A custom-made Status Menu, basically just a simple menu edit.

  • FyreX
  • 07/29/2008 12:00 AM

Alright, let me first start off by saying that this is my very first script and quite honestly it's not really mine. I just edited the existing classes and added the Gradient bars (by SephirothSpawn). If you think it sucks or if you think it's great, give me ideas on how to improve it.



To edit the actors age, height, and element just change the lines that say ACTOR#_AGE, ACTOR#_HEIGHT, and ACTOR#_ELEMENT, where # is what number the character is in the database. For example, I you wanted to edit Aluxes age, height, or element and he is the actor 001 in you database, the you would edit ACTOR1_AGE, ACTOR1_HEIGHT, and ACTOR1_ELEMENT.

Now, to edit the actor's biography, you have 5 lines available to you. So, whatever you want to say about the character, you have to say it in 5 lines, heh. To edit each line, just edit the ACTOR#_LINE*, where # is the actor's number in the database and * is the line's number. Just don't do past the margin line in the script editor when editing the biography or else the words will run onto the equipment.

By default, the script only supports the status for 8 actors. However, it's extremely easy to add another one. Let's say you wanted to add the 9th character in your database. Just add these line's right below ACTOR8_LINE5, but replace # with the character's number.


Then scroll down a bit until you see 'def draw_actor_bio' the scroll to where it says 'if actor.id == 8'. At the bottom of that you will see this.

self.contents.draw_text(x, y + 190, cw4, 32, FYRECUSTOMSTATUS::ACTOR8_LINE5)

Now add a line where I put the star and then copy and past this data. Just change the # to the character's number.

if actor.id == #
cw1 = contents.text_size(FYRECUSTOMSTATUS::ACTOR#_LINE1).width
cw2 = contents.text_size(FYRECUSTOMSTATUS::ACTOR#_LINE2).width
cw3 = contents.text_size(FYRECUSTOMSTATUS::ACTOR#_LINE3).width
cw4 = contents.text_size(FYRECUSTOMSTATUS::ACTOR#_LINE4).width
self.contents.font.color = system_color
self.contents.draw_text(x, y, 40, 32, "Age :")
self.contents.draw_text(x, y + 20, 40, 32, "Height :")
self.contents.draw_text(x, y + 40, 40, 32, "Class :")
self.contents.draw_text(x, y + 60, 40, 32, "Element :")
self.contents.draw_text(x, y + 90, 80, 32, "Biography :")
self.contents.font.color = normal_color
self.contents.draw_text(x + 40, y, 24, 32, FYRECUSTOMSTATUS::ACTOR#_AGE)
self.contents.draw_text(x + 40, y + 20, 24, 32, FYRECUSTOMSTATUS::ACTOR#_HEIGHT)
self.contents.draw_text(x + 30, y + 40, 140, 32, actor.class_name)
self.contents.draw_text(x + 50, y + 60, 24, 32, FYRECUSTOMSTATUS::ACTOR#_ELEMENT)
self.contents.draw_text(x, y + 110, cw1, 32, FYRECUSTOMSTATUS::ACTOR#_LINE1)
self.contents.draw_text(x, y + 130, cw2, 32, FYRECUSTOMSTATUS::ACTOR#_LINE2)
self.contents.draw_text(x, y + 150, cw3, 32, FYRECUSTOMSTATUS::ACTOR#_LINE3)
self.contents.draw_text(x, y + 170, cw4, 32, FYRECUSTOMSTATUS::ACTOR#_LINE4)
self.contents.draw_text(x, y + 190, cw4, 32, FYRECUSTOMSTATUS::ACTOR#_LINE5)

And now the character will be viewable on the status screen without the game crashing.


For the full-sized picture of the character, the name of the picture should be the character's name + "(Status)". So if your character's name is Aluxes, then the picture's name should be "Aluxes(Status)". The resolution is 232 x 434.

For the extra information, the name of the picture should be the character's name + "(Extra)". So if your character's name is Aluxes, then the picture's name should be "Aluxes(Extra)". The resolution is 244 x 209. On a side note, as mentioned below, I'm not too good a scripter, as this is my first one. So until I can figure out something else, all of the extra info has to be in graphic form.

v1.1 Enhancements:

0=]===>Removed the picture from the actors' 'Extra' Section
0=]===>Changed 'Extra' Section to 'Biography'.

v1.0 Enhancements:

0=]===> Rearranged everything so that's it's more organized.
0=]===> Added the gradient bars so that the status screen doesn't look so bland.
0=]===> Added the actor full-sized pics (mostly meant for the pics from Naramura, but they can be your own custom ones).
0=]===> Added the actor extra section so you can put anything extra you want for the character such as text (which as of now has to be in a graphical form) or a picture representing their element or anything else you would like it to be, it just has to be in graphical form (at least until I learn a little more about scripting).


0=]===> As far as I know, the only bug is with the slant bars. Once the character is at level 99, it glitches and gives you a script error. Everything is fine otherwise.





Until the BBCode gets fixed, I'm not gonna worry about posting the script and having the text mess up. I'll jost post a demo link.


Megaupload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=A5B3LJG6

Megaupload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=270G3VLP


I don't need credit or want it really. This script isn't for me to bask in.

Thanks to: SephirothSpawn for his gradient bars; Anyone who uses this script.


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Where is the demo, the site says it was closed by the FBI?
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