Ralph can't really catch a break. Everyone wishes he was better - he's got a lot to prove and improve. Unfortunately, his time has long passed. Sorry Ralph! Better luck in your next life! Like Ralph, you gotta work hard and get 8 reviews done to reach his level.
Poor Arshes was born with a face only a mother could love, and he's not really that lovable either. His blank-eyed stares have sent many a monster making their way down-town, walking fast and home-bound. Cue piano. 12 reviews with net you his gormless mug for a discussion piece.
When not beating befuddling puzzlez, Zack can be found in a broom clozet znoring hiz head off. He'z the mozt boring of the brotherz, but when he iz around you can bet he'll...idk, do zomething amaZing. Maybe. Like, zay, writing 16 reviewz!
What is there to say about Alex but that he's the bestest hero ever to hero the land? Leader of a thousand hero parties, the man who started it all! Look at him and bask in his glory. Get those 20 reviews and get yourself a bonafide Alex badge!
He's Fess, the original ancestor. All hail! 25 reviews and his golden heart can be yours.
Gave feedback on the games released for the 8th RMN Birthday.
Took part in the chatroom/s during the 8th RMN Birthday event.
Released a game for the RMN 8th birthday event.
Submitted a review during the fourth week of the Distilled Opinions Review Jam 2018
2020 to 2030 - a decade for which to make a game in. Lobsters. Little red boiks. They want to pinch your cheeks.


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