formulas might need an "eval()" expression. For example, we probably want Dark Wave to do something like...

damage = a.taint * (2 * a.mat - b.mdf)
a.taint = 0
return damage

...that. Or whatever you might have had in mind, as far as damage calculation is concerned. Meanwhile, HP Drain might look something like...

damage = 2 * a.mat - * b.mdf
a.taint += damage / 4
return damage

...that. Though, if I'm totally off-kilter, here, this would be a good place to tell me!

It's my birthday! \o/

Congratulations adventurer!

[RMVX ACE] how can i create a dark knight character

Hrm. Do you use TP at all? If not, maybe you can set it up so that HP Drain is the only thing that charges TP. Dark Wave wouldn't necessarily cost TP, but you could probably set up a Common Event that would read how much TP has been accumulated by the character, base the damage on that somehow, then set the character's TP to zero.

You very probably need a script to enable skills to cost HP, though. I think one of Yanfly's scripts can do it, but, I can't be more specific than that. Sorry!

*Edit, clarification: Well, technically, you can set an effect of a skill to recover negative HP. Which could relay an HP cost. However, the impression I get is that you want to list the cost of Dark Wave as a cost in HP as opposed to having a 0 MP cost that happens to have an additional effect of sacrificing X% of the character's HP?

Wait a sec. Setting a skill to recover negative HP is an effect that applies to the target, not the user of the skill. NEVERMIND!

*Edit 2: Well, I suppose the cost in HP could be part of the Common Event for Dark Wave? However, yeah, I'm still getting the impression that you want the cost to be listed as a cost of HP as opposed to a cost of MP.

So I went and got Remnant of Isolation on steam, and I just wanted to say, from what Ive played, you guys did a good job. (you know who you are).

Yes they did.

Nearly finished my first game looking for few beta testers/feedback.

I have attached a few sample images to the locker of what the game looks like

**EDIT** Seem to be struggling to upload the images from my mac into my post.

You can get the URL from going into your locker, and clicking on the paperclip icon to the left of the filename. It's also in the "File path" field, after clicking on the file normally.