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Stream of consciousness - Releasing Something?

Yeah, I can see how a mission that says to go to a system that you're already at would cause a bit of a head-scratch! Adding that check shouldn't be too difficult. Probably.

I'm not sure about detecting how far a system is from where you're at. I mean, I can see where you're coming from, but, it's not as simple as taking the difference between the Nav-point numbers! As a quick example, Nav 9 and Nav 8 are on the opposite sides of the map, whereas Nav 12 is right next to Nav 9.

I was wondering a bit about the Reject button. As it stands, it's more of a debug-thing that was a quick way for me to see how the descriptions/mission types randomized. I can see it becoming a "Quit" button, though. Also, adding an extra prompt that asks if you're okay with over-writing the current mission is certainly good idea!

*Edit: I'm gonna see if there's more feedback before re-uploading this, but, I've set the Reject button to be a "Quit" function, inserted a prompt to override the active mission (should players have one), and inserted a little congratulatory message after all the Nav-points have been unlocked. I also hope that I fixed the part about being able to get a mission in the system players are docked at!

[Release Something! Day XIII] Feedback Thread

@MakioKuta: On one hand, once you unlock all the places where you can go, there isn't much point to keep playing that, particular, demo. Though, on the other hand, you're probably right in that an end-of-demo message might not have hurt!

@pianotm: Posted elsewhere.

River of Stars

Gave this a whirl. The introduction of Uiyi is something of a mixed bag. I mean, I appreciate the science lesson, and the character development that happens with it, but also including the history lesson was a bit much. It was quite a bit of information for to take in at once. I definitely appreciate the playable flashback, though.

Hrm. Perhaps it might be better if, once the question is asked about where she comes from, give that flashback, then, as she shakes the memories off, she can do her history blat?

Nova's EXPLOSIVE Art Dump!

Darigaaz, does Aeyr look like a bad-ass!

Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass

I have the funny feeling I will want to play this, eventually.

Hi! Nice to Meet You.

I smell shenanigans!

Welcome to RMN! Share your creativity with us!

[Release Something! Day XIII] Feedback Thread


Oharu? From Oracle of Askigaga? Can you elaborate on this point, because I don't know how they are similar, especially since there's no dialogue in this game.

The whole no-dialog thing is probably the weirdest part about it! I suppose the points they definitely share is their ability to tank, and taunting enemies into attacking them.

Check out her Off-hand equipment. That item will change depending on which area she is in. Manually adding/removing skills is way too much of a pain!

...Now that you mention it, the tutorial on her Trance ability straight-up told me exactly this. That it's based on what's equipped in her off-hand, and that, presumably, changes with terrain type. Though, it also said the only abilities she has in the context of this demo are attributable to "Forest" maps, as the locations of the game have not been clearly defined as of yet.

Now, for a bit more feedback!


The wall in the background seems a bit faded to me. I kinda want to say that the contrast is off, but, I'm not quite sure if that's the right word, or concept, that I'm trying to relay.


Great work all around, but... did I see hearts in one of the lizardman sprite-sheets? That's both really silly and really beautiful at the same time. Love it!

@ErikHolland: Posted elsewhere.


I had a funny feeling you were working on something Monopolo-related. Anyway, I get what the IOU icon stands for, since you mention what IOUs are in your post. I'm not quite sure what's up with the key icon. Unless it's a Get Out of Jail Free card? Also, are those other icons on top of the player-order a visual representation of the properties they own? That would be pretty neat!


The building looks a bit disjointed to me, since it's stone at the bottom, then wood at the upper floors. Though, maybe the point Puddor makes in regards to perspective might be part of it. I also get the odd impression that there's more to this building. Like, I get the impression that this is build on a cliff-face, and that the stone sides just keep going rather than be cut off.

[Release Something! Day XIII] Feedback Thread

I gave the Soul Sunder 2 demo a whirl, going through the tutorial maps. One thing that I couldn't help but to notice was that this game is not very F12-reset friendly! Also, the advanced skills that Terran learns from Advanced Magical Arts hit all targets, despite the description-text saying that it was a single-target spell? The fact that it had me select a target is pretty weird too. Anyway, let's talk about these characters!

  • Aery
I can totally get behind this guy. His ability set is actually wider than it appears, thanks to Essense Drain.

  • Mia
She was a bit confusing. I dunno, maybe I just had a lot of trouble finding a balance between her two stances.

  • Amalie
Was most notable for her Shield Bash, thanks to it being able to cancel Miasma Charge. Though, maybe it's just me, but I get a very Oharu-like vibe from this character.

  • Terren
For the most part, he's a standard elemental-based mage. I feel like switching tomes mid-battle might make him more versatile, but, if Red_Nova doesn't want to mess with that, I can totally understand.

  • Trill
I really have to wonder how her Geomancy Trance is going to function? Though, I can suppose that it could simply be a matter of learning and forgetting skills when a new area is entered.

  • Reyson and Serra
So, Serra is a non-combatant, but her abilities are infused onto Reyson. Or something like that? I fear I wasn't paying too much attention to that point. All I know is that, because of their interaction with each other, Reyson gets the only ability in the game that costs two actions.

Also, I really liked how everybody could access items from the stock, and especially that there was no need to equip them! I might not be too enthralled about how items max out at a quantity of 8, but, I think doing it this way is, generally, better.

Release Something XIII: Something Returns

My submission can be found here. Of course, there is also the accompying blog, which has a few screens to help mark progress, if one is so inclined to read it.