Max McGee
My name is Legion: for we are many.
Hi, my name is Max McGee. I have a mood disorder, an anxiety disorder, moderate to severe Crohn's disease, and way too much free time. I make tabletop roleplaying games for a living and RPG video games for fun. I have over ten years of experience with the latter. It hasn't always been easy--plenty of the time it's straight-up sucked-- but I'm never going to give up.

"To the quitters and the complainers,
if we never meet again, remember when.

They lost their nerve
They just went straight
They didn't have the balls to hold it down and they brought everybody else right down with them.
While clowns must stand.

We'll make a toast to absent friends and better days,
To remembering and being remembered as brave
And not as a bunch of whining jerks!

Don't lose your nerve.
Do not go straight
You must testify (or I'm going to come to your house and punch you in the mouth)
cause clowns must stand."

And uh, I can't believe it's come to this, but: Ahem.
There are three sides to every story. Your side, my side, and the truth.



Future Contest Idea

Let me suggest an actual rubric that might work.

If you have been making games for less than one year, you are a newbie.

If you have been making games for more than five years, you are a mentor.

If you are somewhere in between, you are whatever you feel like you are.

And if you are like me or Liberty and have been making games for a time best measured in ACTUAL DECADES, then you are the old man and the RM sea.

Engine Tips, Tricks and Bits (of information)

Double-click right-mouse button on the map area in RM2k/3 and it will change to the other layer.

Oh yeah, I wish I had known this during the LIKE 10 YEARS when I was using that engine lol.

What's buzzing, yo?

Yeah I was wondering the same thing why did no one post in this thread for two to three years?

McBacon Jam #1

damnit now I wish we all had charselect screens

Engine Tips, Tricks and Bits (of information)

Be very sure you won't need to access or reference the status of an event from the 'outside' before you decide to have it operate on Self Switches rather than regular switches.

[RMVX ACE] A lot of the recent projects lack a RVPROJ2 File (.rvproj2), why is this?

2.3 Do not sell, distribute, lease, or transfer the Resource Pack itself (even if the materials were edited, process, or modified by the User).

Disclaimer: IANAL

See, the problem (not actually a problem) with their BS EULA is that it forbids the distribution of the Resource Pack itself

A game containing resources from the Resource Pack is OBVIOUSLY not the Resource Pack itself and any argument otherwise is basically indefensible from a legal standpoint, and the parenthetical clause does nothing to change this.

And fuck it, I'll just say what's on my mind anyway: information wants to be free.

[Poll] When Playing Indie RPGs, What Game-Length Do You Look For?

author=Max McGee
Some Games Recently Classified As Good And Added to my "Videogame Collection":
Dragon's Descendants by Craze
>:( (link)

I am really sorry. I was typing that post in a huge hurry and I actually thought to myself like (hmm was that one Craze & LC or just Craze I think it was just Craze shit I should really check but gotta go!).

so, yeah...


[RMVX ACE] Re-purposing Stats

Yeah, pretty much, you're all good. You've figured this out on your own. LockeZ has given you helpful advice but I'm pretty sure that slash is also right that Ace won't use MDEF anywhere you don't tell it to.

Oh, and if your game includes ranged WEAPONS as well as ranged ATTACKS, there's a handy "Weapon Attack Replace" script somewhere by someone that lets you replace the attack of any given weapon like a gun or a bow with a specific skill that could in turn have a custom damage formula based on "Aim".

Custom damage formula are the shit.

[Poll] When Playing Indie RPGs, What Game-Length Do You Look For?

Oh, and from a developer perspective: fuck. I don't know. LONG is really hard. Like, it seems like I have to labor for 80+ hours to produce an hour of decent gameplay these days.

Future Contest Idea

I was thinking about all the resources from 2k3 era as well. Converted to whatever engine. All engines. By me. Maybe. You know, if it happens.

If you can actually convert "all of the resources from the 2k3 era" (i.e. various popular rips, theodore, etcetera not the 2k3 fuck that we've already got it) to VX which is also Ace format I mean if that is something you can actually do I am prepared to pay you MONEY DOLLARS for that right now.