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Randal Graves: Which did you like better? "Jedi" or "The Empire Strikes Back"?
Dante Hicks: "Empire".
Randal Graves: Blasphemy.
Dante Hicks: "Empire" had the better ending. I mean, Luke gets his hand cut off, finds out Vader's his father, Han gets frozen and taken away by Boba Fett. It ends on such a down note. I mean, that's what life is, a series of down endings. All "Jedi" had was a bunch of Muppets.
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[DynRPG] Battle: ATB Overhaul!

I don't know the complete nature of it to be honest, but this is my educated guess: it had something to do with the "selection" parameter in onBattleStatusWindowDrawn, where a condition would be checked for a hero that might not exist. Say you had 4 heroes during a battle, then before another battle, removed 2 heroes. Something would cause it to crash on the battle's startup... Again, I am not totally sure why the bug existed, but Milennin was basically able to reproduce it multiple times, so through some trial and error, I narrowed down the code to onBattleStatusWindowDrawn, and then made my if statements for condition checking more specific so it could never accidentally check for a hero that didn't exist.

It's definitely in my top 5 as far as pain-in-the-ass bugs go.

[DynRPG] Battle: ATB Overhaul!

Fixed the bug! Big thanks to Milennin for testing! Download the latest version above or via github:

[RM2K3] Size of windows question (1080?)

Try the david patch instead (it's what I've been using since like 2010):

Edit: Don't use the RPG_RT.exe inside that archive if you have DynRPG installed though. It'll just break stuff.

It has the same additions as goliath, but the windows aren't as big.

The alternative is to open up the exe in Resource Hacker, find the window you want to resize (which is kind of like a needle in a haystack), mess around with some values, and save the exe.

[DynRPG] Battle: ATB Overhaul!

Millenin is still reporting a crash (which seems to appear after longer playthroughs), but I'll be looking into it tonight! I have a couple hunches.

[DynRPG] Battle: ATB Overhaul!

New version added (with bugfixes!)

Download above, or here:

[RM2K] Please help me!

It's like a downloadable version of charas-project. XD

Like 1% of charas project :-/

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

Ugh, that's such a pain. I believe the version I have is 4.8.1. It's this:


If you dont' already have that, you may need to backup your current project(s), uninstall the current one, and then install that one.

I've seen Boost mentioned a bunch of times on Stack Overflow, but I have not tried it or found a need for it yet. I mainly stick to WinAPI stuff if I can because it's usually the fastest. I try not to add any new libraries unless I absolutely have to. For example, XInput required an XInput.h file, and GameJolt required like 15-20 library files (for interfacing with their website) along with curl (required by the GJ one, for internet connection stuff).

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

Hmmm... the class files worked for me. You shouldn't have that Variables.h error. Try getting rid of "#define AUTO_DLLMAIN" first of all. You don't need that.

Also, try deleting all the stuff in your DynRPG src folder completely, and then just extract the 0.30 files again. I'm wondering if you had an older DynRPG.h file in there or something.

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

Ah, my absent-mindedness strikes again! I think I forgot to include the library file for the DynRPG 0.30 release, so first download 0.20 here: and put the DynRPG folder in your include directory, and the libDynRPG.a file in your lib folder. Then drop the 0.30 files into the DynRPG folder and overwrite the files.

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

It looks like you're either forgetting this at the top of your file:
#include <DynRPG/DynRPG.h>

or the actual linkage. Go to Project > Build Options > Linker Settings and add "DynRPG" if you haven't already