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My name is Legion: for we are many.
Hi, my name is Max McGee. I have a mood disorder, an anxiety disorder, moderate to severe Crohn's disease, and way too much free time. I make tabletop roleplaying games for a living and RPG video games for fun. I have over ten years of experience with the latter. It hasn't always been easy--plenty of the time it's straight-up sucked-- but I'm never going to give up.

"To the quitters and the complainers,
if we never meet again, remember when.

They lost their nerve
They just went straight
They didn't have the balls to hold it down and they brought everybody else right down with them.
While clowns must stand.

We'll make a toast to absent friends and better days,
To remembering and being remembered as brave
And not as a bunch of whining jerks!

Don't lose your nerve.
Do not go straight
You must testify (or I'm going to come to your house and punch you in the mouth)
cause clowns must stand."

And uh, I can't believe it's come to this, but: Ahem.
There are three sides to every story. Your side, my side, and the truth.



Gamergate Target Zoe Quinn Launches Anti-Harassment Support Network

I don't give a shit how much money Zoe Quinn makes. I don't want ANYONE to make money by profiting from other people's suffering. Why the fuck should their genitals enter into it?

Fuck's sake do Suicide Hotlines charge people? What about women's shelters? Do they fucking charge their clients dude? There's your appropriate model for helping battered and abused people. And it's not a fucking FOR PROFIT model.

Maybe it's true that I would hate whatever Zoe Quin did, and maybe it isn't, but it's actually irrelevant since Zoe Quinn is now doing something I actually hate. Leeching money from people's emotional distress.


"Lying whore slut" is actually a perfectly accurate description of Zoe Quinn's character, but is mostly irrelevant to this discussion, except if not for the fact that the public excoriation of her private indiscretions has lead directly to this opportunity for her to literally profit from human misery. messed up. If she hadn't been such a shitty person, she wouldn't have this opportunity to turn being a shitty person into cash money.

Iron Gaia: Virus Review

First off, thank you for the detailed and in-depth review. It was certainly not a pleasure to read but nonetheless I appreciate the effort it must have taken to set down in writing.

I fervently hope no one, not one soul, actually ignores this game because of your recommendation they do so.

While I can't mathematically prove to you that IG:V is better than Iron Gaia with an equation or something, it is something I know to be true with about the certainty that I know that ten times out of ten if I drop an apple out of my hand on earth, it will fall to the ground.

I don't agree with this review. I can't engage in a point by point refutation because this game is nine years old. I don't know as much about it as I did when I made it. I am also sure this review must contain some valid points. You point out some errors in gameplay execution that I can't dispute. I just disagree (to the death!) that those errors spoil the overall experience.

I'm going to try not to get emotionally upset over this review in a way that makes me not just want to stop making games forever, but wish I had done so a decade ago, just for a change! I've never NOT gotten upset over a strongly worded negative review before, so it might be a nice change of pace.

Unfortunately, this requires me not to actually read the review all that closely, as close reading and rereading would almost certainly lead to me getting upset.

So I'll just say one thing that struck me as darkly funny. And be aware that the following:

a) is extremely cynical, informed by ten years of experience with the output of the RM engines
b) as I say below, should not be mistaken by anyone for my defense of IG:V which as mentioned above is "Sir Not Appearing In This Film"

...fails to live up or to the original Iron Gaia or to compete with many other games on this engine

Bro please do play a LOT more games made on this engine and then try writing this sentence again. Whether you're talking about RM2k3, RM2k(3), or just RM generally, IGV doesn't just compete with many other games made in this engine, it curb stomps the vast overwhelming majority of them into the ground. And that statement doesn't even require IGV to be a good game.

However disappointing you found this sequel, understand that the vast majority of games made in RM are unplayable piles of drek. However disappointing you found IG:V, I fucking guarantee you it is still in the TOP 5% of RM Games ever made.

You don't realize what an incredible accomplishment it is--statistically speaking at least--to produce even the most mediocre RM game, especially if it's complete when the 90% of the engine lifetime output is not just unplayable garbage but scraps of unplayable garbage. None of this is meant to elevate IG:V's relative status in anyone's eyes. It's just fact.

Let me clarify: if ANYONE AT ALL thinks I am putting down an RM game you like with the above, I am not. Any RM game anyone reading this likes is already in the not-that-illustrious all time top 5% of RM games along with IG:V.

Final thoughts:

Ironically, the whole seems a response to complaints about the horrible hacking minigame in the original

This is so not even slightly true that I'd lol if i wasn't so baffled. You're the first person I've ever heard disliked that minigame, and that's something I learned in 2015.

