A list of games released in 2009, updates every so often.

This is meant to be a list of all games released in 2009, whether they be re-releases, demos, tech demos, or complete games.

Quarter 1 (January through March) 112 games

Terra Nova: Eyes of the Machine by psy_wombats- January 1 (full game)

Muse by AznChipmunk/YummyDrumsticks/Malad- January 1 (demo)

Forlorn Manor by Anaryu- January 2 (full game)

DotPlus by hima- January 2 (full game)

ABS demo by AznChipmunk- January 2 (canceled tech demo)(re-release)

Special Project by AznChipmunk- January 2 (canceled demo)(re-release)

Three Immortal by piggman77- January 3 (demo)

Eternal Star by Ultima187- January 5 (canceled demo)(re-release)

Unnamed by Starky- January 5 (demo)

Forever's End version 3.0 by NicoB- January 6 (demo)

Crayon Physics Deluxe by Petri Purho- January 6

Pirates: The Legend of the Silver Crescent by Carius- January 8, updated March 2

Rincar by Guarionex- January 8 (demo)(NOTE: RPG Maker 1 (PSX) game)

Captain America versus the Nazi Mutant Beasts of Andromeda by real Troll- January 8

Love and War, Act II by Admiral Styles- January 9 (demo)

Extraneous by VerifyedRasta- January 10

Linear Motion Battle System by AznChipmunk- January 12 (tech demo)

Rick Astley: Horror Story by SuperMaxZero- January 12 (demo)

Crystal Shores Demo by Karr Lord of Chaos- January 12 (NOTE: RPG Maker 1 (PSX) game)

Desert Nightmare (English Translation) by Kelven/AznChipmunk- January 13 (full game)

Final Fantasy: Zero by Petros- January 15 (demo)

Mystery Man Zero by Yeaster- January 16 (short demo)

Resident Evil RPG: The Beginning of the End by Mitsuhide_The_Vagrant- January 16 (re-release)

Tic Tac Toe RM2k3 by Viewtiful- January 16 (demo)

Secret Agent X by Pagerron- January 16 (demo)(NOTE: RPG Maker 3 (PS2) game)

Iji by Daniel Remar- January 17

Glacia by captainregal- January 17 (demo)

B.L.O.B. by GameOverGamesProductions- January 17- updated February 21 (demo)

Project Blue Sphere by pantsman9- January 17 (full game)

Battleships! by CociCookie- January 17

Project Passion by Nin- January 17 (demo)

Super Mario- The Other Side by nazgul_king92- January 18 (full game)

Ruthi's Point by Jaret- January 18 (full game)

Compute by JMickle- January 19 (demo)

One Night by Dark Gaia- January 19 (full game)

Starbucks Tales Vol. 1 by Demicrusaius- January 19 (full game)

Demon's Gate v.3 by GreatRedSpirit- January 19 (re-release)(demo)

Tales of Worlds by Dark Gaia- January 20 (full game)

Zephyr Dreams VX 0.4 by McDohl- January 20 (demo)

Path of Justice by Mitsuhide_The_Vagrant- January 21 (full game)

Neo Lescia by Lennon- January 21 (demo)

Secrets of the Light by Gemini- January 22 (full game)

DreaMaker by King Kadelfek- January 22 (beta engine)

Gio Adventures by RPGManiac3030- January 23 (full game)

Lost Legacy: An Animania Story by MayorAnime- January 23 (full game)

Jack's Adventure by DrZoidberg- January 24 (demo)

SpaceX Gear by Infinite Games- January 25 (demo)

~ABS by AznChipmunk- January 26 (re-release)

Don of Mezir by Taylor Kaz- January 26 (demo)

Forgotten Wishes by Hesufo- January 27 (demo)

Game Eleven by StarGGundam2- January 27 (full game)

Quintessence: The Blighted Venom Ep. 9 by Reives- January 28 (demo)

The World Tower by Yoshio- January 28 (demo)

Synchronicity by whgoss- January 30 (demo)

Winter by Xeno-Soft- January 31 (canceled demo)(re-release)

Symphonic Rhapsody by darkhalo- January 31 (full game)

