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Somewhere in the Republic of Moist Nightmares, a lone detective fights against crime and corruption. Made for the 1.44MB Floppy Disc event.
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Making 3D games is too complex? RPG Paper Maker will simplify your work!

RPG Paper Maker gives you a way to create RPGs in a fully 3D world as simply as it is in 2D! RPG Paper Maker also comes packed with cool retro-inspired graphic assets for you to use in your own projects.

RPG PAPER MAKER makes its engine debut on RMN! Check out its engine page for another option when it comes to your gammak!
05/05/2021 03:40 AM
Well actually as it turned out, quite possible, so let’s take a deep dive into origins of such bizarre mashup!

Prifurin talks about OHRRPGCE and how it has been used to make bullet hells despite being an RPG engine! Examples abound~
05/05/2021 03:19 AM
Our very own LordBlueRouge is after opinions and feedback for future Misao results and data compilation. Have your say, give your opinion and see what others think, too!

He's urging you all to come at him, bros!
02/04/2021 02:19 AM
Been a while since I've done one of these, yes? Eh, that happens every time I write a review. I really ought to play more RMN games. The last time I offered up a review was for Pilgrim's Road, and still a fun game at that. However, sometimes a game doesn't need to be long or serious to blow me away.

05/05/2021 03:36 AM