Showcasing the best blogs from 16th - 31st July, 2016

  • Liberty
  • 08/02/2016 12:49 AM
This is a series of bi-monthly articles to show off the best blogs that I've seen over the course of a fortnight. And believe me, I've checked them all.

The blogs spotlighted here will have interesting content that focuses on the game/s in question, will usually be longer than not and sometimes contain either graphical or video content as well as written.

July 16th - 31st 2016
This fortnight: 91 blogs
(In no particular order)

Black Galax: Revert
Spirited Away by the Phantom -

Linus: The Forgotten Days
Update. -

Prayer of the Faithless
Grinding's Final Hours and Harnessing the Power of Foes -

Final Fantasy Discovery
Beclem ready for battle, a tutorial, and something important! -

Songs From Aelsea
Process - Anatomy of a Town -

The Tenth Line
Progress Report: July -

*If you think I missed a good blog, make a comment with a link in the comments below. It must fall between the dates in the by-line*
*I will be taking more than one blog from each game, mainly because I figure, hell, why not


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The all around prick
Six blogs? Six blogs out of ninety one total made the cut?

Do we need another blog challenge or something?
To be fair I was kinda sick when writing this so I might have been a bit more harsher than usual, but a lot of blogs were just announcements or listed updates this time around.
Interestingly, I thought I actually wrote my best log so far during that time xD. Tastes and colors!
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