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Superhero RPG: Is it possible with RPG Maker

I hacked together a magical girl game using RTP graphics? It might not be the best game out there, or the kind of superhero game you might be looking for, but, I dunno. Might be something to look at. Though, I've heard a lot of things about Master of the Wind as well, so, I would suggest looking at that too.

What are you thinking about right now?

Though, there might be heartbreak with the Valentine's Day game.
I'm not sure where people get the idea it's a dead game. I'm working on it ffs. >.<;
Like I said in the blog I posted, I haven't had much time this week to do anything RM related so it's slow going but it's the only project I'm working on atm so... :/

That's not what I meant! I meant when the game comes out! I was just really bad at communicating this.

Sailor Moon: The Silver Millennium

@Fanatik007: That file is in the version of the game I recently played. Though, I might have gotten this game from it's RMW thread rather than from here. Not sure if that makes a difference!

RMN: Make My Score~<3

@unity/Deltree: Are those Catherine references you two are making?

Anyway, I don't mind exercising a bit more patience with this game. I mean, it's not even been a week since Valentine's Day! R-right?

*quietly cries in corner*

MAJOR Bug fix!

Well, that's weird. I took it as sarcasm, but, there is the small point of Red being accident-prone.

Not sure what to make of that.

Is there a Kentonb? Do Kentona and Kentonb fight each other for the attention of Kentonc?

The A is for ADORABLE.

What are you thinking about right now?

Let me tell you what, I'm more than a bit afraid of opening up Steam. It was the program that caused my computer to stall/crash, and trying to access it again when I thought I recovered caused yet another stall! I was somehow able to recover, but, geeze, I've had enough heart attacks for a day!

Though, there might be heartbreak with the Valentine's Day game.

What are you thinking about right now?

I just recovered my laptop from a crash. Everything seems to be in order for now, but, Darigaaz, it was pretty frightening! I did a back-up about a week ago, but, this kinda wants me to do another one!

[RM2K3] Moving Hero 'ONE step by ONE step'.

It's not just KEY INPUT PROCESSING. Notice that it stores the key-press into a variable. So, what you'd probably have to do is a CONDITIONAL BRANCH based off of the variable you used to store that data.

For example, if you stored the button-press into Variable0001, it might look like...

CONDITIONAL BRANCH (Variable0001 is 1)
# Comment: Player is pressing DOWN!
Move Down
CONDITIONAL BRANCH (Variable0001 is 2)
# Comment: Player is pressing LEFT!
Move Left

...and so on. Also note that the values passed into the variable are on the KEY INPUT PROCESSING screen (which is where I'm getting Down = 1 from).

*Edit: I think you might need to setup the event that calls the Common Event to be an Auto-Run for this to work properly?

The Book of True Will

Typo: you write 'Platos Children' in the scene before the chasm, it should be 'Platos's Children'...

I think "Platos' Children" would be the correct form to use in this case. Though, I might not be the best arbiter of this kind of thing!