Hacking terminals ... making for horrible gameplay due to hacking being entirely percentage-based and out of your control

well you can control how many nanites you put in your hacking skill

Man, a guy literally CAN'T WIN. I took this EXACT feedback and fed it directly forward into Journeyman, replacing all of the "out of the player's control" dice rolls in that game for that game's equivalent of camera hacking with directly-controlled-by-the-player minigames instead and that exact decision directly lead to the game getting panned so viciously that I literally fucking cancelled it.

It's so infuriatingly sad that it's actually kind of funny: one literally CANNOT WIN. In this day and age, "you can't please everybody" has become "you can't please anybody".

Peace out.

- Maximilian Q. McGee Esq. (Legion|DTO)

2014 Misaos - The RESULTATIONS

the fuck is oneshot

Porcupine Princess

Excuse me madam, what and where are the first four episodes of Division Heaven? I presume Princess, Princess is one but I have no idea which one and I would assume it is not ALL FOUR. Someone explain the procession of episodes to me.

Also: this game page is too pretty.

That is all.

McBacon Jam #1

Stop hitting yourself, Link, it's not that bad.

(It is the avatar where Kirk is smacking the shit out of himself.)

Gamergate Target Zoe Quinn Launches Anti-Harassment Support Network

Ok. Deep breath.

ah. I get it now. You believe that the entire harassment campaign against Quinn never happened. I can see now where your vitriol might come from.

Did not say that. Said that what she and other SJW ilk did before, during, and after said harassment campaign was worse. Not that #GamerGate wasn't a wretched actor. Just that a combatant in a shit fight is not a "victim" or a "target" and shouldn't be painted as such. Please pay attention Kenton. Repeating myself makes me feel like I"m being pedantic which makes me feel like being a dick.

As to the other stuff, I don't see a culture war here. I am not seeing this as a "SJW vs GG" thing in the media. Just "GG is harassing people" and "GG has some ridiculous concepts as to what journalism actually is". SJW is never mentioned anywhere that I see (except your posts and rants on Twitter).

This is LITERALLY AND EXACTLY THE ENTIRE FUCKING PROBLEM! The mainstream media is being lazy here. They are reporting badly and not getting both sides of the story. There isn't a side of the story that acquits #GamerGate but there absolutely IS one that indicts the other side.

But yeah, GG has horrid PR because it is a harassment campaign masquerading as some sort of nebulous (and honestly poorly thought-out) ethics in game journalism initiative. So yeah, GG is exactly where it deserves to be in the public-opinion sphere

And "Anti-#GamerGate" is not where it deserves to be in the public opinion sphere, which is LITERALLY AND EXACTLY my whole fucking point!

Kenton, if I take the time to research numerous and detailed examples, articles, and sources of abhorrent and wretched behavior and bad actions on the part of SJWs--specifically the SJWs comprising the "Anti-#GamerGate" movement although I don't want to use that term because I AM TECHNICALLY "ANTI" GAMERGATE--will you read them thoughtfully and with an open mind? Will others? Because if not I don't wish to waste my time as I'm sure you can understand.

Except she didn't destroy a country or a people. Seriously, even if she were lying about it all that's all she's done. It's not like she's gone and doxxed people over coming out about their own harrassment tales (oh hello GG peeps, you fuckers) or slaughtered babies or something. You don't have to like her to see that even if she did do the dirty back then (and it doesn't matter how much proof is shown, some people will never change their mind about that) she's doing something good with her notoriety now.

Let's be clear. I don't think she was lying about it. I just think that she was also a bad actor before, during, and after (look up the story of the Fine Young Capitalists). Which is why I'm skeptical of her new BUSINESS venture.

1. It's a business (a very viable one at that), and if people need someone to talk to because they're deep in a pit because of harassment, then having a venue for that is always welcome. I mean, beats having to pay for a councilor, right?
2. Businesses make money.

This is really all I need to cement my opinion of Crash Override. Making money off of people's harassment is not cool. I was harassed online by members of the RM community, you know. I might have sought help for it, but not if I thought the people in charge would profit off of my misfortune.

I don't know, dude, I recently saw a documentary on the KKK and GamerGate struck me as disconcertingly similar. The kicker? I had just about completely forgotten about GamerGate at the time and it came trumpeting back to the forefront of my mind. "It's a movement to uphold the proper order of the United States" = "Blacks have it well enough/better than us and we don't need to listen to them". The KKK's biggest concern? Communism. Gamergate's? Communism.

Need I remind you these were the Bible-thumping numbskulls of the deep south? Rednecks of the highest caliber? Incestuous morons?

