Showcasing the best blogs from 1st - 15th May, 2016

  • Liberty
  • 05/15/2016 05:24 PM
This is a series of bi-monthly articles to show off the best blogs that I've seen over the course of a fortnight. And believe me, I've checked them all.

The blogs spotlighted here will have interesting content that focuses on the game/s in question, will usually be longer than not and sometimes contain either graphical or video content as well as written.

May 1st - 15th, 2016
This fortnight: 72 blogs
(In no particular order)

Ara Fell
Ara Fell is finished. -

The Legend of Zelda: Forgotten Gates
To new game+, or not to new game+? -

Soma Spirits
May Update - New Battle UI with animations! -

The Tenth Line
Progress Report: April -

Bombercan Post-mortem - h

RPG Paper Maker
APRIL UPDATES : Slowly recreating the engine! -

Let's Talk About Worlds! -

Notes from Province
Replacing Tanking with Smarter AI -

One Small Favour
One Small Blog: Skills. -

Songs from Aelsea
100 Sub Blog: The Current Situation and a Request -

*If you think I missed a good blog, make a comment with a link in the comments below. It must fall between the dates in the by-line*
*I will be taking more than one blog from each game, mainly because I figure, hell, why not


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doesn't live here anymore
I would have had mine posted for the last batch, but, well, difficulties submitting in time, and all.

Thanks for the double front page exposure, though!
Oh, shoot, I got mentioned here! Wow!
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