Master of the Wind

Glad to see you are still alive and kicking. And hopefully making games.


My first thought was why I can t sleep in my frigging bed. The second part is that I am still lone mage so far in game. Still I admit it is pretty fun, but locations seem looped and too big for looping especially winter hell and desert hell where I am currently stuck. I love the mp regenerating item. It is rather rare to find such in games.

Seraphic Blue (English Translation)

Just two? I shall wait rather than spoil the fun by hitting the wall.


Take your expectations of this game and triple them. Then triple them again. It is a hour of pure awesomness. No less no more!

Valor Emblem

Any chance for good trpg?
I checked once I saw your latest review.


No items nor healing spells unless I missed them. But cool epilogue.

Remnants of Isolation

Shorter than I expected... but then again it is for contest. It took me a bit of time to understand the fusion system. I must admit it was fun while it lasted. Got 3rd ending.


The few FE I played were also based on the stories of the same clan. Just newer or older generation. What s wrong with older generation that created such fine descedant?

Beyond Reality

The game was so pretty my eyes burned( or rather were on fire) for a bit. But it is ok now.

Silent Reign

So I guess my job is to write a review now. Interesting combat system. Though I could not enter that king s town where there was exclamation mark upon it. Strange. Yet the game told me I still have sidequest to do. Boss fight was kinda strange. I first failed cuz the ghost kept me in silence all the time and could not do much against him. The next time with same equipment I dealt with him easily. The ending of intro page made me laugh. That was deliciously unexpected. I have to say I enjoyed that experience though I am not sure if I would play longer if the game was longer. I mean 999 hp and no stats change with diffrent equipment.