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My name is Legion: for we are many.
Hi, my name is Max McGee. I have a mood disorder, an anxiety disorder, moderate to severe Crohn's disease, and way too much free time. I make tabletop roleplaying games for a living and RPG video games for fun. I have over ten years of experience with the latter. It hasn't always been easy--plenty of the time it's straight-up sucked-- but I'm never going to give up.

"To the quitters and the complainers,
if we never meet again, remember when.

They lost their nerve
They just went straight
They didn't have the balls to hold it down and they brought everybody else right down with them.
While clowns must stand.

We'll make a toast to absent friends and better days,
To remembering and being remembered as brave
And not as a bunch of whining jerks!

Don't lose your nerve.
Do not go straight
You must testify (or I'm going to come to your house and punch you in the mouth)
cause clowns must stand."

And uh, I can't believe it's come to this, but: Ahem.
There are three sides to every story. Your side, my side, and the truth.



I'm In A Serious Jam: Good News And Bad News

Game that came from the jam what is referenced by this post, btw: Bright Future. My subscribers may want to check it out for future subscribings.

Oh, and Scary. You are right. I know that technically I'm my own boss and I can work on whatever I want whenever I want. So I shouldn't whine so much. But I do try to at least feel like I'm beholden to my audience to a degree because if I just freely pinball bounce between projects that catch my interest I will literally never get anything done.

Also, I like to imagine (for my sanity) that for every kumada there are 10 or 100 silent kumadas that play games but never post. Generally speaking the site's usage statistics bear this out.

McBacon Jam #1


Fuck yes. I mean I will be amazed if five other people get the reference. But fuck yes nonetheless.


sup lil cuz

Bright Future

btw someone joke about Black Future, I'm horrible at jokes.

Yeah, so funny story I was banne when I came up with the title for this and then I got back to RMN and I looked and I saw there was a hot/trending game called "Black Future" and I was like ...whelp. Looks like we have a sister-in-law.

This is a placeholdery title screen I whipped up a while back. I'm not sure if we're going with it or something more polished as the official title screen but imma post it anyway since it tells you a little bit more about the game.

Gamergate Target Zoe Quinn Launches Anti-Harassment Support Network

unraged version of the posts that i was (wrongly) banne for without any verboten words that we apparently aren't allowed to use no matter how accurate they are or something i don't even know it's late.

1) Zoe Quinn is an extremely bad person on a number of levels. She has done truly repulsive things. Only some of them fall under the auspices of "corruption" but that is irrelevant to my personal assessment of her character.
1A) My personal assessment of Zoe Quinn's character has absolutely no meaning or significance to anyone or anything besides my personal assessment of Zoe Quinn's character and whether I would recommend any endeavor she was associated with, be it a game jam or Crash Override or whatever. Obviously, everyone sane understands that this does not mean that I justify any immoral and illegal harassment of Zoe Quinn, or that I think Zoe Quinn's terrible actions reflect in any way upon all women. That would be insane.

2) Anti-GamerGate slung just as much shit as GamerGate and actually slung even more shit than GamerGate and this is something I can actually prove to anyone interested in listening and seeing evidence. This is all especially extra true if you restrict your definition of the amorphous ill defined blob of #GamerGate to to people actually vocal and active in the movement, not random 15 year old trolls and psychopaths using it as cover to commit their vile digital atrocities who may debatably have used the hashtag once. If those people have to stand for all of #GamerGate then "all PIV intercourse is rape" lady has to stand for all Feminists. Because that's equally fare.
2A) If you want to talk about "playing the victim" you should see the victim mentality on Zoe Quinn. The best way I can think of to describe the Anita Sarkeesians, Zoe Quinns, and Brianna Wu's of the world is "driven from their homes, by courtesy car, to the TV Studio". In other words the reprehensible harassment that "drove them into hiding" has--while still reprehensible and unacceptable behavior--really had no more concrete effect than making them richer, more famous, and more culturally relevant.
2B) In that respect, their harassers have failed miserably. I don't feel bad for the harassers, because they are scum. the respect that they have poisoned the well, functionally eradicating anything said by anyone even adjacent to GamerGate, they have done far worse than "fail" in their odious endeavor. They have shit the goddamn bed. Their actions against these people have made it politically unacceptable to even dislike these people in public, what can indeed be described only as a "revolting development".

3) Related to Points 1 and 2, a combatant in a "culture war", a "culture warrior", i.e. a participant in an internet wide online shit-fight in which no one can remain clean, is not a "victim" or a "target" and it's wrong to characterize them as such. Zoe Quinn is not a "GamerGate target" or a "GamerGate victim". Was she subject to harassment? Yes. But she dished out just as much as she took. Her frankly inexplicable assault on The Fine Young Capitalists' feminist game jam is a prominent example.
3A) I don't want to care about Zoe Quinn, at all. I don't want to ever type one word about her again. But it is her ongoing hagiography, her canonization into the sainthood of video games feminists that makes it hard if not impossible to let the repugnant topic of "Literally Who" fall to rest forever. No person should become thus canonized as a result of actions that were so repulsive and so wrong. No one should do things that are that wrong and become "sanctified" by their wrongdoing. Even in a world full of gross injustice, it rankles painfully.

4) It is, as a general point, wrong for anyone no matter who they are to profit from someone else's suffering. I include psychologists, certain types of lawywers, and to a much lesser extent doctors when I speak of the wrongness of this on general principle. And yes, this includes Crash Overdrive if it is a "for profit business". If it isn't, then well cool. Believe it or not I'm still unclear on this point.

