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Life is a story. Which is the one that defines you?

Matsumori Days
Matsumori High. Where everything begins. And ends.



A thousand apologies

Thanks for the kind support, everyone! I'll do my very best to get better!

In retrospect, working as hard as I did on finishing Myriad Cypher, doing my part of Champs of the Bocca (I didn't think I worked that hard on it?) and the work that was done on this were probably contributing factors.

*Edit: Good catch on the "babbies" Cash! It was both a niece and nephew!

*Edit2: Actually, as long as I'm here, have a list of things I still feel I have to do.

  • Fix credit roll
I definitely use the Modern-Day graphics pack in Togo Road and Shima Place. Also uncredited are the graphics by Avadin used in Nakea City the overworld.

  • Re-check final boss
The difficulty of this fight felt a bit awkward to me. I'm thinking of tweaking the moveset of the boss a tad, and probably tweaking stats as well.

Let's work on your game descriptions!

Um, I believe the intent is for it to start as...

This is a story. A story about a dying world.

...that, and go from there. As for the point about replicas being the ones who want to save the world, maybe something more like...

Although the are not of Fragmentia, the replicas do everything they can to keep it alive.


Let's work on your game descriptions!

@jenova3new: I think it might be permissible to have descriptions in multiple languages, as long as at least one of the descriptions provided is an English one? I'm not exactly sure about that, though.

Anyway, the question that occurs to me is if you just sent in the description that you wrote, or if you also included the feature-list from your previous post? For example, a statement like "This game is a Final Fantasy-esque RPG with a Active Time Battle system." should cover both the points on the ATB and side-view. Maybe support such statements with images (Sub-note: Use the image uploader section of the gamepage for such images!) as well.

As for the video, I feel it would be best suited as a media submission. However, that would be after you get a gamepage.


Bit of a correction: the name of the monster is Junsunia, not Junsuina. I took the name of the monster from the word Junsuina which, according to Google, is Japanese for pure. So I guess we get our names from the same source.

Pretty much the same source! For full disclosure, I recall plugging in "pure darkness" (or something like that) into Google translate to get "junsuina waru". Uchioniko took this to a literal level, having one of the bosses named Junsuina Waru. Whereas with Arbiters From Another World... yeah.


Waaaaait a sec. I'm looking at the name of this pic ("Junsuina.png"), and something seems oddly familiar about that name!

*looks up Arbiter notes*


What are you thinking about right now?

We only need one more player for the Mods and Bots mafia game!

If you feel like a short forum game of lies and deception, feel free to sign up!

I gave that mafia thread a quick think. It already had eight sign-ups, and kinda took me my surprise that it even existed.

Then again, it feels like a lot of stuff has been going on 'round these parts. Or a general sense of being out-of-touch with the community. I dunno, maybe it's just MV's official release, and not being a part of that. Or... something.

*Edited because PAGE BREAK!

Let's work on your game descriptions!

The first thing I'm noticing is lack of capitalization at the beginning of certain sentences. That, and I feel like the whole story-section needs to be trimmed down, as it's a lot of information to throw at players all at once.

So, my suggestion might be to have it look something like...

The land known only as The Contenent is a radiant land that would seem as a utopia on the surface. Yet, underneath the plastic fields and silicone deserts lies a grim, dark world full of prejudice and evil. Perhaps the most affected by this prejudice are those known as the Half-Souls: Humans with a separate intelligence that, when that intelligence takes over, transforms their bodies into animals.

Samato is a young Half-Soul that goes to a local Half-Soul academy, and desires to find out why his mother was murdered, and by what. At the academy, he meets the mysterious Iruka Seomi and the idiosyncratic master of the academy. Life there is fairly normal, but, one day, he finds himself waking up to find a note written by the master to gather what Half-Souls he can to meet him in the Devil's Vault.

At first, Samato thinks this note isn't anything to concern himself with, but, he soon finds that Iruka is the only other student at the academy. Perhaps that note is more serious than he thought...

Let's get this done!

Small progress report here. I've sent out a copy of the game to my testers, but, I've also done a bit additional testing myself. I'm still aiming for an end-of-the-month release (it'll be my Halloween treat to RMN!), so, that only gives me (and my testers) about week to sort whatever needs to be sorted out.

As a side-note, I have something of a first draft of Masako's graduation speech (ie: this game's last blog). So, reviewing that for "Mitsuyaness" (That's a word... for the moment) is considered something that might need to be ironed out. There is also another crazy idea floating in my head concerning the last blog, but, I'll leave it a mystery for now (given the very real possibility that it just won't happen).

Let's work on your game descriptions!

So I'm looking through other game pages, then I stopped to find one of the most CSS developed ones I could find to use as an example. I found RMNs Befuddle Quest 6.

My question is; does anyone have a tutorial or guide on how to make a spiffy CSS for your gamepages? Mine are all bland and yuck.

I swear there is an article about CSSing profiles, somewhere. I haven't read it, so, I'm not sure how useful it is for beginners, though.

A Correction and the Final Status Update

Your progress is motivating me so much to finish my own game. I too am close to finish it, about 90% done. I wanted to try to race you to see who could finish their game first, but since you "only" have the last boss & ending left, I'm not too sure. xD

Whoa, whoa, whoa. A three gam pincer maneuver!? Let's do this!

Sarcasm aside, just do your best.