Pokémon: Hall of Fame by InMooseWeTrust- February 1 (full game)

Aptos Adventures 2 by nickmasterx- February 1 (demo)

Aufie's Quest by Adkit- February 1 (full game)

Kentonia by Kentona- February 1 (canceled demo)

Project: DOAD by Skie Fortress- February 2 (demo)

Clean Asia! by Cactus- February 2

SokoVX by Fustel- February 2 (full game)

The Life of a Hero by ko133- February 4 (demo)

Solstice (2005) by DE- February 4 (re-release)

Meet My Friends by PaperGhost- February 5 (full game)

AFTERMATH version 0.5 by drakiyth- February 6 (demo)

Blocks by Jessicas Crime- February 6 (demo)

Boss Project III by Ephiam- February 7 (full game)

Sonic and Mario Demo by redguy924- February 7 (full game(?))

Shooting Star Story by shadowmimiiru- February 7 (demo)

Boss Project by Ephiam- February 8 (full game)(re-release)

Pokemon Battle Team by ismaeel- February 9 (demo)

Exit Fate by SCF- February 9 (full game)

Barely Given by charblaze- February 10 (demo)

Beputa by Craze- February 12 (alpha demo)

Project Blue Sphere 2 by pantsman9- February 12 (demo)

Inside by Relyt- February 13, updated March 15 (full game)

Sonic and the Chaos Dragons by KJZero9- February 14 (full game)

Sore Losers by Fallen-Griever- February 14 (demo), April 23 (full game)

Dragon Slayer Origins by tmGulley- February 14 (demo)

Upon the Graveyard of Humanity by cire- February 15 (demo)

Team Olympus by psy_wombats- February 16 (full game)

Final Fantasy Dreams by Aten- February 17 (full game)(re-release)

Complete Chaos by Yeaster- February 21 (demo)

Vile Fortress: Sword of Algus by blih- February 21 (full game)

Dragon Fantasy 2+Final Mix by Ephiam- February 21 (full game)

Gio Adventures: Eternity War by RPGManiac3030- February 21 (demo)

Lost Universe by Anaryu- February 26 (full game)

Knight Templar by Infinite Games- February 26 (full game)

Pokemon Hunter 2: Hostility by halibabica- March 1 (full game)(re-release)

Pokemon Hunter by halibabica- March 1 (full game)(re-release)

Star Wars VII: The Sith Returns by gameguy27- March 1 (demo)

Mokensen: The Swordsman by l33t pie 6- March 2 (demo)

Oration Legends by Craze- March 2 (full game)(NOTE: Sim RPG Maker 95 game)

Befallen Kingdom by Crazedanimekid- March 3 (demo)

Final Destiny by Jadem Games- March 3, updated March 23 (demo)

Darkness Within: Chocobo's Dungeon by Dragol- March 4 (demo)

Hero's Realm by kentona- March 6 (full game)

Magic Quest Series (Episode 3) by pikachu 2127- March 9 (full game)

Dego by Ramshackin- March 9 (demo)

Bentley Bros RPG by Miles- March 9, updated April 4 (demo)

Liberta Open-World RPG by Nick- March 10 (demo)

Kyle's Epic Adventure of Awesomeness by RankoChan123- March 14 (demo)

Dark Reign by rowanfighter- March 15 (demo)

Vacant Sky Vol.1: Contention by Sailerius- March 18 (demo)

Takuto Movie 1 by gotmilkxtreme2- March 19 (full game)

Wild Kings by kylebstiff- March 20 (demo)

Myth Xaran by Xathia Vastar- March 22 (full game)

Blizz ABS Arcade by gameguy27- March 29 (full system)

Tech Demo: Immersive Sound by DonZabu- March 29 (full)

