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Hello and Welcome,
to this very belated issue of regular series of interviews on rpgmaker.net. The goal of the series is to further promote featured games and their authors.

This month I talked to someone I had known nothing about previously. Ghosthunter is a new player and Grimm's Hollowis a very impressive for a first game.
02/01/2020 01:22 AM
Or can the two find common ground?
02/01/2020 01:21 AM
There's a tradition of new year's resolutions. Every year we start full of hopes to accomplish many things...and maybe we manage to do some of them. What are some of yours do you have a list of goals for 2020?
01/08/2020 04:14 AM
I am ashamed to admit that when I first watched a let's play of Oneshot when it first came out all the way back in 2014, my impression of it was that it was "overrated."

Thankfully, over the span of the last 5 years, I've learned to enjoy some of the rpg maker games I previously didn't care for at all. With the commercial version of Oneshot having collected digital dust in my steam library for a while since I bought it, I figured it was a good idea to give this game another shot.
02/08/2020 06:05 AM