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Matsumori Days
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Heartache 101 ~Sour into Sweet~

Just downloaded the game... but cant start it..

Do you get an error message? If so, what does it say?

McBacon Jam #2

i have it on good authority that team (...) team are cheating

I consider this shortcut of our team-name "cheating", so, maybe, in a similar sense...

"the Godiva of Wingfield" - On a scale of "eh" to "I would literally sacrifice children to play this," how interesting is this title?

If there's only one Godiva, why can't it be Godiva of Wingfield? I dunno.

Heartache 101 ~Sour into Sweet~

On a typical day, the option to save presents itself after phone-phase. That's the screen where characters are listed, where their affinities lie, and the ability to give one (or more, depending if you've upgraded your phone) a call.


I almost want to say to take what you can of this project, and aim for completion anyway. I mean, I didn't like doing that for Myriad Cypher, but, I'd also like to think that the results speak for themselves.

However, if the ultimate decision is to cancel, or what-have-you, I can see/understand where you're coming from, and will support it.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I've been playing Vagrant Story for the past while on emulator. Chaining attacks together with the timed hits mechanic never gets old, and this crafting system is probably my favorite crafting system that I've ever seen, if only because the reagents are useful outside of the crafting system!