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[RMVX ACE] Voice Actors needed

The roles that are not filled...

...which are? I think producing a list of who's not done, rather than having us wade through the site you linked to, would be super-beneficial for you, and for us. It would also probably beneficial for you to...

...and if ur you're better then actor who has a role, u you want let me know, and we will have a voice battle.

...write proper English. Though, I'm guessing it's not your native language?

Musing of the moment

I dunno, maybe I'm just tired at the moment, but, I really don't want to add anymore functionality to this game. I just wanna focus on getting the story in, and calling it done already.

Though, there may be a few things I might want to look into. For one, I still feel trading is still very much broken, even with limiting players to have a cargo capacity of 100! I'm not particularly aware of what scripts are available that would limit quantities that shops would be able to sell (mental note: rummage through RMN's scripts, then Yanfly's site!), but, that's the kind of script I could probably use!

*Edit: Had a half-thought of making arrays that would be called for item quantities, maybe having a simple notation too (ie: "(25) Iron" means the shop has 25 units of Iron). Then I recalled that equipment would not have quantities, so, I'd somehow have to dance around that too.

Not to mention an additional check while buying to include processing to not go over the quantity the shop has for an item, and the need to have some kind of cool-down for when quantities get reset to initial values. Would I have to include processing for items that the shop doesn't normally sell to appear on the inventory?

Darigaaz, this thinking is getting waaaaaaay to complicated for it's own good. Right now, I'd just be happy to have quantities go down when things are bought from shops, and not mess with what happens when things are sold to shops!

Didn't there used to be a BOF2 remake project on here?

I think you might be talking about Breath of Fire 2 - The Fated Child. Or, er, something like that. It was lead by WCouillard, but, I think I recall a post by him saying that the team he was working with to make it was more or less abandoned? Don't quite recall, sadly. Though, given that I'm not seeing the game his profile, it seems likely that the project was summarily abandoned.

RMN Tagline Thread

The internet is forever. RMN is twice that long.

Needs to be a tag-line.

Battleborn: Deathlock Arena [Awaiting Transmission]

You guys that want to win don't understand the glory of loosing.


Probably better off as a comment on the image, itself. That's just me, though.

RMN Tagline Thread

Kentona keeps on making taglines so I can't find them all.
This NEEDS to be a Tagline...

Gotta find 'em all! Tag-the-lines!

Darigaaz, that was terrible.

Phantasy Star Gems Title Screen

Wait, don't you already have a title screen for Phantasy Star Gems?

*Edit: Or, is this a matter of not knowing the author of the piece that you are using?

*Edit2: I could, possibly, whip something up from Myriad Cypher resources.

*Edit3: Patched this together with a bit of GIMPing. I half-supposed you might want the Phantasy Star title-screen font, but, that's something I don't have. Though, I suppose one might be able to find it.

Anyway, if you use this at all, I would prefer you give credit to Ebeth and myself.

Battleborn: Deathlock Arena [Awaiting Transmission]

There's probably a terrible joke involving wisaos, but, er, let's skip that!

Your Avatar

Because I changed my avatar...

<- Elena, from Grandia 2.

Mostly, I changed it to this in response to getting the "More Helpful Than You Are" achievement for the second time. Not sure how long she'll last, but, if I manage to get it a third time, reality will break she'll pop up again.