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Content creation (technical)

ID list updated!

Changes made:
Sakuragawa Fuyuki (ID = 20) is now considered "canceled", as requested by the author.

Darigaaz, when was the last time I updated the official site-listing?

Gamespot Thread

U-pon the Brow of To-mor-row, Clear
that glor-iou-s gam of..

*is shot*

*Edit: I know, I know. I'm a terrible person.

[RMXP] need help with simple minigame

I was looking a bit in XP. I think...

$game_variables[id of the variable you want to store the X coordinate in] = $game_pictures[id of the picture showing the icon].x

That should do the trick.

...this advice would be more correct to follow.

Stream of consciousness - Releasing Something?

I wanted to test a little something-something with the description-generation script. Particularly the point about me never seeing a Cargo Mission. Mission types are generated with a random number at first, so let's look at how that even comes about, normally.

@type = rand(5)

Seriously, that's all there is to it. A random number from 0 to 5. Cargo Missions are attributed to rolling a five with this, so, let's see how soon we roll a five out of, say, 100 rolls.

@type = rand(5)
i = 0
while @type != 5
  @type = rand(5)
  i += 1
  if i >= 100 then break end

The counter hit 100 first. Okay, how about I set the counter to max out at 1000? Yeah, no, the counter was still maxed out first. 10000? Oookaaaay, on a lark, a million? Nope. The counter keeps maxing out first. Okay, let's do something crazy. What happens if I remove the counter? It... freezes?

Okay, this doesn't make any sense to me, whatsoever. The system can roll the max result with the other random generators, but not this one? I suppose I could do rand(6) instead, and have Cargo Missions be an "else" case, but, yeah, I just don't get why it's functioning like this.

...Annnd the first mission type I get after setting "@type = rand(6)" and Cargo Mission to be the "else" case is, you guessed it, a Cargo Mission. Of all the ironic things to happen...

Romancing Walker

@Zelifano: Does the game give you an error message before it shuts down, or does it just up and shut down on you?

Content creation (artistic)

@Fuyuki: Sorry to hear about your character! If you're ever inclined to revive that character, or slot in a different character altogether, let us know, 'kay?

@GrayDragonEmily: I don't think I have too many problems with STORY 1. Maybe combine a few of the thought-bubbles <player> has. Such as...

ID = 0
(Nothing much to see here. Except for that couple cuddling under that tree.)
(They look so happy together. I wish I had a girlfriend...)


ID = 0
(Looks I'm not the only one watching the couple. That girl over by the wall is looking at the boy longingly...)
(Whoa! I've spent way too long here! I gotta run to class or I'll be late!)

A similar technique could be used for STORY 2. Though, personally speaking, I would do...

ID = 0
Wait, what's your name?
ID = 13

...but that's just me. Though, I don't think you needed the "ID = 13" above the ERASE CENTER? Pretty sure you don't!

Everything Will Be Fine

Gave the demo a whirl.

Gee, that ship in the shooter mini-game looked oddly familiar!

That aside, I was a bit confused with the puzzle in the engine room. Though, once I figured out what how the heck to move things, I was pretty okay. I sorta expected more catastrophic things to happen, but, even so, the demo seriously reeled me in! Good job, Ebeth!

[Release Something! Day XIII] Feedback Thread

@CashmereCat: Posted elsewhere.

*Edit, @Ebeth: Posted elsewhere.

As an aside, has anybody gotten a Cargo Mission in the Myriad Cypher missions demo? The possibility should be there, but I've yet to see one (outside of when I forced it during testing).

Account Mu

Well this was an interesting ditty! I had a bit of trouble figuring out at least two of the puzzles (though I did eventually figure them out), but, for the most part, I enjoyed my time with this demo.


RMN Review Club

I downloaded Game Master some time ago, but, uh, yeah, haven't done anything else with it. Release Something and it's follow-up feedback period is sorta getting a higher priority!