The A is for 1EXP 1G
I am an amateur RPG designer and hobbyist with a strong interest in the retro-RPG and NES/SNES era RPG genres. I also happen to be a professional software developer.

I enjoy hockey, video games, reading, writing and playing board games such as Settlers of Catan.

I spend far too much time on RMN, but accomplish nothing of use. I used to be a somebody.

<Clyve> Oh yeah, Kenton you're a somebody again so you should probably modify your profile.
<kentona> so I am

Email me at: kentona .AT.
Hero's Realm
I always wanted to make that game based on everything I enjoyed as a kid. This is the end result.



Battledome Test

Note that things are pretty unbalanced. I am just testing the functionality and logic of the algorithms I've prototyped thus far.


Yeah, something like that...

New Policies for 2014: A Public Service Announcement

he was violating the "don't be a dick" rule pretty hard


Most certainly!


It will be a Wii U exclusive

what is taking so long for my game to be accepted omfg

I abused my powers

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I don't know Java but I wouldn't mind throwing ideas at the project, kentona! If you want to do more "research", there's that mybrute-esque game RMN also played for a little bit... i totally forgot the name of it, though. i'll edit this post once i remember

is it back-and-forth turns, or does high agility mean you might act more often than your opponent? i know that ToME (a roguelike) has actions that give you a % of a turn, and then once you have 100% of a turn you instantly act again. a version of that might work well?

edit: Pepsi, that's admirable/understandable, yeah. go make pro games with dat C++ (y u no A++ </meme>)

Sign me up coach, I'll avenge Lil Mac's defeat!
@kentonaSure :)

I abused my powers and approved my own game (because I wanted it up before the weekend since I am not at my work computer when not at work! (go figure). You can vilify me later.

Is there a Kentonb? Do Kentona and Kentonb fight each other for the attention of Kentonc?

anything below an A is a failing grade

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liek so ded