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@Marrend: The file size for the download is currently too large to list on the download page IIRC? I am going to try to release a smaller update this weekend tho!

Technically speaking, you can add a download that points to an external source. This is what the "URL" line in the Add Download section is supposed to be about.

Though, it is good to hear that you're trying to trim the size down!

*Edit, @unity: I can understand that thought-process!

My RPG Valentine

Gave this a bit of a whirl. The interiors of the houses were a bit empty for their own good. The dialogs could probably have used another combing over. Combat was... I dunno. It's a mixed bag. I mean, on one hand, most battles can be won with mashing attack. On the other hand, I really liked how characters level up at a decent pace. Though, maybe that's why I was able to mash attack for most battles or use one of the three board-wipe skills when I was feeling exceptionally lazy.

New to RMN?

You can get demos of RPG Maker XP, VX or VX Ace for free, but they last 10 days (if memory serves). There is also RPG Maker VX Ace Lite that you can get for free. While that engine does not have any expiration, there are limits built in to get people to shell out for VX Ace proper.


@unity: Er, there's a download link in the description?

*Edit, @avaraa: You might want to set that up as a download for the gamepage.

Luxaren Allure is now on GameJolt!

*silently cheers*

[RM2K] Looking for an Indonesian Sonic game

I'd suggest asking in this thread.

[RMVX ACE] Naming the Party?

From what I'm looking at, it's in the Vocab module at the top. The default value is...

Victory         = "%s was victorious!", I would imagine that you would want to change it to...

Victory         = "You are victorious!"

...or what-have-you. Though, personally, I would comment out the original code (with the "#" character), then replace the code.


I swear that the achievements from Strawberry Review Jam have already been passed out. Unless you're talking about Relese Serah.

McBacon Jam achievements?

Befuddle Quest VII: Advent Children

Scripts are allowed? Hrm. Might want to look into some Wand of Blasting shenanigans. Though, if the decision to allow scripts is reversed, well, er, no, I've got nothin'.


Tsukihime's resource-checker script is pretty good, but, apparently, doesn't cover everything.