5) Crash Override is suspect because of the people it is associated with, because of their history as bad and duplicitous actors, because of their problematic and harmful rhetoric, and also potentially and quite separately because of point 4, that I find it to be wrong on general principle for anyone to profit from the suffering others.

That is all I intended to say initially and I think that a certain distance from the heat of the moment has allowed me to say it well...less heatedly.

I don't like #GamerGate, I have never liked #GamerGate, I don't want to like #GamerGate, because people vaguely associated with #GamerGate have said repulsive things and because many more people "in" #GamerGate are just kind of...obnoxious...but to be honest this entire incident has forced me to become de facto, a kind of a #GamerGate supporter, meaning of course that I am someone who condemns personal threats, supports women in gaming, and is against biased and corrupt games journalism.

To be perfectly honest: the experience of having my own voice silenced for having the "wrong opinion" (yes, I admit that I argued more vitriolically than I should have, that I should in hindsight have taken a step back and composed myself and proceeded with more civility but the problem is that while I was the only one called out for this, I was not the only one doing this) has more or less forced me to support those who have had their voices silenced by being on the wrong side of this incredibly emotional hot-button political issue.

Oh, and I don't have an especially big head, actually, but I do have pretty big hair. Please carry on with your odd game of sexual innuendo.

Iron Gaia: Virus Review

For the record...I don't think NTC3 did anything wrong whatsoever. His review is a fine review, really. I just...5%...20%...whatever. My point was just that most RM games are quite bad and IGV doesn't even have to be all that great (although of course I think it is) to be among the better ones. But anyway NTC3's review was fine he and I are cool. It's not even all that negative of a review, it's just pretty typical "fan of original disappointed with sequel" stuff that creators have to get used to.

Corfaisus I have been advised to ignore you so *ignores*. One less thing to worry about. And I still will continue to feel like my hilarious expose of your over-the-top hypocrisy (*calls people full of themselves while making hilariously unfounded self-aggrandizing posts all over the place*) was my magnum opus of forum posting. And whatever you have to say in response to this...I won't see it. Ever! Yay!

There really is something to this whole "Ignorance Is Bliss" thing.

McBacon Jam #1

Me and mah team have really been KICKIN' OUT THE JAMZ for the last couple weeks. :D

I'm In A Serious Jam: Good News And Bad News

Also shortly after making this post I got banned.

I am back now.

Iron Gaia: Virus Review

I just have to say that people who are this full of themselves have no right to call themselves artists of any sort because such a thing requires one to identify and acknowledge the faults in their creations and to humbly take responsibility for such shortcomings. And this is how it's always been.

people who are this full of themselves

full of themselves

full of themselves

I've got a new idea for a game! It came to me while I was sitting on the toilet. I project it to be the next big hit and one that will shake you to your core. One that demands emotional investment. It's gonna be meta and minimalistic as fuck.

It's going to push your suspension of disbelief to the limits as you encounter moments like "Be right back, I've gotta go let the dog out." followed by 20+ seconds of absolutely nothing. Afterward, you'll get a message like "Okay, I'm back. Thanks for waiting."

I smell Misao.

And Corf mocking a game for being about saving the world is... like... some level of meta-blindness that I can't comprehend.
The difference is that my games don't revolve around the childish notion of "saving the world"/"being a hero" and the personal, unfulfilled, Mary Sue power-fantasy that comes with it.

C'mon now, just because you don't get my brilliance doesn't make my games not good.

Check out some of my games, and no, I'm not joking. I don't waste my time making anything that I know is going to be garbage.

I'm not a lazy twat so I've developed the discipline necessary to see a project through to the end, regardless of length or what I'm "not comfortable with" (which is a list that's shrinking every day because I'm daring to step outside of my comfort zone constantly, and I've been fortunate enough to never be put into a position where I can fall back on previous successes). Regardless of using RTP, I actually put a lot of thought into all that I do and I'm not afraid to scrap a whole thing just to make it better.

You know what's truly horrifying? One person buying your game and that's it. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful that they dropped a whole $25 in my lap "for all the good I do at RMN", and I know simply completing the game is success enough in my own right, but we've got bills to pay and mouths to feed. My hopes of getting noticed and making some real dough now rests at the mercy of big-name youtubers like Game Grumps, PressHeartToContinue, and Pewdiepie (all of which I've sent a message to).

I don't need to get rich, but my family could really use that money, you know. I mean, God, I skipped out on spending time with my extended family at my grandparents house on Thanksgiving so I could keep an eye on who all was purchasing the game so that I could, you know, give them what they want ASAP.

I just have to say that people who are this full of themselves have no right to call themselves artists of any sort because such a thing requires one to identify and acknowledge the faults in their creations and to humbly take responsibility for such shortcomings. And this is how it's always been.

people who are this full of themselves

full of themselves

full of themselves

All this coming from a guy who is making a 2k3 RTP epic about dragons. Yeah.

What are you thinking about right now?

"Cops are pigs" to "women are bitches".

We are proud to present to you Broadway's newest thriller:

Iron Gaia: Zealotry

Sampling hits such as "Anything you can do, I can do better" and "Play that funky music".

I assure you that "women are bitches" does not accurately summarize my views on anything, Corfaisus.