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Strawberry Review Jam

I'll aim to have something for this. Whither or not it will pan out, however...

What are you thinking about right now?

Am I seriously the only person crazy enough to post with large, pink, text today?


No need to point out grammatical errors, aajamilkhan. Not everybody is a fluent speaker (typist?) of the English language!

Welcome to RMN, FoxArcher! Share your love of pink creativity with us!


This, presumably, is what happens when you select a letter:

Aside: Darigaaz, these avatars!


I'm pretty sure the letters represent the first letter of each user that participated in this game. Wait, there's a screenshot in the other thread that relays this better...

Our Desolate Planet

Played a bit more of this, but was frustrated by enemies that spam a sleep-all attack. Also, out of curiosity, how long does the paralysis condition last? I was in a fight where I had one not-paralyzed character (Kent) and was against an enemy that spammed the sleep-all attack, and the paralysis seems to last an inordinate amount of time. I dunno, it could have seemed to last really long because I could only really perform one action a turn, presuming I was lucky enough for Kent not to fall asleep!

What are you thinking about right now?

Seriously, the user-color is only going to be around for one day. Probably. I dunno, I guess I don't see why anybody should be up in arms about it.

Happy Everyone's-name-is-pink Day!

There is not enough pink in these posts!

In commemoration of Valentine's Day, EMBRACE THE PINK!!!!

You know what?

Let's embrace the pink all the way!

RMN: Make My Score~<3

My hard drive is ready.

*Edit: But am I ready?