Featured Game: Fire RMNblem
The evil King Kentonus has gone ape. A rebellion has rebelled against him, but they're getting their asses handed to them. In a last ditch effort, they send a lone knight out to try and enlist the aid of renowned warrior priestess Libby.
Event: Theme Roulette
Spin the wheel and see what you get! Sign up and get your random theme, then make a game within a week! Let's play... ALL ON BLACK!
Review Jam: Distilled Opinions
It's that time of year a gin! Summer Review Drive! In absinthe of other food related theme ideas, this year I am going to rum with the theme 'Distilled Opinions' and center it around hard liquor. I brandied about some ideas, and this was the funnest one.
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Spotlight: Development
A new demo for Villnoire.
Spotlight: Community
Under new management!
Puzzle: ECON
Beat the computer in this vs board/puzzle game.
Classic: Journey to the East
A fragile peace has been destroyed... ROADTRIP!
The next round of stats are (finally!) up. We somehow lost 12 articles, Heartache 101 is slowly climbing the categories' ranks, and a lot of people have a lot of lockerfiles.
05/20/2018 06:23 AM
The latest round of stats are up and available. We are approaching a cumulative download count of 5 million games downloaded! That's pretty amazing for a little niche website populated by hobbyist game developers.
04/10/2018 04:38 PM
The latest round of stats are up. Somehow kentona has taken over top spot in makerscore despite not doing anything. Also, we now have over 4000 game reviews! Check them out now
03/06/2018 02:59 PM
Today's piece is about completionism and how game developers should design their games with regard to players who "want it all".

"Oh no, I'm missing that one side-quest item from back in that dungeon that one time. I'd better go get it... Wait, where's the chest? It was here before! Wait, you mean when I triggered that cave fall that one time it blocked my ability to get that chest? But how am I going to get the reward from that quest?! What about my sweet, sweet loot?!"

Had that happen? Ain't it a pain? This article examines these issues in games. Go read~
07/02/2018 10:04 AM
It's animated. Oooh, Go look!
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