Featured Game: Aria's Story
Aria is a bookworm who loves adventure stories and spends her free time in the library. One day she falls asleep while reading a book and when she wakes up the library is closed. Believing that they forgot to wake her up, she tries to find a way out...
Event: RPG Maker 28th Birthday
RPG Maker is turning old and along with RMW, we're going to give it the party it deserves! RM is legal guys, it's time to party hardy!
Event: Darndest Things 2
Make monster graphics from my 5 year old's designs in Kids Design The Darndest Things 2! I want you to make monster sprites based on my 5-year-old's artwork. Ends Jan 25th.
Alex, Brian, Carol or Daisy? Which will be your team this time? It's been two years and the 'lympics are back, this time with a classic bent!
Spotlight: Development
Act 1 incoming!
Spotlight: Community
New: Blue Skies 2
Lyrelle and her friends struggle to survive...
New: Legion Saga Arcade
An old tale told in a new way!
The latest round of stats are up. Somehow kentona has taken over top spot in makerscore despite not doing anything. Also, we now have over 4000 game reviews! Check them out now
03/06/2018 02:59 PM
REMINDER: You need to have a new download added for the site to acknowledge your game as available for nominations! Just updating an existing download won't actually be counted, sadly.

19 Completed games this month, with 15 Demos. A small fall from last month, but not bad! Keep up the great work peeps!
03/02/2018 06:18 AM
Where kentona manages to post more than Liberty.

Dreaming Mary and Pocket Mirror are on over 500 playlists each. Kind of amazing, really. It means that 1000 people took the time to register an account, find the gameprofile, and click Add to Playlist.

Nothing on RMN is very convenient. You should be proud of whatever accomplishments and milestones you've achieved here.
02/08/2018 06:12 AM
A list of the games released in January that can be nominated for the 2018 Misaos.

32 Complete
22 Demos
15 Banana Recs

Who will you nominate?
02/02/2018 06:31 AM
World 4: Peaceful Rest Vacation