PixulaAtomata (Tech Demo) by GameOverGamesProductions- March 30

Totals as of October 1: 80 GamingW: 16 Others: 16

Release Something! VI: Return of the Jedi- March 20- 20 games

Legionwood by Dark Gaia

The Realms Shattered by Liberty

B.L.O.B. by GameOverGames Productions

The Never Ending Maze of Death by GameOverGames Productions

Hero's Realm by Kentona

Generica by Kentona

Geondun by Craze

Phylomortis: Quest for the Golden Brassiere by Craze

Pokemon Hunter 4 by halibabica

1873 by ChaosProductions

Follow The Free by Shenrai

Jeremiah's Bedroom by Viewtiful

Iris of Emillion by nickad

Project Blue Sphere 2 by pantsman9

Celestial Descent by VideoWizard

Mystery Man Zero by Yeaster

Soldier's Quest by antifarea

Ascendence by Rei

Frog, The Collector by Fallen-Griever

Dreamer by Lennon

Max McGee's Three Hour #1- April 28- 6 games

I Expect You To Die by kentona

Quarter 2 (April through June) 37 games

The New Earth by bulmabriefs144- April 2 (full game)

Monopolo by Silver4Donuts- April 2 (full game)

Knight's Dungeon by voletorcs- April 4 (demo)

Everything Turns Gray Demo 1 by Max McGee- April 8 (demo)

Changing Fate by miceylulu- April 12 (demo)

A long time ago by nemesis- April 18 (full game)

The Dragon Warrior by Zangan- April 22 (full game)

Befuddle Quest by kentona- April 22 (full game)

Lost Land Ruin: Volume 1 by J-Man- April 24 (full game)

Blessed be the Lady by LovelessEntertainment- April 26 (demo)

Malice: The Taste of Freedom by LovelessEntertainment- April 26 (demo)

Tales of Ateria by rikurocks- April 26 (demo)

Forgotten Majesty by kindredz- May 1 (demo)(re-release)

The Cartographer by Avadan- May 5 (full game)

Rhukaat: Broken Chain Plus by Shaboba- May 10 (full game)

Sleepers by Avadan- May 13 (full game)

One Night 2: The Beyond by Dark Gaia- May 16, updated June 9 (full game)

Legends of Illarion by Dyluck- May 17 (full game)

Everyday's an RPG by Mary 4D- May 18 (demo)

Befuddle Quest 2: Charmed and Dangerous by Various Artists- May 22 (full game)

Dragon Warrior IV: Renaissance by Indogutsu- May 27 (re-release) (demo)

Forum Command: The Attack of RMN3 by GameOverGames Productions- May 28 (full game)

Space! by Cop Killa- May 31 (full game)

Dawning of a Dragon's Valor by Corfaisus- May 31 (demo)

Uber Quest: The Hunt for Phatter Loot Episode 1... by MrMillsSan- June 2 (full game)

Tina of the Stars by Ratty524- June 4 (demo)

The Odyssey Board Game by drgn_lord50- June 19 (full game)

Hack Saga by hexatona- June 23 (demo)

Vigour of the Fellowship demo by obsorber- June 23

Shadowgate ReBorn by Systemeth- June 23 (demo)

Idolcraft by flowerthief- June 24 (full game)

Knight's Crest by lolzallen- June 26 (full game)

Lyra's Melody- The Song She Whispered to Me by Reives- June 28 (demo)

Forbidden Magic by Jadem Games- June 28 (demo)

Cheeseohol 2 by Beaker- June 29 (full game)

Tales from Zilmurik by Corfaisus- June 29 (full game)

Demon's Gate by GreatRedSpirit- June 30 (full game)

Totals as of October 1: 36 GamingW: 1 Others: 0

Release Something! VII: Advent Children- June 20 (10 games)

Warrior Dee's RPG by Lazer Kirby

Rhukaat II by Shaboba

Visions & Voices by Craze & Karsuman (full game)

Project 51 by Alexei403 (tech demo)

Hydration 2: Oasis by SDHawk (demo)

Speak No Evil by ChaosProductions & Relyt (demo, updated July 26)

Cast Aside by Anaryu (full game)

Lost Land Ruin 2 by J-Man (demo)

Prophecy: The Demon Kingdom by Sagitar (demo)

Mr. Savage's Quest for Pubs by SavageInventions (demo)

Quarter 3 (July through September) 44 games

Boxley by Sarenji- July 1 (full game)

Pita by Sarenji- July 1 (demo)

The Destiny of One by Silvaran- July 2 (demo)

Glitch by Inkogneto- July 5 (full game)

