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The next round of stats are (finally!) up. We somehow lost 12 articles, Heartache 101 is slowly climbing the categories' ranks, and a lot of people have a lot of lockerfiles.
05/20/2018 06:23 AM
The latest round of stats are up and available. We are approaching a cumulative download count of 5 million games downloaded! That's pretty amazing for a little niche website populated by hobbyist game developers.
04/10/2018 04:38 PM
The latest round of stats are up. Somehow kentona has taken over top spot in makerscore despite not doing anything. Also, we now have over 4000 game reviews! Check them out now
03/06/2018 02:59 PM
Vindictive Drive is an action and stealth game created by Balthasar02 (Secret Society Games) in the RPG Maker VX Ace engine. The game centers around Arris Fern, a revenge driven girl who is bent on avenging the death of her mother, and the traumatic childhood she was forced to endear. Throughout this journey you meet lots of people who are not only relevant and necessary to know more about the story, but that also helps Arris grow as a character.
04/02/2018 01:58 PM
One of the songs on the OST for LandTraveller, Mountain.
Link sprite will be much better when game is released