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Cherry Blossoms

Uh, then, why are you listing RPG Maker XP as the engine this game was made in on the gamepage when you say in the description (and in the post above) that it was made with Renpy?

*Edit: Such a detail would not affect my review, but, it would help you to be accurate.

The Vallenfell Chronicles

I've seen this page on a few occasions, and thought about giving this a try each time. Maybe after Act 2 comes out?

1B The Heart

This... isn't going to end well. Is it?

Horrible Fanfic Crossover Idea Generator

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Tarzan and Serial Experiments Lain. The story should use furries as a plot device!

Hrm. I think I might actually be able to come up with something, here. Though, my knowledge of Serial Experiments Lain is pretty crappy!

Fantasy Football? Pfft! Fantasy Game Dev Team!

Be careful what you wish for. You may just spawn an event.

Cherry Blossoms

To be fair, I can only speak about contacting the Heartache custom content authors for use of their edited graphics, and, honestly, I have no idea how to contact Nekochi, or Wowzer_. Contacting that other person, though, shouldn't be an issue. Probably.

Anyway, I got a couple more endings. I think I still have three endings that I haven't seen yet. I'm not sure if I want to write up a review (I probably could), but, I can't help but to notice how incredibly short this game is, even without the "fast forward" button.

Good Idea? Bad Idea?

I'm a bit interested in the processing in how monsters re-appear on the map. Is it a case of activating a self-switch after they are dealt with, and, after a certain amount of time, the self-switch deactivates itself?

As for the idea, itself, the thing I'd be least certain about is the NPC that gives out goodies based on number of fights. The point about some players feeling like they could be missing out on something is valid, especially since part of the plan is that the game hasn't required players to grind until up to a certain point. I dunno. I guess it would depend on how fun the combat is with how players would react to that situation. If combat is fun, for example, then, players might grind anyway, and there might be no perceived loss when they meet that NPC.

Finished content

A funny thing happened when I logged on RMN today. I found a gamepage that used Yu's "Medium Build Girl" for character graphics! However, the characters looked more that a little familiar! I quickly recognized Joruri and Shoko, and eventually looked up recognized Robin.

Of course, I made a post on that gamepage.

Cherry Blossoms

author=game description
Characters created by Marrend/Nekochi.
I thought those character graphics looked familiar! Though, as a small correction, I'm noticing that you're using "Robin", who was made by Wowzer_.

Though, to be fair, it would probably be appropriate to site the original source graphic of... wait, let me look this up.

*Edit: "Medium Build Girl" by Yu, found here.

*Edit2: I might be curious enough to play this.

*Edit3: It's slowly occurring to me that you probably should have asked permission to use these graphics? I dunno. They are, ultimately, edits of somebody else's material, but, still.

*Darigaaz, a 4th edit: Played this for a it, and got an ending with Joruri Amanda. I noticed "Aoi" in this game, so the credit to Nekochi can stay. You should probably still add Wowzer_, though. The situation of Robin Emily, running into <player> Phillip in the hall felt oddly reminiscent of the sequence that can happen in Heartache 101 if an INTRODUCE story is not defined. Actually, a lot of this game is reminiscent of Heartache 101, though, that could easily just be my mind playing tricks on me.

Back in Town, and I'll Be Ready for GAM MAK Soon!

Cats may have nine lives, but CashmereCat has, like, ninety.

*Edit: I should, eventually, get a Nina avatar as well.