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[RMVX ACE] 3d graphics

Looking closer at the blog, it says "RPG Editor 3D" at the beginning, and later on says...

Now most of my projects was steered toward use with RPG Maker 3D because I love the look of the earlier RPGS that integrated 3D rendered graphics with 2d sprites and thought it would be a cool thing to make.

Ive used RM3D before but Ive never actually made a full game, only a few quick demos and stuff like that. The creation process is an entirely different beast than what is used in the rpg maker series.

TLDR Version:
TSRPGECE is my first full game and testing ground for RM3D as a development tool.

....this. The terms are probably referring to the same thing, given the Google results I'm getting for either "rpg editor 3d" or "rpg maker 3d".

McBacon Jam #2

I think this calls for a 4v4 showdown, kind of like how Craze and LockeZ did, but this time with teams of 4. Wouldn't that be something?

Cashmere vs ESBY
Ocean vs Ratty
Racheal vs Marrend
Extreme vs Regal

Oh man this is gunna be good.

No-no-no-no. That's not how 4-Headed Giant works. It's the entirety of Team "Vicious & Delicious" against the entirety of Team "team team team team team team team team team team team team team team team team team team team team team team team team team".

RPG Maker MV announced for PC and MAC

I... can't seem read "dmg" without thinking that it stands for "damage".

What are you actually thinking about right now?

Here I was, about to say how LockeZ's post was pretty self-explanatory. Then, I recalled that a smiley-face emoticon is supposed to represent humor/sarcasm when in the context of a Linkis post.

Strike-through is my weapon indicator of choice, but, that's just me.

Meet me at the 43rd annual flute convention in the next three days for a fist fight

I want a game that combines weapons with musical instruments. THE LEGENDARY FLUTESABER HAS BEEN UNCOVERED! BASK IN ITS GLORY!

Kinda sounds like Violinist of Hamlen to me.

Becoming One with the Machine (and some Announcements)

To those also participating in McBacon Jam #2 (Hi), this delay is probably fine. For everybody else, well, I don't really know!

First I wasn't going to do the new McBacon Jam, but now I am super excited about it XD

<insert joke about how slash and unity need to team up to make a game in Unity that stars unity>

[Poll] Will you buy RPG Maker MV?

My purchase-plan involves getting MV through the RMN store, thus supporting both RMN and Enterbrain at the same time.

I'm just assuming it's going to be at the RMN store, at some point. No clue if that's smart.

First I wasn't going to do the new McBacon Jam, but now I am super excited about it XD

I don't have a deadline, per say, but, Myriad Cypher is remarkably close to being done. Might wanna blog about how far it's come from it's initial offering, once it is complete.

Er, anyway, I don't think I ever questioned the possibility of not participating in McBacon Jam #2? It's weird, since I could be switching gears to something else after Myriad Cypher is done (Darigaaz, poor Konae's Investigations!), but... I dunno. I guess we'll just see how this goes!

McBacon Jam #2

Team Room for One More? Yuri might be a tough act to beat. Though, it's probably not a good idea to come into this kind of event with the thought-process of wanting to "beat" anybody!