Reviews the largest pack by Pioneer Valley Games

The High Fantasy Mega Bundle was created by Pioneer Valley Games and includes 3 separate packs for $49.99. This includes High Fantasy Pack 1, High Fantasy Pack 2, and The Deep. To buy these packs separately would cost you $60.47. Buying this pack saves you $10.48 if you want all 3 of these resources. This pack does not include the party packs or other resources made by Pioneer Valley Games.

This resource is sold in the RMN Store

174 MB / 8 Folders / 1700 Files
135 Battle Backs / 282 Front View Battlers / 275 Side View Battlers
19 Event Sheets / 286 Monsters / 32 Animals / 527 Characters
53 Face Set Sheets / 9 Over Lays / 79 Tile Set Sheets / 1 Script

Face Set Sheets usually have 8 faces per sheet.
Each character has its own sheet and usually has extra sheets for different poses.

While made for RPG Maker VX Ace, the terms of use don't tie you down to RPG Maker.
This resource can be used in any engine (ie. Game Maker / Unity / Custom)

Video should be watched on YouTube in full screen