Seraphic Blue

Just two? I shall wait rather than spoil the fun by hitting the wall.


Take your expectations of this game and triple them. Then triple them again. It is a hour of pure awesomness. No less no more!

Valor Emblem

Any chance for good trpg?
I checked once I saw your latest review.


No items nor healing spells unless I missed them. But cool epilogue.

Remnants of Isolation

Shorter than I expected... but then again it is for contest. It took me a bit of time to understand the fusion system. I must admit it was fun while it lasted. Got 3rd ending.


The few FE I played were also based on the stories of the same clan. Just newer or older generation. What s wrong with older generation that created such fine descedant?

Beyond Reality

The game was so pretty my eyes burned( or rather were on fire) for a bit. But it is ok now.

Silent Reign

So I guess my job is to write a review now. Interesting combat system. Though I could not enter that king s town where there was exclamation mark upon it. Strange. Yet the game told me I still have sidequest to do. Boss fight was kinda strange. I first failed cuz the ghost kept me in silence all the time and could not do much against him. The next time with same equipment I dealt with him easily. The ending of intro page made me laugh. That was deliciously unexpected. I have to say I enjoyed that experience though I am not sure if I would play longer if the game was longer. I mean 999 hp and no stats change with diffrent equipment.


Very hard at times yet very fun. You should have seen my sad face screaming noo when I saw Volume I end. Yes sudden princess and 2 knights is very fire emblem. I hope you will continue to shower us with great games.

Clouded Heart

You know guys my whole comment was summed up in summary gah. AWESOME GAME PLAY IT OR REGRET IT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! It is too easy though the only true -.