Intense Flight: Componus by Mythril- July 6 (full game) (re-release)

Darksteel by narcodis- July 8 (demo)

3D Mechgame Engine by Eddie- July 9 (tech demo)

Omnisia by Regimos- July 10 (full game)

Do You Remember My Lullaby? by Reives- July 11 (full game)

Avantasia The Game by Bahamut- July 12 (full game)

Its good to be a pirate by Rebezion- July 12 (full game)

The Tiamat Sacrament by Drakonais- July 14 (demo)

Morbid Awakening by obsorber- July 16 (demo)

Mother2k3 by drgn_lord50 & Little Wing Guy- July 22 (demo)

Paradise Blue by Ocean- July 29 (full game)

The 3 Hour Project by Little Wing Guy- July 30 (full game, er, games)

Dragon Fantasy BOSS TRIAL by Ephiam- August 1 (full game)

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis by Neok- August 2 (full game)

Waking Dead by StarSkipping- August 3 (demo)

Mystic Quest by Corfaisus- August 3 (cancelled demo)(re-release)

Mystic Quest II: The Return of Dolosus by Corfaisus- August 3 (cancelled demo)(re-release)

Eling by Luc- August 5 (full game)

Wonders Inc. by Glue- August 6 (full game)

Angel Productions - TBD by kitten2021- August 6 (demo)

All my work. by Viewtiful- August 7 (tech demos)

Under World 3 by moam- August 12

Zombie Survival - The story of Adam by adamhx- August 14 (full game)

Rise of Rezok by NuHalo- August 17 (full game)

Schatz-Jäger by SDHawk- August 17 (cancelled alpha demo)

Guild Raider! by psy_wombats- August 19 (demo)

Set Discrepancy by Gibmaker- August 19 (demo)

Chrono Trigger by Squaresoft Ratty524- August 23 (demo) (re-release)

Raciela by Ultima187- August 24 (demo)

Popo Potter and the Chocobo Stone by bob_esc- August 24 (demo)

Fat Schwombo's Castle by Deacon Batista- August 24 (full game)

Notes on the Second Mellynd War by Eike- August 25 (demo)

Knights Tale by Momeka- August 28 (tech demo)

Taltarus: The Legacy by Dark Gaia- August 28 (demo)

Cod: Nazi Zombies by worrierjeb- August 31 (full game)

The Reconstruction by Deltree- September 2 (full game) *Featured Sept. 10- early Oct.*

Götterdämmerung RPG by sven- September 3 (demo)

Blue by Shinan- September 26 (full game)

Cliché RPG by Clyve- September 28 (demo)

Don't Go Out by Neok- September 28 (full game)

Totals as of October 1: 44 GamingW: 0 Others: 0

Release Something! VIII: Journey of the Cursed King- September 22 (19 games)

Hellion by kentona (demo)

The Realms Shattered by Liberty (demo)

Chronology of the Last Era by Feldschlacht IV (demo)

Dragon Kingdoms: Birth of a Legend by VideoWizard (showoff release)

Project DOAD by Skie Fortress (full game)

Neo Lescia by Lennon (demo)

Into The Stars by captainregal (tech demo)

Lucadia by BboyHavoc (demo)

arMaiageddon V 1.1 by maia (demo)

Tina of the Stars by Ratty524 (demo)

Dragon Fantasy: Venaitura by Ephiam (full game)

Eternity's Point by Lazer Kirby (demo)

Blink by nickad (demo)

Allinlia by Yoshio (demo)

Tiamat Sacrament: Tactics Minigame by Drakonais

Arcanion by Jaymonius (demo)

Monstrous Wars by King of Games

Sacred Chains by Tezuka (demo)

Elemental Energy by Streetballa14

Quarter 4 (October through December)

Release Something! IX- December 21

January 17 must've been Let's All Release A Game Day, or something, because FIVE releases all occurred on that one day.


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And yes, everyone, I will be updating this article soon. Quarter 3 hasn't been bad enough for there to be zero releases, I just haven't fixed this yet.
Now that RS!8 has finished, you should update this list!
It's coming Thursday, to start October (4th quarter), and to include all the RS!8 games. The forum topic was removed at the time I originally posted this article.
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