Featured Game: Oblivion Quest
One of the winners of the Swap In the Middle With You event, Oblivion Quest is an 8-bit RPG that follows a quirky crew who are on their way to uncover and defeat the darkness in their world.
Summoner of Sounds: Rock Off Against the Void
It is the epic battle against the void and only your summoned sounds have any effect! In Chapter X of SoS, compose a piece of video game music for a battle scene.
Event: Super RMN World 2
Super RMN World 2 is a collaborative effort to make a solid Mario game in SMBX. It's the latest in the RMN Bros. series that has run on this site over the years. Unlike previous events, this project is more organized to produce a cohesive result.
Review Event: Meat Your Maker
Review games this month for your chance to win a selection of games, earn achievements, and gain extra Makerscore!
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Super Toaster X
Spotlight: Community
Achieve with the Anti-Procrastination Initiative
Overlooked: Cardiophobia
What is there not to be afraid of...
New: Hierofania 2
What's a queen to do?
Looking for some swell tunes to round out your game?

Check out Tungerman's awesome pack, currently sitting on the shelf, unloved, in the resource section. There are 15 different songs for use, all made by Tungerman for the Summoner of Sounds event. So go forth and download!
07/19/2016 03:08 AM
Of the 79 blogs that were added to the site between the 1st-15th of July, only 8 made it on the short list.

Check them out and aim next fortnight for a spot on the list!
07/19/2016 03:03 AM
Do they have a 4th of July in England?

Anywho, the latest round of stats are up. Not much of note to note as we are only approaching major milestones but haven't actually crossed any of them. Enjoy!
07/04/2016 06:15 PM
I’m not sure why Ratty524 would choose to do Breakout out of all things to do with Stencyl, but I think this was his first attempt at making a game using the engine, so I’m guessing that he wanted to make something simple to start off with, so Breakout was probably the first choice that he had come to mind - and I respect that.

So let’s go see if Ratty524 manages to do a fine enough job that this game can pass off as a successful Chinese knockoff of it or if it’s better left burying it with the rest of the unsold copies of E.T. in the dump…
07/21/2016 07:17 AM