Featured Game: The Witch's House
A residence burns down. The husband and wife were found dead in the wreckage. They were stabbed, and the building set aflame. Their 7-year-old daughter Ellen has been missing since the fire...
Event: A Halloween Horror
It's Hallowe'en again and the ghosts are out. Let's get together and make some truly terrifying games! Horror is in this year~
Misaos: 2016 Nominations and Predictions
It's that time of the year again, and we're getting nearer to the Misao Awards. Whether you have played many or few games this year, feel free to discuss which games deserve to nab each award category, or explore the variety of games discussed.
Event: Game Page Workshop
Pimp out your game pages in order to look better than all the rest! Make use of CSS and graphics in order to prettify your game pages and refine their design.
Spotlight: Development
Spotlight: Competition
Join the World Army today!
Cute: Animal Village
A short survival horror with light dating sim elements
Gem: Passage of the Hollow Moon
Did someone say intense boss fights?
Effectively immediately, I will be stepping down as active administrator of RMN and taking a lesser role of operator. I still own and operate RMN, and will be the point of contact for our server contracts, Paypal account, domain name, Marvel lawyers, etc..., but will no longer involve myself in the day-to-day running of the site.
10/14/2016 08:56 PM
Stats are up finally. I think this is the latest they've ever been.

Enjoy them while they're hot!
10/13/2016 02:19 AM
A new engine on the market, this 3D/2D game engine allows for quick and easy map creation, pre-set or in-depth eventing and easy customisation of base details such as party composition, skill learning and the like.

It isn't quite as in-depth as other engines, but it is easy to use and allows for a fully 3D environment with different camera views (first person vs 3/4).
09/10/2016 03:32 AM
How it started:
People who frequent the forums have most likely stumbled across this advice aimed at people new to RPG Maker: don't start making the game of your dreams right off the bat. Start out small, and work your way up. Start with a game consisting of a single town, dungeon and final boss fight just to learn the basics of the program. Of course, I never did this, as I had my own ideas of what I wanted my first game to be - and surprisingly, it didn't even turn out to suck that badly.
10/21/2016 08:23 AM