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RPG maker VX

It depends on the type of slippery you want. If you don't want the player to have control, most of the above posts should help you.

That's true, and what I had in mind. I even went so far as to test...

...this event out with a small-ish map. It seemed to function well enough. If it's the kind of slippery where players have zero control, that is!

RPG maker VX

The magic bullet script still needs the ability to terrain tag if I am right?

No. It can function without the use of terrain tags. All it uses terrain tags for is to ignore certain obstructions, such as water tiles. Otherwise, the basic functionality is for the bullet to keep moving until it hits something. Which is, generally speaking, what ice-sliding puzzles are about.

I have done it with a similar event you mentioned at the start however instead of making the event repeat continuously I have made it so that it steps 30 times which is the total length of the room. This causes issues however as it means that if it goes onto non-ice areas of the map it continues to move.

Like, having 30 "Move 1 tile forward" commands, or what-have-you? Er, yeah, that's probably not the best move!

I was wondering if there was a way to register what direction a character entered an event so I could manually figure out how many steps would need to be used in all directions.

That would be...

...a Conditional Branch. Or four.

Whats with the M under a profile name in the forums?

The "M" is for MURDER.

Surprise Release! Suikoden III to North America... TOMORROW?!

I'm not a huge fan of 3, but, it's still interesting news regardless!


Befuddle Quest VII: Advent Children

I thought the plan was to never mention a year, ever thus using that as an out.

Ugh... I hate mafia. -_-

This status somehow reminds me of a mafia game way-back-when. The Garfield-based one Cave_Dog ran, I think? Anyway, I died before I even got to post. I was like, okay, I may have said that wanted to die early, sure, but, not even get to play in the first place?

Though, those games tend to stress me out if I play them for too long, regardless of what my role is. So, being killed (or straight up leaving) by day 2 or 3, maybe 4, is probably about right for me.

[RMVX ACE] Calling a custom scripted class through an event.

Right. The "return" operation always expects one object. Though, I'm not sure what you mean to do with that function. What it seems to intend would be the same thing as writing something like...

var1 = $missions[X].map
var2 = $missions[X].startX
var3 = $missions[X].startY
var4 = $missions[X].dir

...this. Though, I don't see a "dir" variable for the class, but, that's not a huge worry to me at the moment.

*Edit: Or, well, maybe you're looking to do something more like...

def goto(var1, var2, var3, var4)
  $game_variables[var1] = @map
  $game_variables[var2] = @startX
  $game_variables[var3] = @startY
  $game_variables[var4] = @dir

...that? Or something like it?

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

Thinking about bar rumors for Myriad Cypher. I figure they should be 50% game-facts, 50% flavor-text, 50% complete junk, and 100% random.

Though, "flavor-text" is something of an issue at the moment. The game doesn't really have a story, or background that would suggest one flavor over another. I guess it depends on how much I want to base it on the short story that was Arbiter's Code. Though, there's also the extended introduction that Jeroen_Sol wrote that I cut out because, Darigaaz, that was insanely long to sit through.

this is a topic with no purpose.

This is it.

This is the best. Topic. Ever.