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Life is a story. Which is the one that defines you?

Matsumori Days
Matsumori High. Where everything begins. And ends.



Team needs Spriters and other artists for new project!

What can you show of this game so far? Even something that's in a prototype stage can speak volumes of a game's potential!

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My sense of irony says Last Minute Gift for December.

history of my game (what do you think) again

This could still use a lot of work. Like, if this is supposed to relay some kind of moral...

Neither "God" nor "Devil" exist. Every single one of us is but a marionette.'s not doing it very well. Or at all, for that matter. Though, it occurs to me that if everybody is a marionette, would that not imply that somebody, or some thing, is pulling the strings?

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Whoa, whoa! What's going on?

Fun With Formulas

This thread has me thinking about how Heroes of Might and Magic calculates damage. In that series, creatures have a damage range, an "attack power" and a "defense power". Damage range aside, each point of difference between the attacker's attack power and defender's defense power is translated into a 5% modifier to the base damage. So, for example, if a.atk = 25 and b.def = 14 (11 point difference), the modifier to the base damage would be 155%. Switching the numbers around, it would be 45% of the base damage. Obviously, a 0-point difference means a damage multiplier of 100%.

This system has built-in caps, of course. The lowest percentage might be 25% or 30% of the base damage (I'm inclined to think 30%), whereas highest percentage is 300% of the base damage.

*Edit: Also, the information regarding attack power, defense power, and damage range can be viewed with a left-click. The game doesn't approximate the potential damage that can be done by attacking DudeX with DudeY (at least to my knowledge), but, the basic information is accessible!

history of my game (what do you think)

because at the beggining of the history the narrator says that jesus didn't die in the crox, that was transported by sea to france

If it was in the beginning, why didn't you put it there? What else is spoken by the narrator that is not being relayed here?

I dunno. There seems to be this huge knowledge discrepancy here that isn't doing your readers any favors.

[RMVX ACE] Enemy transform

Try double-checking the value of $game_variables[2] before the division to make sure it's not 0. You can accomplish this with inserting a regular message box between the change variable event-commands and the script-line. The contents of the message box would be "\v[2]".

*Edit: If it displays 0, it could be that you copy-pasted the event command that defined the numerator (ie: $game_variables[1]) and didn't change the right thing(s) for when the denominator (ie: $game_variables[2]) was to be defined. If that makes any sense. To be honest, I made this very mistake, and got that error message, so...

*Edit2: Also, for next time, if you have an image, post the image! Like thus:

history of my game (what do you think)

Is there some reason Anglia would make a pact with God one year ago making the man in this story the protector of the Church? I'm assuming we're talking about the organization as a whole, not a specific building. Though, maybe, it could be a specific building.

[RMVX ACE] Enemy transform

Its okay and I did try it but it didn't work right though since it went and changed into one form and then to another form right after it.

I tested that theory, and sure enough, the monster reverted back to the second form after attaining it's third! So, after some tweaking and testing, the following (or something like it) should work:

Let's work on your game descriptions!

This is not a game description by any means, but, I've been ruminating over a graduation address Mitsuya Masako (Matsumori Days, Konae's Investigations) might give. So far, what I have looks something like...

Welcome to the commencement ceremony of Matsumori High's class of 2010! It is, admittedly, somewhat surreal to stand here before you like this. It has been a long road, these past few years. It has been a road filled with obstacles that were overcome. Regardless of whither these obstacles were curricular, extracurricular, or something not related to school at all, let us not forget the assistance of our friends, family, and faculty on overcoming those obstacles.

I suppose what I will miss most of all from leaving Matusmori High are the extracurricular activities. In my two years of debate club, it seems I have built a reputation that will last long after this ceremony. To speak nothing of my stint as student council president, and the services rendered to the honorable, but sadly absent, principal Ogyu. From these sources, I have developed a method to use my instincts as a means of protection against harm.

Let us look to the future now, seeing the doors of possibility thrown wide by having spent our time here. However, let us not forget those that allowed those doors to be open to us. Nor the place where we met them. Let us never forget Matsumori High. Where it all began.

...this. Suggestions, comments, etc, are welcome!