A summary of the events on the month of February~March 1st 2015 in RMN.

RMN March 2015 - Remakes and Broken Hearts
A summary of the events on the month of February~March 1st 2015 in RMN.

Your hosts:

Articles and Tutorials
* What is Makerscore?
* Trihan's Slip into Ruby
* Gubid's RGSS1-RGSS3 Video Tutorials
* DiamondPlatinum's RGSS3 Tutorials

New Notable Games

With music samples from:
Bravery (Sapphire Cover) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2g3toMB17w

Total Length: 2:03:26


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Sir Redd of Novus: He who made Prayer of the Faithless that one time, and that was pretty dang rad! :D
Awesome! I can't wait to check it- holy hell 2 hours?! Better get some popcorn for this!
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Listening now. Surprise <redacted> ftw. Woo!

Edit: ;)
Cashmere hide that shshhhshsh
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Nessiah your uncle couldn't be more right.
Originally we thought it was 4/5 hours! We lost track of time while chatting. XD
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
2 hours? Ok, going to put this on my phone to listen whilst I'm outside, though I'm going to get funny looks, I just know it.

Stop touching those topics you two!

Wow, I got a mention...and what, I though it was 26? I missed something there.

Oooh, surprise, that was fun! (and not spoilery at all)..and yes there in No One True Way, that's a life comment not just game making.

Ahhh, bald Liberty!

I'm glad you didn't listen to your 'bro' Nessy.
Hah, this was fun to listen to! I really agree with focusing on gameplay during your first prototypes (instead of maps or story, for example). That was one of the lessons I had to learn the hard way :P

(No worries about the V-day game... love is patient. It was interesting hearing about the IGMC judging, too. I do have a really bad habit of ignoring games that don't look like they're unique, even if the gameplay is.)
Guardian of the Description Thread
Funnily enough, I've tended to focus on story for a lot of my games. Though, I can't argue that the actual gameplay for them has been on the "meh" side. Then there's that one game (I dare not speak names), which was definitely designed with gameplay in mind, first and foremost. It was a pretty fun game to make, actually!

*Edit: About the Valentine's Day game. Don't beat yourself too much on that, Liberty. It'd be a pretty daunting task for anybody, I would imagine!
I can’t believe that I listened to the whole thing last night - what the hell was I thinking!? I never got anything done because I was so preoccupied listening to the three two of you talk about stuff.

I overall enjoyed it, but the whole two hour format was a bit too long. About halfway through you guys started to tread off a little off the deep end and started rambling on a bit too much, like a couple of seniors at a old senior’s home reminiscing about the “good ol’ times”. But it was also nice to hear a little from our *clears throat* special guest, because this is actually the first time I’ve ever heard this person talk live, so that was good.

And yeah, don’t beat yourself up too much there about the Valentine’s Day game. As long as you can get done whenever you can, I can’t complain.

And I’m actually thinking of maybe throwing my hat in as a future special quest guy in the future, it’s just the whole time zone thing, and you guys being halfway around the world, might pose a couple of problems on my end of things – but I can probably do it!
Oh, our times are... flexible. Well, mine is. Nessy can speak for herself but she does opposite time zones well enough, too, so that shouldn't be too much of an issue. Again, if you're serious about being a guest, just throw a PM my or her way, and make sure you have a working microphone and Skype~ ^.^)b

Oh, and don't worry about me! The majority of the byplay about the Valentine's game was silliness and joking. I'm obviously sorry it's not out yet, but I'm not very worried about it - I know it'll be done soon enough.

And yeah... funny thing is, that night was a bit of a ramble-a-thon. XD Usually we stick to the plan quite well, but, well, we started around 10:30pm my time and didn't start actually recording until around 2/3am... We just kept getting a bit off track. So much so that the other guest we had lined up had to leave (oops ;.; ). And, yeah, when we finally started recording there were points where we waffled on a bit (finally ending very early in the morning. XD )

We'll try not to do that too often, but we were both in rather peculiar moods that night. :P
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Actually I really enjoyed hearing about the IGMC, you have been understandably reticent about discussing it so it was both informative and entertaining to hear you two riff off each other about the things that worked, or didn't, for you both.

Also I've found a couple of those games you mentioned that aren't on RMN and I'm really enjoying them which I could easily have missed if not for this podcast. I'm just glad the contest page is still up so I could grab them.
My schedule is flexible but sporadic because of my sleep/work habits. But if I am warned in advance, I can attempt to meet up on time.

We'll try not to do that too often, but we were both in rather peculiar moods that night. :P

This is true. We don't know why we were so chatty that night or kept getting off track, but RL had been crazy that I think at that point we just wanted to talk about something and let off some steam.

@nhubi, I'm glad you're finding them enjoyable :D
when you said Bravery I thought it was this song (it's a cover 'cause the original is not on youtube), because the song you put is actually called The Bravery XD

Just sayin' 'cause I love both HAHAH XD <3~

I lovelovelove Supercell ;w;

*going to listen, lol*
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Was fun being a surprise guest, would do it again! My opinions are paid for by whoever gives me the most cheesecakes
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