Max McGee
My name is Legion: for we are many.
Hi, my name is Max McGee. I have a mood disorder, an anxiety disorder, moderate to severe Crohn's disease, and way too much free time. I make tabletop roleplaying games for a living and RPG video games for fun. I have over ten years of experience with the latter. It hasn't always been easy--plenty of the time it's straight-up sucked-- but I'm never going to give up.

"To the quitters and the complainers,
if we never meet again, remember when.

They lost their nerve
They just went straight
They didn't have the balls to hold it down and they brought everybody else right down with them.
While clowns must stand.

We'll make a toast to absent friends and better days,
To remembering and being remembered as brave
And not as a bunch of whining jerks!

Don't lose your nerve.
Do not go straight
You must testify (or I'm going to come to your house and punch you in the mouth)
cause clowns must stand."

And uh, I can't believe it's come to this, but: Ahem.
There are three sides to every story. Your side, my side, and the truth.



How do you feel about dungeon crawling?

My favorite dungeon crawlers are all roguelikes (which are technically a kind of WRPG) and not JRPGs. Of course I have still never played the Persona series, so that's a major blindspot I'll acknowledge.

Engine Tips, Tricks and Bits (of information)

Put a lot of empty space between your categories of items and spells in the database, so you can add to them easily later.

This is a real good one! And I'd add "however much space you initially think will be enough...TRIPLE it!". I've been making games like a hundred years and my databases are still not as nicely organizede as I'd like because of this factor.

Max McGee
The higher the Luck stat in Ace, the higher your chance is to defend against or inflict a status effect, buff or debuff.
Does anyone know the exact formula of this?
Chance (%) = 100 + (user's luck - target's luck) ÷ 10

So if the caster has 50 luck and the target has 10 --

100 + (50 - 10) ÷ 10
100 + 40 ÷ 10

This means that the inflict rate is raised 4%. So, a 50% infliction rate becomes 52% (0.5 * 1.04).

WOW. Ok. I just recently had a Cleric resist a status effect she really shouldn't have (100% chance of infliction, she had no special resistance) and I thought it must have been because her Luck was 86 and the enemy's was 10. But that's only a 7% difference so...if that is why it happened, that must have involved ACTUAL luck as well.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I definitely find myself wanting to know more about the ARDVARK KING or whatever.

Engine Tips, Tricks and Bits (of information)

The higher the Luck stat in Ace, the higher your chance is to defend against or inflict a status effect, buff or debuff.

Does anyone know the exact formula of this?

[VX ACE] I Am Not A Lunatic

So this..."worked", in that the Petrifying State when left alone for three turns did indeed lead to the Petrified state. The problem is, the presence of the Petrified state COMPLETELY broke the game in a new and interesting way:

The second character in my party (highest AGI) was the one Petrified, and as a result (???) of that only my first party member was able to act. Neither the other two non-petrified party members nor any of the enemies were ever allowed to act in battle. I have no idea why this is but I have to assume it's either VX Ace itself or Fomar1053's ATB/CTB battle system script is completely freaking out and blowing a gasket over either the Petrification status effect itself or the way it was applied.

So I've got to basically "comment out" the Stone Stare ability from my game for now, because I can't think of any quick way to fix this.

Future Contest Idea

Let me suggest an actual rubric that might work.

If you have been making games for less than one year, you are a newbie.

If you have been making games for more than five years, you are a mentor.

If you are somewhere in between, you are whatever you feel like you are.

And if you are like me or Liberty and have been making games for a time best measured in ACTUAL DECADES, then you are the old man and the RM sea.

Engine Tips, Tricks and Bits (of information)

Double-click right-mouse button on the map area in RM2k/3 and it will change to the other layer.

Oh yeah, I wish I had known this during the LIKE 10 YEARS when I was using that engine lol.

What's buzzing, yo?

Yeah I was wondering the same thing why did no one post in this thread for two to three years?

McBacon Jam #1

damnit now I wish we all had charselect screens

Engine Tips, Tricks and Bits (of information)

Be very sure you won't need to access or reference the status of an event from the 'outside' before you decide to have it operate on Self Switches rather than regular switches.