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Making Healing Interesting with Multiple Healing Characters

If that's how it's handled, Marrend, then holy crap that sounds cool.

To be fair, Forgiver Sign is probably that game's have-all-108-stars-bonus-thing? Darigaaz, my memory about this is absolutely terrible.

Problem saving information on profile

Dumb question: So, after making all those changes to your account information, did you happen to click on the "Update" button on the bottom of the page?

Making Healing Interesting with Multiple Healing Characters

Call me crazy, but, I really liked how Suikoden 2's Forgiver Sign handles it. It's a healing spell that deals damage! Well, okay, it would be more accurate to say that it creates a HP pool, and uses what's in the pool and to heal your party. Then, whatever amount that's left over from that pool deals damage to a foe. Or, at least I think that's how it works? It's been a while since I've actually played that game.

*Edit: Along a somewhat similar train of thought is Might and Magic's Shared Life. Technically, it's not a healing spell. What it ultimately does is equalize the party's HP as much as possible. Which is to say that, most probably, it takes the HP from the more damage-resilient party members, and gives it to the more squishy party members.


Image updated, now with NPCs, a not-so-secret-anymore door, and what-not!

Wyrm Warriors

Back on topic: I'm not really aware of what's going on behind the scenes of this game, but I'm comparing the taken maps to the completed maps and, assuming that's up to date, there's quite a few that haven't been submitted yet. There's only so much unity can do if there are no maps to work with.

I quite largely suspect that such is the case, myself. Kinda like how Apon the Brow of Tomorrow Clear still only has 4 maps to it's name?


I was such a huge fan of Wasteland in the late 80's, it wasn't even funny. I even wrote (bad) fan-fics involving where my party was, what they were doing, and everything.

I tried playing it a much, much, later on, when I needed DosBox to run the game, but I didn't quite catch the bug again. Though, when I heard wind of the existence of a Wasteland 2, suffice it to say, I was intrigued.

Playing Wasteland 2 hit pretty high nostalgic notes. Oh man, going to Highpool High School, and hearing about Bobby and Rex? Not to mention that there are NPCs named after the default party members of the original, and how everybody summaries the events of the first game? Man, that was such a serious flood!

What's the First Videogame you've ever played?

I feel like I answered this elsewhere, but, Might and Magic - Secret of the Inner Sanctum on the Commodore 64 back in, uh, 1987 or 1986? Though, if you really want to be technical about it, I seem to recall playing a chess game on, uh, something, I'm not sure what it was, before we got our C64.

*Edit: Though, to be fair, M&M, as a series, has had a pretty huge influence on me, if for no other reason because my username comes from a character made in M&M1!

[RMVX] Resume music after game has been loaded.

That is so weird! I don't see/understand why that should be happening at all!

Remember your "Dream Game?" How did that turn out?

If by "dream game", you mean a game that was based on dreams, there is this garbage. If by "dream game", you mean a game that I always wanted to make, that... is less certain. In a weird way, I suppose you could count these two games?

How do you think your current avatar affects your mood?

If I would connect my avatar with my current mood, I could probably finagle it with the Okiku face-sets that are in my locker. Though, 90% of the time, I would probably use the neutral one.

*Edit: Unless I'm feeling particularly terrible, or just want to kill myself (either literally or figuratively).