Showcasing the best blogs from 1st -15th September, 2015

  • Liberty
  • 09/17/2015 01:25 AM
This is a series of bi-monthly articles to show off the best blogs that I've seen over the course of a fortnight. And believe me, I've checked them all.

The blogs spotlighted here will have interesting content that focuses on the game/s in question, will usually be longer than not and sometimes contain either graphical or video content as well as written.

September 1st - 15th, 2015
(In no particular order)

Of Fighters and Tiles -
Of Priests and Templates -

Incoherence and Experience -

Super Toaster X
Devlog 60: The best one so far. -
Devblog 61: Of Mice and Men and Resolutions -

Love and War
Looking for a few good team members! -

The Good, The Bad and the Pork
Dev Blog #2: Cowboy Coffee Ain't Safe Drinkin' -

North to Hollow Grove
Developer Blog #2 - An interactive experience -

Tristian: The Lady of the Lion
The Heart of it All -

Perseverance: Adherence!
Shedding Blood Under the Stars... -

Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass
Progress Report -

Book of Combat V2.0 -

Heroes of Legionwood
Development Update #6: The Phantom Pain -

Prayer of the Faithless
The Delicate Art of Murder: Stamina -

RPG Paper Maker!
Update 4 : website incoming, demo contains, and stats beginning -

*If you think I missed a good blog, make a comment with a link in the comments below. It must fall between the dates of the 18th-30th of June*
*I will be taking more than one blog from each game, mainly because I figure, hell, why not


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Hmm, missed the cut again...wonder if I'm doing something unappealing...
I don't tend to grab character-dedicated blogs unless they talk about other stuff as well. Next time I'm sure you'll nab it!

Weird, though. I could have sworn your last one made it through, but checking back, it didn't. I must have missed it. >.<; I'll add it retroactively to the last list. Sorry about that. Not sure how I missed it, especially as I distinctly remember copying it to my reference list.
Ah, that's comforting at least. n.n Thanks.
This time, I'm really glad for this. Thanks, Lib.
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