I make games from the heart instead of wasting time with research or experience.

I am an amateur RPG designer and hobbyist with a strong interest in the retro-RPG and NES/SNES era RPG genres. I also happen to be a professional software developer.

I enjoy hockey, video games, reading, writing and playing board games such as Settlers of Catan.

I spend far too much time on RMN, but accomplish nothing of use. I used to be a somebody.

<Clyve> Oh yeah, Kenton you're a somebody again so you should probably modify your profile.
<kentona> so I am

Email me at: kentona .AT.

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Hero's Realm
I always wanted to make that game based on everything I enjoyed as a kid. This is the end result.



Misaos Categories for 2016

'Game Most Likely To Turn into a Shitty Webcomic '
honestly I don't really understand this one, but it was nominated as a category a few years running back in the day and it was discussed a lot.

'Most Egregious Style Clash'
this one people seemed really keen on it based on this thread's discussion

'Most Obvious Instance That A Game's Author Was High When They Made It'
I like the idea of the category of "trippy" game, and I also understand that having facetious award title names helps build interest in the misaos.

I gotta show off development shit here more often! Gettin a lot of nice feedback from the release a thing event. :D

same here, but the catch is I have to develop something first. damnit!

What are you thinking about right now?

Myriad Cypher just got this review which took the score from Unrated to 4.5 stars, and granted it an according bump in makerscore earned. As a tester you got 1/4th of the makerscore.



The Winners of Misaos 2015

The allure of the Misaos were strong this year, despite the lower voter turnout. We had a nice Balance of winners across the categories, though we'd be a fool if we didn't see some trends. A few of the winners were surprising!

Without further ado, here are the category winners:
Best Storytelling and Direction: April was a Fool
Best Characters: Luxaren Allure
Best Game Title: April was a Fool
Best Setting: Free Spirits
Best Atmosphere: Free Spirits & Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance (tie)
Best Graphics & Artwork: April was a Fool
"Lawsuit Waiting To Happen" Award: Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance
Most RTP Game Award: Sellsword
Best Sound & Music: Born Under the Rain
Most Technical Prowess: Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance
Best Level/Dungeon/Puzzle Design: Red Syndrome
Best Gameplay Mechanics: Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance
Best Interface Design: Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance
Most Promising Demo: Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II
Best Game You Can Beat Under An Hour: April was a Fool
Most Humourous Game: April was a Fool
Most Horrific Game: Blank Dream
Most Puzzling Game: Red Syndrome
Most Adventurous Game: Brave Hero Yuusha
Best RPG: Luxaren Allure
Game of the Year: Luxaren Allure

Congratulations to all of the winners, and thank you all for participating this year! Good luck in 2016!

Misaos Categories for 2016

So I went through this topic and also reviewed some of the more popular categories from years past and compiled this list:

"Lawsuit Waiting To Happen" Award Nominations
The most non-chalant use of rips in a game.

Most RTP Game Award Nominations
The game that best uses the engine's default resources.

Most Egregious Style Clash
The game whose use of graphics is so outstandingly bad it is shocking.

Best Sound & Music
The best soundtrack and creative use of sound.

Raddest Setting
The game you feel had the most clever, inventive, interesting and immersive setting/world for the game to take place in.

Most Obvious Instance That A Game's Author Was High When They Made It
The game that was most strange, bizarre, trippy, offbeat, and quirky released this year.

Best Game Title
The most clever, original, witty, or cool game title of the year.

Most Depressing Game
The game that most causes or results in a feeling of miserable dejection.

Best Protagonist/Characters
The game that had the best lead or cast.

"Kefka Award" Best Antagonist
(Antagonist means 'Villain')

Best Shyamalan
Game with the most twists or the most mind-blowing twist.

Best Intro
Which start of a game hooked you the most?

Best Finale
An ending can make or break a game.

The "How the Hell Did They Do That?" Award
The game that displays the most technical prowess and feats of ingenuity in gameplay.

Best Gameplay Balance
The game with the most solid and balanced implementation.

Best Dungeon/Level/Puzzle Design
The best stages/dungeons or cleverest puzzles.

The Most Boss of Fights!
The game that delivers the best battles and challenges.

Best Fan-Game

Most Fun And Addictive!
The game you had the hardest time putting down.

Game Most Likely To Turn into a Shitty Webcomic
You know the type.

Best Old-School Game
A game so good it reminds you of the Golden RPG-era.

Sleeper Hit of the Year
The most underrated game of the year. The game everybody hears is good but nobody has bothered to play.

Most Promising Demo
The demo released this year you think has the most potential to be amazing.

Game of the Year
The absolute best game you played from RMN for the current year (any genre).

That's 24 categories, which is slightly more than I wanted, but still workable. How do you guys feel about this list for 2016? Is there any that I'd rejected that you'd like to make a case for? Any on here that should be discarded? I don't want any more than 24, so if you make a strong case for an additional categories, make a case to removing one of these.

What are you thinking about right now?

Nope nothing. I've just checked all my games and there hasn't been any changes. At least none that I can see.

Did someone add you as a tester or Other to a game?

I don't know who first came up with the idea of mixing peanut butter and jam together, but that person was a genius.

Hello there!

the final 5% takes as long to do as the first 95%.

Welcome to RMN!

Misao Soup 2015

apathy, I am guessing.