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Content creation (technical)

Is it even possible to run out of slots? We're barely breaking three digits as-is, but, I don't see why we can't have IDs with four or five digits (until/unless proven otherwise).

Under investigation

Hrm. A speech challenge based on stats could be an INT versus WILL contest. It probably would be expressed as a percentage, like how the game expresses the option for an automatic pick-lock.

Perhaps this contest even affects how much the bribe is, depending on how far of the roll was from being a success?

*Edit: I'm kinda liking these ideas. Thanks, Red!

*Edit2: I'm not 100% sure how, exactly I want to relay that a bribe was reduced, but...
def reduce_bribe(num)
  when 41 .. 50
    return 45
  when 31 .. 40
    return 40
  when 21 .. 30
    return 35
  when 11 .. 20
    return 30
  when 1 .. 10
    # Close, but no cigar!
    return 25
    # Way to FAIL, Sataro! You just made me 50 Geld-Pasil richer!
    return 50

...yeah I'm a terrible person.

Under investigation

There's been a few thoughts on having a level-cap of 20, as characters stop getting skills at level 15. That's a decision that can be staved off for later, though. The more immediate concern is what activities Shizu does for her investigations, and how they can translate into gameplay.

The picklocking mini-game kinda comes to mind in reference to getting into places she's not supposed to be. This obviously includes doors and what-not, but, maybe, I can also include hacking into a computer system as part of the deal? I dunno. Might be a bit of a stretch.

Other than getting into places that she shouldn't be, what about some way to get someone to say more than they should? Bribery could come into play here, and sometimes can't be avoided, but, I figure there should be some kind of system involved. Like, it would be some weird balance between how frustrated Shizu is (before she starts forking over cash), how likely the person is to talk (given various factors, such as the situation, the person's personality, or how Shizu is trying to get him/her to talk), maybe some other factor(s?) that I'm unsure of.

*Edit: I suppose the main thing is how this system comes together. Is it some kind of conversation loop? I dunno. A loop kinda suggests that players would choose the same option over and over until the person they are talking to relents, and that doesn't seem like The Thing I Want To Do TM, Patent Pending, etc for this.

It feels like an eternity since I actually posted something on a thread... :P

What are you even talking about, Ilan? Your latest posts seem to suggest otherwise.

*Edit: Starting a thread, or posting a status, I could agree with, though.

Everyone's been calling me "porky." Do I have to change my name to Porky42 now?!

If it were me, I might do that name-change. Though, I'd also change my avatar to that of Porky Pig, but, that's beside the point.

[RMVX ACE] Anyone know a good "Golem" graphic?

You know, it occurs to me that the OP could be referring to needing a battler graphic, as opposed to a character graphic...

Under investigation

So, something of a status report.

Originally, not only did our title-protagonist know about the Arbiters (and what-not), she went to Matsumori High, was recruited by Mina (that's not exactly the right term, but, let's roll with it), and had her then-lover die in front of her eyes. Suffice it to say, with a lack of knowledge, the aim is for her to figure things out at the same time as players (more or less). This also leads into the legwork/research angle I was talking about. I still have no clue how that's all going to work, but, I'm nonetheless liking the changes I've been making to this so far.

I suppose the question that may come to mind is when a new playtest-build might be ready. I'll probably be aiming for it to conclude approximately in the same place as the current test-build, but, cannot currently predict how much content there's going to be between finding Rasuna on Togo Road and investigating Shima Place.

I suppose I'm asking for a bit of patience on this. Though, I dunno, it just doesn't seem right for me to ask for such, given how long this game has been under a development/hiatus cycle. Darigaaz, has it really been almost three years now? I sometimes have to wonder if the wait is going to be "worth it". Or, I can ignore such worries, and just make the best possible game I can.

[RMVX ACE] [need help] How to make an event face same direction of other event without tedious condition branches?

Line 1411 in Game_Interpreter is the least useful line to go to, ever. The issue is probably with the script that is screen-shotted.

Now, I haven't completely tested this, but, it seems to me that the script you want to use might look something more like...



*Edit: The issue is that "direction" is a class-variable of Game_CharacterBase (of which Game_Events is a child of) that cannot be directly assigned values like it is shown in the OP. It needs a function to access it, such as "direction=(value)" (which would/could allow for the code shown in the OP) or something like this "set_direction(d)" function.

Well, probably!

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

I'm thinking about getting rid of the sub-division by chapters for Konae's Investigations. Though, maybe it's because Chapter 1 is so small in comparison to what I figure Chapter 2 might look like? I dunno. Maybe I'm just looking at the big picture of what needs to be done, and being overwhelmed by it all.

Time to build a Final Dungeon :3

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