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Monsters! Too many or too little!?

The expectation with pallet-swaps is that the enemy is going to be tougher/harder (and worth more EXP/GOLD) than the original incarnation that you fought earlier in the game. That typically means better stats, more powerful abilities, or are granted new abilities over previous incarnations.

So, if this tactic would feel overused, it would probably something on the order of having two or three pallet-swapped enemies each dungeon. Or not. It depends on the enemy, I suppose. For some reason, I'm thinking back to the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game, and how that game's Foot Solders were pallet-swaps of each other. Those enemies are mooks, and not particularly memorable enemies, though.

*Edit: Having pallet-swapped bosses could be the tricky part. If it's literally the same enemy, that could be one way to indicate that expectations should be changed. If it's a different enemy entirely, it might be a bit tough for some players to disassociate from the other enemy. Since the assumption that pallet-swaps should be similar, whatever tactic they used the first time is probably going to be used against that boss, even if the boss calls for something completely different.

*Edit2: I suppose I am largely assuming that boss-fights are one-on-one. If one fight has minions, and another one doesn't, for example, that could be a way to cause a disassociation from the last fight, and trigger that "you need a new strategy!" thought-process.

Rumors of main menu hacks

I'm staring down at what I've written for both MISSION 1 and MISSION 2, and I think I might be overdoing it for MISSION 2. MISSION 1 was just two textboxes, but, MISSION 2 would be, well, a lot more! Though, the fact that there's a conversation happening in MISSION 2 is probably what's messing that up. The fact that there's no player interaction is a bit worrisome, but, maybe it's not as bad as I might think?

Actually, let me share with you guys/gals/whatever-else-is-watching what I've got thus far for both missions.


Start: After three missions completed from the Mission Computer
Destination: Nav 9 (Naveena - Bar)
Mister Kalt, we have been observing you, and know of your plight. We may be able to help you, if you help us. Meet our agent on Planet Navenna, which we will grant you access to shortly after this message.


Start: Nav 9 (Naveena - Bar)
Destination: ?
Lintis Kalt. Age 35. Human. Male. Married. Has a daughter. Wife and daughter currently in the...
Hello to you too.
We always thoroughly research our potential clients.
No kidding. So, what does your boss want?
Before I answer that, what do you know about the Myriad Cypher?
All I really know about that is that all ships have a cypher installed on them. The gates can read that cypher, and allows access based on the kind of cypher it reads. Myriad Cyphers are a class of high-priority cypher, given to exceptionally important political entities, and high-ranking military officers.
Yes, but what KIND of data is sent by the cypher?
Um, security codes?
Nope. Biometric data.
There was an incident along the outer rim where a nondescript ship passed through an otherwise secure gate. The system accepted the Myriad Cypher, and allowed it passage. However, being nondescript, security took notice. They searched for any device that would tamper with the system. They found that it was one of the occupants, a human female. Her DNA triggered the scanners to accept the Myriad Cypher.
I think heard something about that. Thought it was a fluke, or an over-reaction, or whatever.
No. It actually happened. Security tried to contain the woman, figuring that she must have been genetically altered for the specific purpose of piracy. However, she would not be contained.
If her DNA triggers the Myraid Cypher to be read, I can easily imagine...
No, you misunderstand me. It wasn't simply a matter of having her DNA scanned to return the Myriad Cypher. She was imbedded with some kind of physic powers to protect herself with.
Another genetic modification?

RPG maker VX

VX Ace. VX does not have terrain tags. Didn't... you say you were working in VX Ace? Wait, where was...

sorry about the vague topic title I found a bunch of terrain scripts for vx ace so I made it clear what engine I was using and forgot about the actual thing I needed.
Cheers for how to do it via events Marrend

sory no its not for vx ace, but its nice to know how to do it on there

Oh. Derp. For whatever reason, I thought these meant... Nevermind, what I thought!

So, er, I guess the thing I had before was a solution, if a really bad one. Though, you'd have to check player position both before and after the "Move 1 tile forward" command to see if the player has, in fact, moved.

I should have a screen up momentarily to show what I'm thinking.

*Edit: You might have to hard-refresh, but...

...this is what I was thinking of. I'm not really sure how else to do it, to be honest!

Stuff is happening


Or, perhaps, I should say...

Awwwwww yeaaaaaah!

Rumors of main menu hacks

A few updates, if I may. Now, keep in mind that I've only really dealt with one plot-mission, but...

...I figure that plot-missions would have reminder-text that look similar to regular mission descriptions. Saying that, the text that displays when getting these missions are going to be radically different than what is displayed here. As for the issue of noting plot-missions and/or regular missions on the system map...

...I believe the issue is...

...pretty much taken care of! Though, there is still the oddity of getting a "You have no active missions!" message if players just have a plot-mission. The thought is to re-word that message to... well, I'm not quite sure yet!

Checking interest for McBacon Jam #2

I'd probably prefer it being in September with about 2 weeks of dev-time. Also, a lax policy on extensions/late entries. If this were a competition, I could understand a need to be strict about adhering to the time allotment. However, this isn't a competition. It's about finding out how well you work with your teammates and the most holy pursuit of gammak.

Darigaaz, are people forming teams already!?

[RMVX ACE] The need for sleep.

Short version: You need to store MP into the variable that the Conditional Branch uses.

Long version: I have no idea what the "fatigue" function does, but, if you're checking against a game-variable instead, from the looks of things, it doesn't actually store the character's MP. That's why it keeps looping. The game-variables always start at 0. So, when it checks to see that the variable that is supposed to store MP is 0, it will return true, and will always return true, because it never changes.

*Edit: Alternatively, you could most likely use the script "$game_actors[1].mp == 0" for the Conditional Branch. The number in the brackets would depend on the ID of the character, though, and I'm largely presuming that this is a one-character game.

*Edit2: Also, yeah, nowhere in that code would it teleport you to a random location. The player would "wake up" exactly in the same place he/she/it/they/whatever was "knocked out". I'm not quite sure what the solution would be to that right now. One question occurs to me outright, though. Would the player's position on the new map also be random, or would the player's position depend on what map is being teleported to?

*Edit3: Dairgaaz, I just saw it. In the Conditional Branch, you placed "fatigue = 0". Unless something else is going on, what this does is put the value of "0" into a local-variable called "fatigue". It doesn't actually check anything! Which is probably the real reason why this keeps looping!

Battleborn: Deathlock Arena [Awaiting Transmission]

I was mostly thinking of Xand and/or yuno, but, I'm sure there's other prime examples out there.

Battleborn: Deathlock Arena [Awaiting Transmission]

There's... probably more infamous ways to earn a user-title.

[Poll] Which Title screen is better for a farming game?

Given that I can't even tell what the picture in the first screenshot is supposed to be of, my opinion would tend towards using on the second picture. Supposing my opinion means anything.