I don't know what the fuck you're even talking about right now and I don't care. Believe it or not, there is space in my "Hate-Box" for #GamerGate AND the Klan AND Zoe Quinn and other SJWs. I can and do hate all of these entities at the same time. It's just I hate #GamerGate the least because everyone else is hating them SO LOUDLY and OBNOXIOUSLY that my getting in on it feels like redundant dogpiling of the highest order.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

so you can't be gay but you can be "the trojan gay" and trojan horse in your gayness?

What are you thinking about right now?

now liberty's username is an almost-invisible shade of white like she's cloaked like a Predator what IS this what is HAPPENING i don't like CHANGE



wow GOD has said some terrifying and awful shit

*actually cringes in actual terror in the actual corner*

Gamergate Target Zoe Quinn Launches Anti-Harassment Support Network

"We are a small group of people working out of pocket and we’re not asking for funding right now, which may or may not change down the line based on our needs, so we can’t take every single case."

More information, please. This vaguely seems to indicate that they are not charging their clients but it is not explicit. It seems to more speak to the issue of seeking outside funding as would a non-profit or charity group. A non-profit or charity group would seek outside funding which they have stated they are not doing.

Does the small group of people working out of pocket include the clients and the money coming from their pockets? I am not saying this is so, I am asking if it is. The interpretations of this seem to be that either: they are running on contributions from a small inner circle of backers, or that they are funding themselves with that plus a fee charged to clients. The language, again, is unclear.

If they are not in fact charging their "clients" to help win their online arguments, great. That leaves the only issue being that Zoe Quinn is about as much of a "victim" as Stalin.

Gamergate Target Zoe Quinn Launches Anti-Harassment Support Network

Max McGee, has it ever occured to you that your manner of speaking and rather extreme self-positioning has no effect except for harming your own credibility

It has certainly occurred to me that that could be one possible consequence, and it concerns me greatly. However...anyone whose opinion is worth caring about on any topic I care to acknowledge as valid will conclude more about my credibility from the games I have made (and the makerscore earned thereby) than by "self-positioning" on what might (rightly) be dismissed as "politics".

Please, for once, do try not to turn this thread into a flamewar, and stay constructive and controlled for a change.

I am not flaming anyone on this site. I don't know what "constructive" means in this context but I don't think being "constructive" in any context requires me to think that Zoe Quinn is a good person (I don't), approve of her activities, or requires me not to question whether Crash Override makes a profit off of its "clients" which is what the website calls them. Which is certainly the central question I have starting out. Is Crash Override a for profit business?


You have mentioned "self-positioning" which is an interesting phrase so let me take a moment to actually position myself re: this issue.

See there is a rather extreme problem in the mainstream population of the internet and the world and basically that has to do with the unequal distribution of PR. SJWs have great PR and the putative "#GamerGate" could not PR its way out of a wet fucking paper bag. So this results in the commonly held misconception among the populace that while the conduct of "#GamerGate" has been reprehensible, the conduct of the other side has been stellar. Indeed, they are often painted as "#GamerGate victims" or contextualized as "#GamerGate targets". This is...painfully inaccurate. The truth is, the conduct of both sides has been absolutely reprehensible. If I had to say, I'd say that the conduct of the SJW side was the more reprehensible of the two, but I recognize that that statement is influenced by the following inherent biases in my psyche:

1) I am what is called a "contrarian", and am almost helpless not to argue against whatever is the most popularly held opinion with the loudest and most numerous voices.
2) Relatedly, in almost any fight I will back the underdog.
3) I have a real problem with authority and with the idea that anything is "forbidden" (verboten). In the current cultural climate, questioning the sanctity of #GamerGate's victims is just such a forbidden taboo. If I am told I am not allowed to do something, that no one is in fact allowed to do that thing, it will often make me want to do that thing unless the "badness" of that thing is inherently evident and not an arbitrary dictum from on-high.

Anyway, the shorter version of where I'm at now is:

The Former: #GamerGate is/was pretty shitty.

The Latter: #GamerGate's "victims" (a completely inaccurate label) are just as shitty/even shittier depending on your perspective.

Everyone knows and agrees upon the former, no one knows the latter, everyone is constantly shouting the former, no one is ever allowed to even suggest the latter in polite company lest their reputation be forever tarnished: doing so is tantamount to crimethink. While I have no desire to join the deafening chorus reciting the obvious tautology of the former, I will be the sole dissenting voice to state the latter when no one else is willing or able to do so.

The truth is the #GamerGate conflict wasn't an issue of "harassers" and "victims". It was a culture war and both sides played very dirty, and came away covered in shit.


The only result of this kind of arguing is stress for everyone involved.

I hope that this is not true, but I can see where you are coming from.