Featured Game: Beetle Ninja
After accidentally unleashing a cataclysmic entity which is set to destroy the world in two weeks, Beetle Ninja must work to prevent the realization of the incoming cataclysm. Partner with a slew of different ninjas, and defeat hordes of devious monsters.
Event: Seasons of RMN 4
The seasons come and go, and so does gammak. Get your groove on and make a game based around a season!
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With 36 incredible music tracks, you can't go wrong using this pack to give your game that extra special touch! Download today!
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Spotlight: Development
Prayer of the Faithless Demo
Spotlight: Community
Year of the Deer
Horror: Vertigo Temple
Do you trust in life after death?
Hidden Gem:Phileas's Mirror
Loic's life is all he wants it to be... but is it?
TheRPGmakerAddict is joined by their cat, Maddie, in reviewing one of the Kill the Cutie event games!

I may have highlighted this because there's a kitty. Sue me.
11/03/2020 12:19 AM
Recently I have been using the 30 day trial of Pixel Game Maker MV on Steam. Today I decided to purchase this engine to complete a game that has been in my backlog for far too long. As you may or may not know, I have been developing a 2D action platformer using the Unity engine. While Unity is no doubt a powerful engine, the coding aspect, along with some other issues, prevented me from continuing my project.

kory_toombs reviews Pixel Game Maker MV!
11/03/2020 12:15 AM
tale shares a pack of RM2K RTP that has been resized and edited for XP usage. The pack includes Monsters, Battleback and Animations! Get your gammak on!
11/03/2020 12:13 AM
Pure Heart was originally a collaborative effort for a 2 week beginner’s game jam. I was in charge of the story and graphics while my partner worked on programming and music. However, due to conflicts working with each other, we decided to go our separate ways.

Aldu talks about how they went about designing the gameplay for Pure Heart and the challenges that came their way.
11/03/2020 12:07 AM