Featured Game: Blank Dream
Wishing that she had never even existed, Mishiro Usui threw herself into the lake. When she came to, she was in the Mirror World, a place neither heaven nor hell. There, her reflection instructed her: “Find the mirrors in this world, and break them.”
Event: Twisted Fairy Tales
Once apon a time there was a lovely little forum where a bunch of innocent members got together and voted on their favourite idea for a Halloween event... And then things got dark.
Event: Swap in the Middle with Two
The second iteration of the Swap in the Middle event! Make half a game, have it passed on to someone else, and make the end half of a game. Don't get attached!
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Event: A Half-n-Half Affair
Save the world? Check! Return the Crystals? Uh... oops?
Event: The Vindicators
Mrs Rind and Jack Stallion team up to kick ass and spit sass!
Why does equipment in many modern RPGs have level requirements?

A cynical and nostalgic designer might imagine that perhaps it's some sort of skinner box or other psychological manipulation, created to get players to play the game even when it's not actually fun to do so, like loot boxes or daily quests.

However, the opposite is true.
10/02/2018 06:36 AM
The next round of stats are (finally!) up. We somehow lost 12 articles, Heartache 101 is slowly climbing the categories' ranks, and a lot of people have a lot of lockerfiles.
05/20/2018 06:23 AM
The latest round of stats are up and available. We are approaching a cumulative download count of 5 million games downloaded! That's pretty amazing for a little niche website populated by hobbyist game developers.
04/10/2018 04:38 PM
Hey guys! I wanted to start off by saying thanks for all the support I've gotten since the trailer dropped. (and if you haven't seen it, check it out here!) I genuinely appreciate all the comments I've gotten since then, and hearing what you guys think of Happup so far is what keeps me motivated to working on this project.
08/02/2018 05:21 AM