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Myriad Cypher Review

Personally speaking, I was figuring that the ship's turn rate would scale, rather than be a flat number. Though, you might be right about the velocity of the ship with the better drives? I dunno, it's kinda fun to zip around the map, but, maybe that's just me?

*Edit: Oh yeah! Thanks for the review!

Might and Magic TsuK - Gates to Other Worlds Review

Sorry about not doing this clarification earlier, but, this game was entirely built with the RTP assets. Except for the teleport crystals, which were part of the so-called "RTP add-on" (It had a version number attached to it, but, I forget what it was) put together by... Don Miguel? Sorry, I don't know a heck of a lot about it, and it was ages ago when I got it!

*Edit: Oh yeah! Thanks for the... review?

*slowly realizes I now have games that can appear in the "Highly Rated" section in the frontpage!?*

What are you thinking about right now?

In no particular order:

I should get around to listening to that podcast.

I have had absolutely no time for the Release Something event this year. Or much of any kind of gammak lately.

I wonder when McBacon Jam #3 is coming? Whenever it is, I'm kinda inclined to try going random this time around. Though, I'm a little nervous that not having MV might be an issue. Could be over-thinking things.

Man, I just feel terrible right now. I mean, I could identify a few causes, but, I can't really deal with them until Tuesday. I just hope they can be resolved without too much of a heartache headache.

I was noticing the RMN Needs Your Help (again)! thread being somewhat active whenever-it-was-ago. I don't have a PayPal account (I know, I'm terrible), so, I'm kinda thinking of getting something from the store, then turning around and donating it as a prize maybe? I dunno.

A final farewell

Updated the blog with spelling/grammar corrections, courtesy of karins_soulkeeper!

Let's work on your game descriptions!

@karins: Oh, right! I seem to recall being corrected on the whether/wither point elsewhere. My thought about your fourth point is that it could probably be turned into "two years as a member of the debate club" to make that flow a bit better.

Thanks for responding! Now to update that blog!

Hi! Looking to start playing and making games

If one wishes to be technical, the line is, "Welcome to RMN! Share your creativity with us!"

Eh, whatever! It's all good!

Hi! Looking to start playing and making games

*looks around cautiously*
Share your creativity with us!

Hey, that's my line!

*inaudible grumbling*

Content creation (artistic)

To be fair, the entry for Takuya doesn't have "story" among it's included content types, but, I can update the Requirements/Notes section to say that it's an asset for content creators. I guess the best comparison to make would be flowerthief's pre-made tachie?

*Edit: Except those were, literally, just tachie. No profile or music were attached.

Offical Custom Content Download

List updated! We've got pictures now! As an aside, I wanted to grab the pic on the official site for Medea Eriko, but, of course, the site is down/busy at the moment. Will probably update that when...

Content Name
Content Name
Content Included
Wolfpack (Yamisaki Eliza, Yamisaki Alessa, Sakamoto Yuriko)
Story, profile, music, tachie
Disable Clean Mode

...Wolfpack gets included.

[Ace] Force BGM to replay

I'm just using the base material for GTBS (I've been meaning to look into it with more scrutiny), but, the BGM seems to loop for me for both "TradeCity" and "Map001". Though, I couldn't help but to notice that whatever BGM setting I put in "Map001" has it's volume altered outside of the map settings.